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Do you want know how a 22 year village boy became India’s youngest CTO?

They say stars are born, but we found stars rise up out of sheer passion, determination and dedication. Inspiring citizen got a golden opportunity to explore the life of India’s youngest CTO, Atul.


This is a real inspirational  story which will also inspire you become what you want in your life..! 

In this awakening interview, Mohammed Rafi has explored some enriching life changing principle of Atul, for your success.


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Neil Patel – The Next Mark Zuckerberg!!!

I think Neil Patel is going to be the next Mark Zuckerberg, because he has already built 3 companies, which are all million dollar companies.


What makes it more interesting is the fact that Neil is just 28..


Well, it is an honor and a great privilege for us to share this insightful interview with Neil Patel, which was done by Mohammed Rafi.


1.) The best autobiography you have ever written, in less than 100 words, please.


Neil Patel is the co-founder of 2 Internet companies: Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics. Through his entrepreneurial career he has helped large corporations such as Amazon, AOL, GM, HP and Viacom make more money from the web. By the age of 21 not only was he named one of the top influencers on the web according to the Wall Street Journal, but he was also named one of the top entrepreneurs in the nation by Entrepreneur Magazine. He has also been recognized as a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 30 by President Obama.




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Amazing Life Insights For You Through A SMART Interview With Hendrik Edberg Of Positivity Blog


You can see how this young and charming man from Sweden has touched the lives of more than 2 million people over the past 6 years through positivity blog.



A world with lots of stress, uncertainty, pain and problems. A time when you are looking for real happiness solutions from real people.


14 Questions, 14 Answers and 144 seconds.

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How to live a happy life?? Easy Tips For You From Thuy Yau’s Touching Interview!!

Hello and welcome to yet another touching interview, which is giving you simple and practical solutions for your challenging question – How to live a happy life?


After the 3 young rich male bloggers, inspiring citizen decided that its time to introduce an impeccable female blogger and that’s how I landed upon Thuy Yau, an Australian female blogger and a writer.


How to live a happy life
How to live a happy life


As always, my vision is to introduce amazing human beings who are already doing a splendid job, but who have not been explored much..

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A Mani Karthik SPICY Interview – Journey Through Arabian Sea, From Cochin to Silicon Valley And 3 Blogs Worth Millions

So much to learn and so little time for you AND  that’s why wisdom from Mani Karthik, through this spicy little interview by Inspiring Citizen Rafi.


Still not convinced..!



Agreed,  Mani Karthik is a happy man,  rich man and a healthy man..  He is from God’s own country and has created a name for himself among the IT geeks in Silicon Valley through his knowledge about digital marketing and SEO..

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See How 18 Year Old Ammar Ali Built A Blog Worth $1,16,665 In 12 Months – A Straightforward Interview With Him

You might be thinking why Ammar Ali and what is in it for you from this interview?



Its a genuine question, I believe.


Please see how he worked hard to get a page rank 3  for allbloggingtips, which is currently valued at  US$ 1,16,665 (webstat9 stats) within 12 months.


This interview with the 18 year old boy will teach you how to live an independent, happy and a wealthy life by doing what you love the most. We also want you to see how a 8 year old  girl from India became the world’s youngest CEO.

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A Unique Interview With The 22 Year Indian Copyblogger, Rahul Kuntala, Who Is Earning More Than His Dad

If you are hearing this name (Rahul Kuntala) for the first time, then you may be thinking who the hell is he and why are we giving so much importance for him.


Indian Copyblogger
Indian Copyblogger


People who know Rahul Kuntala are dying to hear more from him because he has built learnblogtips from the scratch and currently it has an Alexa rank of 4000 in India and a global alexa rank of 28,640.


More importantly he is making a living out of his blog and his income is more than that of his dad’s salary.


You can hear it from the man himself.

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