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6 Easy Peasy Ways To Reduce Daily Stress At Your Work Place

“According to the prediction by World Health Organization, by 2020, 5 out of the top 10 health related problems will be caused by stress.”


And workplace stress is the major contributor of stress related health problems.



People have told me that they get addicted to drugs, lose concentration in work, unable to satisfy their wives in bed and in worst cases it has lead to severe psychological disorders and even death.


Ask yourself whether you want to be one of those or you would want to lead a stress free life?

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If you apply these 10 positive words used by Obama more people will start loving you.

Oh yes!!!

Believe it or not, the positive words that you use in your daily life has got a profound impact on your happiness and these 10 words which I am going to show you will make more people to love you..!

This article is a bit long, but sweet and meaningful, because giving you more value is our motto.

You can even skim the article and it would be better if you read word by word.

Kindly leave if you don’t trust me and only willing learners like you would have come this far. Thank you very much and its a great feeling to have you here.

Have you heard about the power of thinking positive??

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Problem Solving Skills Made Easier For You Through Fermi Method

Who is Enrico Fermi and are you wondering how he can help you improve your problem solving skills?

Well, on to that in 20 seconds from now (if you are a quick reader)!!

Before that lets talk about the importance of improving your problem solving skills in the modern world.

Each day we are encountered with one or the other problem either at our work or in our life. It ranges from simple to complex and one that requires immediate attention to the ones that need careful examination. Eventually if you need to lead a happy life then you must¬†enhance your problem solving skills. You can’t simple run away from the problems. Hope you agree with me on that.

Rite then, here comes the most awaited answer to improve your problem solving skills, as promised 20 seconds ago.

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9 Mistakes That You Should Commit This Year For Personal Development

“Making mistakes simply means you are learning faster” – Weston H Agor

Does that make any sense?

How can mistakes help you in personal development? This is what you might be thinking rite now.

You will be making mistakes as long as you live, but the world will still move on. This is a new year and a new beginning. So if you start now, by the end of this year you can commit these 9 mistakes (that people think) for personal development and personality development.

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How To Get More Than 100 Likes On Your Facebook Status???

Some people say facebook is holy and a few others say its a holy-s**t.

What do you think?

If you have come this far, then you are one of those intelligent people who are looking to get more likes on facebook, which means you consider facebook as a holy place to vent your emotions, feelings and opinions.

So you are going to see how to get more than 100 likes on facebook for your status update.

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28 New Things I Did In My 28th Year

Are you living a life of boredom or creativity?

The reason why I am asking you is because I want you to live life to the fullest by doing new things, which will amaze you and make you happy.

Whatever be your answer, you always have the space to try out new things in your life.

Dear friend, we are almost on the verge of saying good bye to 2012.

So I thought this would be a good time to share the 28 new things that I did in my 28th year. People always take an oath and tell people about the stuff they are going to do in the future.

However I felt would be more beneficial to you if I share the things that I have already tried out, so that I can show you the benefits you can gain out of it.

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50 Simple Things You Can Do To Make People Happy!!

You are an amazing human being. Wondering why I said so?

It is because you are keen to know the things you can do to make people happy and this is something which is done only by amazing human beings like you..

Selfish people wouldn’t invest their time on quality stuff..

You are generous and I appreciate it.

Thank you for passing by and its time for you to see the 50 simple things you can do to make people happy.

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How Can Facebook Help You Lead A Happy Life?

Tell me which are the top 2 places where an average man spends his time today?

Facebook occupies the second position after mobile phones. Guess, I am rite.

You are reading this post at a time when people are asking you to back out of Facebook. However studies shows that Facebook helps people to lead a happy life because happiness is contagious and there is no better place on planet earth to spread it, than Facebook.

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