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Top 5 winning strategies every entrepreneur should learn from QBurst

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It is already 10.30 at night and this thought struck my heart.

I was lying on my bed and suddenly someone came and told me that I should let the world know about the winning strategies that QBurst has adopted, to grow from just 4 members in a small rented house in 2004, to 650 employees with 14 offices across the globe, within a short span of 8 years.

Are you waiting to hear those winning strategies, which have helped them achieve the Deloitte fastest 50 technology companies award, for 2012 and rated as world’s 4th best mobile application development company?

I am not going to keep this for tomorrow. Let me put down all thoughts that are going through my mind, so that my loving readers can benefit from this post.

I guess, QBurst means bursting the queue and reaching the top, with sheer perseverance, creativity and commitment.

Sometimes we break our heads to understand why one company is able succeed in a highly competitive market while the others search for the winning strategies.

I strongly believe that these top 5 winning strategies have been adopted by the directors of QBurst after analyzing many successful companies across the world. You would be surprised to hear that they have created a unique world which can be compared to the work culture of Google and Facebook. However QBurst is different in its own way.

Let’s see how Prathapan, Ansar and Binu (the 3 visionaries behind QBurst) have carefully built this amazing company called QBurst using the top 5 winning strategies, which every entrepreneur should learn.

  • Employees are not to be treated like kids

How many of you like command and control? I guess, most of us would hate it.

The first amongst the 5 winning strategies is to build a conducive work environment.

There are many corporate who treat their employees like kids by shouting at them if they did a wrong act or insisting them to wear a tie and full sleeved shirt even when your work doesn’t demand those stuff.

QBurst treats all its employees as adults and instills the element of individual responsibility in each of its people.

Business formals is the preferred dress code. However they don’t bother much if you wear a T-shirt or jeans which is appealing to a business environment.

The normal working hours of the company is from 8.30am – 5.30 pm with weekend offs. It doesn’t shout at you if you come a little late or leave a little early.

The bottom line is -

“Deliver the task given to you on the time agreed with 100% quality”.

When, where and how you do it is not of much relevance.

  • Give your employees what they want and they will give you what you want.

A lovely strategy, isn’t it? I personally love this winning strategy.

What do you expect from a company?

Good salary, career growth, nice work environment, flat hierarchy….You can add more to this list..This is what I expect from a company.

Above all they are genuine at their heart and love all their employees unconditionally.

You get a salary hike every 6 months if you are employed with QBurst. I guess, you need not be told that performance matters.

QBurst nurtures all those talents who are dedicated and creative. If you still doubt me ask an employee who has worked with this truly world class organization.

The CEO, CTO and COO of the company are always reachable on chat and you are free to enter their cabin anytime to have a talk with them.

The top management team makes it a point to spend quality time with each and every employee. I don’t know how they are doing it, but this winning strategy is something that is a must for every entrepreneur.

If you come across any such place, I would love to hear more about them.

  •  They don’t pick every Tom, Dick and Harry

They are very choosy when it comes to choosing their people and clients.

They don’t compromise on their hiring strategy even when there is a crunch for the right candidate to fill a particular role. The situation is the same even with the clients.

QBurst also focuses on the overall learning and development of its people. They don’t enforce people to attend a training for just the sake of it. Importance is given for learning and it can be in any form which is comfortable to the employee.

QBurst aims at building a long lasting relationship with all its clients. They are very honest and transparent, both with their clients as well their employees.

  • They foresee the things that are gonna happen in the world of technology

They were one of the pioneers in Mobile Application Development in India, they were smart enough to build a team on every technology that is going to be an instant hit in the  future.

This is why companies like National Geography have made it to their esteemed client list. Every employee at QBurst is encouraged to actively participate in discussion forums, blogging and experimenting with new technology. This makes the entire work an enjoyable experience for its people and customers, which is their mission as well.

They are also competitive in their pricing. Delivering maximum value is something that very customer feels about QBurst. You can explore more about this here.

  • QBurst believes in less process

Can you imagine a 650 employee company without a HR Manager in the 21st century?

Don’t be surprised, if it sounds strange. They believe in following the lean and agile methodologies. By lean QBurst means to eliminate the waste. This saves them huge  amount of time and money. They still function like a bootstrap, which is an amazing winning strategy.

In lay-man’s language Agile means being dynamic and swift with the decisions. There is  no red-tap-ism in QBurst. The answer is a straight yes or no. There is nothing like, let us think about it and keep thinking about it for the rest of the life.

I can say all this with conviction because I have been a part of this truly wonderful organization for the past 1 year.

I will speak to you soon with another interesting post.

I look forward for your valuable comments on this article. Please let us know your thoughts and feelings because you are my inspiration.


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Rafi – who has written posts on | Inspiring Citizen.

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Mithun Cheriyath

Experienced people coming from other companies(MNCs) might find this strategy strange or indigestible. But once they realize the responsibility and efficiency it brings from within themselves they establish an ever lasting bond with QBurst. Freshers who land at QBurst will be excited to see the openness and freedom they get here to try out their own creative ideas.

Proud to be a part of QBurst for more than half a decade.


Hi Mithun,

You hit the nail on the head..! I guess, that says it all.


Well said Rafi, And I totally agree with what you have put forward.

Mohammed Rafi

Dear Robin,
Thank you very much for your continued support. Your genuine feedback is a great inspiration for me to write more :) .

Rashila Noushad

Proud to be part of QBurst Family.


Rashila..Its a great pleasure to work with truly committed people like you..Thank you for your valuable comments.

Jesin Sarthaj

Excellent write-up. Well said in a very well organized manner. You said you are proud to be a part of this company, and not to mention, the company would be proud of you for this wonderful post. Honesty and proximity towards facts are the key factors that made this post hit the readers’ thoughts quickly and being spread viral………… kudos :-)


People like you are my true inspiration and I look forward for your continuous support Jesin.


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Jancy James

Excellent writeup. I am so happy to be a part of QBurst family.

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