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The 3 Best Places To Invest Your Money Now

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Are you looking to make more money?

I know you are definitely looking for it, because of the very fact that you are reading this article.

I believe, you will not invest your valuable time in something that doesn’t provide value to you.

Seriously, I wouldn’t do that and I don’t expect my readers either.

Before I start an article I ask myself, how is this post going to help my readers? If my heart says yes, I proceed, because I believe my heart and it will only tell me amazing stuff that can help you.

You are me are living in a world which can crumble at any point of time. So you have to be smart enough to survive and wise enough to invest your money in the best places.

I know there are umpteen ways to make money and you know most of them. However my objective is to tell you about the 3 best places to invest your money, rite now. This is where I have invested and I am already seeing good results. So I felt you can also benefit from the 3 best places.

Before investing you have to consider the following elements, so that you are always a winner. I will tell you about the 3 best place to invest your money after giving you a brief insight on the factors to consider while investing.


When you are investing your hard earned money you should definitely consider the safety of the option that you are going to invest.

You are investing for reaping benefits and not losing it.So taking a risk is good.  However it is not advisable to take blind folded risk. For example people say that stock is one of the best options of investing. I would call it as gambling.

Please test your luck if you are a good gambler. I am just saying that I wouldn’t advise     my readers to go for that, because you never know  when you are being bulldozed.

Return on Investment

Here I am going to be a little different from my first point. What is the point in    investing if you don’t get a decent return on investment? Safety is good, but getting a meager 7% return is not worth investing at all.

You need to see if your option is going to give you at least a 30% annual hike. That’s the bare minimum. Higher the better.

The bottom line is “Safe and calculated risk taking”.

Duration of investment

Before investing you should have a fair idea about the time frame that you are planning to invest in a particular place.

You should also look at the past data on how that option has been doing over the years. So lets say you are going to invest in stock, you should decide how a particular stock has been performing over the years and what the future of that particular stock.Similar is the case with other investments like commodities and gold.

I am happy that you have reached so far. You are almost on the verge of discovering the 3 best places to invest your money now.

1. You can count on technology

Virtually every business has to rely on technology if they have to survive in a globalized world.

There are numerous ways to make money online with a minimal investment of $250. If you are from a country like India then you can start even investing on technology even with Rs 7500/-.

If you are not able to afford that amount and if you still want to make money using technology, I can teach you how to do that, if you get in touch with me.

Let me give you a simple example on how you can make money.

Here you go.

Visit Go daddy, buy a competitive domain name for $7 and sell it for $300 within a short span of 4-6 months. That’s a whopping 32 times profit. You have to invest a few hours to research and identify good domain names.

If you want more information then please subscribe to our e-mail and I will be sending you my upcoming e-book which is titled “21 Proven Online Money Making Ideas”. It is totally free for you and please subscribe now to get the amazing e-book.

Million dollar homepage is one of the most innovative websites that I have come across in the world of Internet.

You can even use your facebook page to sell things to other people and make millions using affiliate marketing. I have already registered on click bank and will be sharing a few worthy products with my readers in the coming days. I have found these methods after doing a lot of research and you are getting it for free just by reading my blog..!

Aren’t you happy?

Yes, I can see that beautiful curve on your face. You are awesome and thank you for trusting me. Now the horse has been taken to the river and shown the water. Let me move to my next point with the faith that you are smart enough to gulp the wisdom that I have just shared with you.

2. Always trust the value of investing in real real estate

Over the years millions of people have become wealthy by investing in real real estate.

Now why is it one of the best places to invest your money?

Simply because you can make money from real estate even if you don’t invest on it.

Surprised??? Its not rocket science. If you have got a good network and can find a buyer for the seller then you can earn up to 2-3% as commission as the middle man.

Just imagine the money that you can make if you play the role of a middle man for 3 properties which are sold at million dollars each.

Hope you are done with the mathematics and welcome to you the real world.!!

Real real estate doesn’t cheat you..!

You might be wondering what the hell is real real estate.

If you are not careful enough people can outsmart you by pulling you into a deal which may have lots of legal issues, including the documentation, title and ownership of the property. So please do your home work and ground work before investing in real estate.

So real real estate is the one which is crystal clear, as pure as water from the Himalayas.

Appreciation of land only goes up and it never comes down if you invest in the rite places on earth. I have made nearly $3000 from a single deal where the initial investment was just $1000.

3. Its none other than you. Yes, its you my friend.

Are you thinking how is it gonna give you the rewards?

If you invest in improving your skills, knowledge and behavior then the results are more profound than investing gold, trading or business. When you invest in yourself you grow to a higher level and moreover nobody can steal your knowledge or skills.

I have read about a legend named Brian Tracy who strognly advocated the principle of investing 3% of your income in yourself. It can be in the form of attending a seminar, learning a musical instrument or even buying a book.

Have you ever imagined what would you do if your employer decides to throw you out one fine morning?

This is where investing yourself comes handy. You can make a living even by freelancing because you have enough skills and nowledge in your area of interest and people will be ready to pay you for the service you provide.

Tell me some more creative ways of investing in yourself. I would love to hear from you, as always.

Why wait??

I want to see you investing in all the 3 best places and reap benefits out of it.

Your benefit is my success, I mean it.

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Sareena – who has written posts on | Inspiring Citizen.

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