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5 Inspiring thoughts to learn from India’s fastest and best women athlete

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This iron lady from India has fought against all odds to bring the world under her feet, not to spare the Indian Prime Minister, Dr.Manmohan Singh.

You and me would even dare to speak with the Prime Minister of a huge nation like India.

She Quoted: -

In 1994, I wasn’t very well-known, but I had almost 150 certificates with me. I kept all my certificates on Dr Manmohan Singh?s table. I told him I wanted to buy a car and needed excise
duty exemption that was available to me. (Dr Singh was the finance minister then.)

I think he had a tough day at Parliament. He asked me if these were indeed my certificates. I
said yes. He then shot a question, ?How can I believe that these are yours?? I was outraged. I
become livid if anyone questions my honesty or hard work. And to think that this question was
being raised after I had travelled for 46 hours in a train that was so unfriendly to the differently-
abled that I couldn?t even use the toilet! You can imagine my mental state then.I looked him
straight in the face and said, ?How can I believe, Sir, that you are Manmohan Singh?? He was
taken aback. ?What do you mean?? he demanded.

This was quoted in the book named – “A Different Spirit” which is her biography.

Do you want to know who she is?

Yes, this is Malathi Holla for you, still the fastest Indian Paralympian at the age of 52, with more than 300 medals to her credit.

Its my wish and dream that her success story would spring an inspiring thought in the hearts of billions, beyond boundaries.

This is a an inspiring story of determination, dedication and passion.

The Journey begins..!

Nature gave her first blow to Malathi in the form of paralysis, when she was just 15 months old.

You and me would be terrified with fear and agony if at all we have to undergo a major surgery. Can you imagine the pain, that Malathi had to face while undergoing 33 surgeries? I know that you migh be taking a deep breath at this moment. She was away from her home for 15 long years, for treatment. Somehow I get a feeling that number 15 always throws a challenge for Malathi.

By now she has embraced challenges, fought like a brave warrior and come out successful in flying colors. The Arjuna, Eklavaya and Padma Shri awards that she has received is not enough to compliment her. In the age of Tendulkar’s and Dhoni’s, Miss Holla stands apart as a different breed. Let’s salute her at this moment for all the laurels that she has brought to this great nation over the years.

This iron lady from India always greets you with a firm handshake and a pleasing smile that will inspire you to take that giant leap forward.

Mathru foundation – A trust formed by Malathi takes care of 16 children with diferent disabilities. Syndicate Bank would be proud enough to say that Malathi Holla is one of their most coveted employees.

Malathy once said – ” The more physical pain you suffer, the more mentally strong you become and once you are strong mentally, the World will be at your feet. Sport gave me confidence and the strength to cope with my disability.”


5 Lessons to learn from India’s most inspiring sports woman:-

  1. You are born to win – If you are note willing to fight against the odds you will ultimately perish. Now its your turn to fight the battle of life with your heart and soul.
  2. Energy begets energy – You will receive positive energy if you radiate the same irrespective of your life situation.
  3. Live like a legend – You have to live your life in such a way that you should be able to inspire and touch the life of at-least 10 human beings.
  4. Be empathetic – You are neither helping yourself nor helping the other person by being sympathetic. Start putting your-self in the other person’s shoes and be empathetic from this moment onwards.
  5. Desire is profound than wish – Most of us wish to be successful, healthy and wealthy. Malathi had a deep desire and a burning passion to become an athlete. Start to desire from this moment and see that change that it will bring your lives.

You can support Malathi by buying a copy of her book from The investment comes to $4, the price of a Mini Meal from Mc Donald’s.

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