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Why Is God So Cruel? Get Well Soon, Both Hyderabad and Sneha!!!

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U’mmm, Why is God so cruel?? Its a beautiful question to ask and write, while looking at the sun, who is going to have a sound sleep.



How many times have you asked this question in your life?


Well, I have asked it umpteen number of times and was tempted to ask again last afternoon, when I heard the news that my colleague Sneha Sreekumar met with a bike accident, last Tuesday night.


She was going along with her brother and when he applied a sudden brake she fell from the bike and a truck went over her right hand..



I can see the reaction on your face and I had the same expression when I heard about this, because we are all birds of the same feather, I believe.


Let me tell you that I  wrote close to 500 words last night, but due to a server issue all my data got deleted. Again, I was tempted to ask this question, Why is God so unfair?


That’s when I thought about the words of a wise man named Soni Somarajan (and also about Edison who lost his entire laboratory and built it from scratch) who was my senior in college - “He is a fighter who travels to all parts of the world on a wheel chair” and he told me – “When you go through difficult situations in life, you ask the question -




From there you start an inner journey which may take you to your ultimate destiny. Sounded interesting, but was a little heavy for me to digest, then..You will be having the same feeling now and it may take some time for you to digest, as well.


I started pondering over that thought for a few days and have asked people who have gone through even tougher situations in life..


Meanwhile let’s pray for Sneha to get well soon and talk more on the question – Why is God so cruel?


Sneha is a courageous girl and she will come back with the same vigor and passion.


This afternoon, I was talking about Sneha to one of my school mates named Sebin Joe, who met with a bike accident a few years back, suffered pain and agony similar to Sneha or even worse than her (sorry, each one’s pain is different and you can’t do a comparison).


Sebin told me the same thing that Mr Soni said. Sebin agreed to share his inspirational life story through inspiring citizen in a few days. He has already started compiling his life, to inspire you.


You will also be keen to hear how my mentor reacted when his 10 month old baby boy passed away a couple of weeks back. He didn’t say why is God so cruel?


“Instead, he said God has sent me an angel for 10 months and now he has taken him back.” You need an amazing attitude to look things from that perspective and our purpose is to make you a stronger human being, to lead a happy and well balanced life, irrespective of the challenges that you face.


So, what do you infer from this?


There are certain things which is in your hands and certain things are out of your control.


The only element that is permanently with you is the way you react or respond to difficult situations in life.


I have personally faced many difficult situations where my dad was paralyzed for a month and several other stuff which I will share with you soon, again to inspire you to take action.


Falling down is quite common and lying down in the same spot is even more common.


I feel, the one who wins are those who bounce back with zeal, zest and synergy.


So tell me whether you would ask this question ( Why is God so cruel?) again and what would you tell to somebody who asks this questions. This post will only be complete with your thoughts and feedback. So, let your floodgates open and please let us know your thoughts.


Sorry, one last thing.. Just wanted you pray for all our brothers and sisters in Hyderabad..Get well soon Hyderabad, India and Sneha..


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You having a touching heart, bro. BTW do you know God? Have you personally seen Him? Do you depend on money or God for your food clothing and shelter? If you depend on God then we have the right to ask why me? If not that question shouldn’t be asked?

I too have same story like Sneha, a girl named Rekha who works for Google at Hyderabad. She once boarded a wrong train from which she had to get down, in this process she fell down and train went over her legs. She was crying for help then a RPF person came and pulled her aside. She was crying for water but all people were seeing but not giving her water. Then after one hour 108 came and took her to hospital. She was shifted from Warangal to Hyd were doctors were saying to pay 12 lakhs and they said we have kept her in observation with all her veins and leg still bleeding. She was sharing this story when one of my friend went to visit her. At last her father bought 3 lakhs and paid, immediately doctors started operation and they fixed one leg and amputated the other. If at all she had paid full amount doctors would have taken risk with the other leg too. By God’s grace she still works for Google with one artificial leg.

Now my questions are if people who were seeing the girl would have thought her as their own, then would they have not given her water?
If doctors have thought that girl to be their own daughter would they have left her case unattended until they pay the money?

Yes it makes lot of difference for our children and neighbors children. If at all, the person who placed a bomb thought that these innocent people are someones beloved. Someone will be waiting for their return in their homes as their own people wait for them then they would not have done such a cruel thing.

We should blame ourselves not God, humanity has lost its tenderness. People don’t feel to kill others, revile others or to rob others. Problem lies with people not God.

All people who died and were injured last night at Hyderabad were also Sneha and Rekha for some people. The people who died might be Father, brother, sister, friend etc for some one or the other, daily some millions of people die around the world. Most of the time its people themselves the main reason behind many of the deaths.

When we love others like we love our own self then our society would be a good society. It is rightly said first change yourselves then the world will change it self.

Sorry Rafi Bhai for such a long comment, I actually shared my feelings and burning problems going around. I am not against anyone I love to be peaceful and let others also to be peaceful. But most of the time I find all people to be selfish.

I also came to know your Mentor Ashok through this post.
Vijesh recently posted…Tips to make an extraordinary Interview series for your blogMy Profile

Inspiring Citizen Rafi

Dear Vijesh,

You are also having a great heart and only because of that you shared the touching story of Rekha..

From what I have learned in my life there is only one thing that I can say at this juncture to be very honest..The more you ask why you will only get even more why’s and not concrete answers..

Yes, as you said certain people are selfish but we can’t say that the whole world is selfish because I read the story of millennium man called Kalyanasundaram from Tamil Nadu..Please read his story and even you are a great soul..

How I see this from a detached point of view is that the world population is going up each day and to maintain an equilibrium nature finds some ways, and the most easiest way is to make people corrupt their heart by themselves and indulge in these acts..

It is so lovely to see different perspectives and that’s how we try to figure out the meaning of life..Thank you for exploring my mentor, dear Vijesh..You will love this man if you get closer to him..Did you see what people have told about him in his website..

Speak to you soon, Vijesh :)

And thank you once again for your meaningful and touching comments.

Inspiring Citizen Rafi recently posted…Why Is God So Cruel? Get Well Soon, Both Hyderabad and Sneha!!!My Profile

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