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See How 18 Year Old Ammar Ali Built A Blog Worth $1,16,665 In 12 Months – A Straightforward Interview With Him

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You might be thinking why Ammar Ali and what is in it for you from this interview?



Its a genuine question, I believe.


Please see how he worked hard to get a page rank 3  for allbloggingtips, which is currently valued at  US$ 1,16,665 (webstat9 stats) within 12 months.


This interview with the 18 year old boy will teach you how to live an independent, happy and a wealthy life by doing what you love the most. We also want you to see how a 8 year old  girl from India became the world’s youngest CEO.

Ammar Ali said that the interview questions raised at him was radical and he loved answering those.


You will be amazed to see that his website has got a global alexa rank of 11,337 and the traffic rank in India is 1616. And you can imagine how much will be his monthly earnings..


Ammar Ali opens his heart to Mohammed Rafi through this simple and down to earth interview, thoroughly dedicated to you, the loyal readers of inspiring citizen and the ardent fans of Ammar Ali.


1. 5 most interesting facts about Ammar Ali


  • I love to help others
  • I hate stupid questions
  • I’m a normal boy. Not so funny and not too serious :)
  • I’m addicted to Social Media
  • I love sports, especially cricket and listening to music in my free time


2. A crisp and cool autobiography of Ammar Ali, please..


First of all thanks for interview. I’m happy to get featured here.


My name is Ammar Ali, founder of


I’m a young part time blogger, affiliate marketer and a student currently living in Islamabad, Pakistan. I’m doing my software engineering.


3. How are you different from other bloggers in the blogosphere and what is the extra value that you give to people, which others don’t offer?


I am different because my first priority is my passion and my love to write.


I usually try to deliver quality content more often, as well as I organize giveaways on my blog after a month or two.


Specially giveaways of Hosting accounts. But I think my quality content and  blog design are the  main factors to attract people.


I do have guest authors, they’re also helping me in this.


4.  When there are millions of blogs in the blogosphere, can a newbie still succeed and if so within how much time and with what effort?


Yes, they can. You can see my blog , it is only a one year old blog. :D


They will have to focus on the content of website. design and niche also matters a lot. If they do well then they can make their place in just 6 months or less.


5.  How do you handle your critics?


Well, I think critics play an important role in success of a blog and even in the real life.


I always try to learn many things from them. They also play vital role in success of my blog and posts.


I always love to interact with them, I try to answer their questions , I also improve and implement whatever they are saying.


6.  In this highly competitive world where everyone is pumping money into SEO, do you think its worth it and is it ethical?


SEO factor matters a lot but my main focus is producing quality content for my readers. I think Search engines love quality content.


I’ve seen that many people are hiring SEO experts when they do not know much about this thing.


But if you know about it then you should do it yourself. I mainly depend on my skills than investing in SEO.


7.  What are the 3 best niches that you still find a scarcity for quality blogs?


Every niche has got good blogs and still there is huge space for new blogs in every niche.


In my opinion the 2 niches social media and video blogging need some honest bloggers. Not sure about third.


8. Who is your greatest inspiration in life and what did you learn from that person?


When you are inspired by someone you actually try to be like him and in my opinion it is due to lack of confidence.


I think people should take themselves beyond the people they are inspired from. Everyone has got some unique quality and following someone is just like spoiling these unique qualities.


9. Can you please tell us about your time segregation for blogging, studies and other daily activities?


I’m busy with my studies and college life. I spend around 3 hours for blogging on normal days and over 6-7 hours on weekends.


Rest of the time I spend with my family, friends and sports.


10. This might be a silly one - What prompted you to agree for this interview?


To get exposure and to expose my thoughts :D


11.  Tell us about the blog you love the most and why?


There are many blogs, I love to read daily. It’s hard to mention all of them here. However the blogs that I read most are.






I think these blogs don’t need any introduction! :)


12. What do you think about


You have a great blog. Focus more on creating quality content for readers.


I’m wishing you very best of luck for your future.


13. What are the potential threats for blogging industry in the next 5 years and what’s your suggestion to handle those?


I think social media is biggest threat for blogging.


Now people get every information from social media and youtube.


And Google as well as many search engines are giving preference to them.


When you search any keyword you get first page with many youtube videos and other social media links.


And undue importance to Google+ by Google search is another threat for blogging. So bloggers will have to work harder as well they will have to focus in these fields as well.


14. If not for blogging what other options would you suggest for smart money making?


  • Social media marketing


  • Video marketing


  • Affiliate marketing has got huge potential to make money.


  • And these are bit quicker option than blogging. Blogging is slow and steady way to make some money. It requires lot of effort.


15.   Some people say social media is a distraction and a few say that is the ultimate place to grow your business. Your thoughts on this please?


Social media is helping bloggers to stay in touch at its best.


I’m active on social media and also helping other bloggers. Social media specially facebook is really a great way to generate more traffic to blog. But still it takes so much time.


New bloggers can’t utilize their time might be that is reason people call it distraction.


16. A little controversial one for you – Have you fallen in love and what’s your feeling?


I am young  and still a student so my first preference is my education.


And as I have mentioned above I give 3 hours to blogging.


And these are my only extra three hours. So I am pretty busy in my life as well as happy. :)


17.   Your advise to a college student, a middle aged man and the so called matured souls?


Prefer your studies, work as much as you can and try to help younger if you think you are mature.


18. People say that most bloggers are selfish. However, I don’t agree with that and what do you think about that?
Well, I’m not agreeing with them.


I have not met much bloggers so I do not know about others.


I think they are competitive trying to compete each other that is why some people mix them with selfish ones.


19. How can you help our readers and is your services affordable?


My services are free. :D


They can visit my website to find some tips about blogging. Or get connected to me via social media. I will try my best to help them out.


20. Do you believe in the law of attraction or fate? Please explain?


I think law of attraction is better than fate. When you try you can get it , when you focus you achieve that , when you are good you find better.


21. What action do you expect our readers to take, after reading this interview?


Visit my blog
Leave your views
Ask me any question


22. I have been asking you so far..Let’s be a little different here. Please ask yourself the final question and please give us your wisdom for that as well..


What made me to be interviewed by you?


The answer is that when you work hard and pay attention to your work. There is a huge world that will recognize you and your work without any limits or borders.

Thank you for taking your time to read this interview and whats your feeling?

About the Author:

Rafi – who has written posts on | Inspiring Citizen.

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Harleena Singh

Another inspiring blogger Mohammed!

I’ve heart about Ammar and seen his guest posts too, and even though we are connected through Twitter since long, I’ve not yet visited his blog, which I will soon after I comment here. I guess most of us don’t reach out and connect with others if they aren’t from our own niche, though we should because that’s how relationships and connections are made – isn’t it?

You’ve really done up the interview so well, and what I liked most about this young boy is the fact he mentioned that he loves to write and help others, something that I love doing too. I guess money all of us want to make, and we will – somehow or the other, but what is it that we are doing for others or giving back is what counts more (for me at least!).

Commendable indeed, to read about such youngsters doing wonders in the Blogosphere in such a short period of time, and also being able to study and manage blogging. :)

Thanks for sharing more about Ammar with all of us. :)
Harleena Singh recently posted…Will You Stop OvereatingMy Profile


Hi Harleena,

Your comments as always is quite meaningful because what you said about connecting with your own niche is because people think that they can build traffic out of that and I specifically connected with bloggers from other niches in the first place..

Also, what you said it terms of giving more value to others does wonders to you as well..So there is facts in the law of reciprocity. I have learned this from You and Rahul in the blogosphere.

And finally as you said what amazes is the balance they maintain with their studies and blogging. You will see this trait in all champions..

Thank you once again for reading the second interview at inspiringcitizen and sharing your valuable thoughts. I am also looking to model many of your traits which I have told if you are ready to share that with me..



Great article, thank you again for wriintg.

Shorya Bist


Wow ……so inspiring ,I have been to his blog and got suprise to see his success and as well as it inspired me alot that newbie can also take place in blogging industry and can be successful.If have dedication and quality.

Your interview was great with him and i think you have done so well to dig out his thinking and thoughts.That are great , and truley reflect quality of him.

Thank You
Shorya Bist
From Youthofest
Shorya Bist recently posted…How to concentrate on studies?My Profile


Hello Shorya,

I saw your blog and you are also doing a good job..One day I will interview you as well:)..

Thank you once again for your honest comments..

I look forward for more from you..



Ehsan from The Bloggers Community

I won’t say I don’t know Ammar, because I’ve visited his blog and read few of his posts there.

If I could be Ammar Ali, I would answer your 4th question differently. Actually I would answer all questions differently.

To answer the 4th question, I would say that no matter If there are millions of blogs, or billions – The world still needs you and blogosphere is waiting for you only If you think you can do something great, something inspiring, something different and can add value in people’s life.

So you love Problogger, DailyBlogTips and BasicBlogTips to visit and read most, now tell us have you ever got featured of any of them?

Loved the interview BTW!
Ehsan from The Bloggers Community recently posted…Comment Strategy: An Easy Guide to Redirecting First Time Commentators To a Thank You PageMy Profile


Hello Ehsan,

What makes your comment special is because you have chosen a specific question from the interview and given a deep insight with a different perspective. This itself will be a great inspiration for all newbie bloggers to kick start their journey with conviction.

Thank you for loving the interview and You are the next big fish in my list…he he he…:)




Thank you for loving the questions, answers and the interview overall.




Hi Kamaram,

You are a nice man to let us know that it was helpful to you.

Keep up the good work with your blog as well.

I will speak to you soon.



You’ve captured this perfectly. Thanks for tankig the time!


Hello Rohith,

Thank you for your comments and you have a good blog out there.

Keep continuing your smart hard work and success will be yours..



Hi Rohith,

Your royalyouth is also lovely and thank you for your honest feedback..

You will get good adsense revenue, I guess from the

Please tell me how it is performing if you are open to share with me.



Hello Dhruv,

Yeah, You have done a great job in grovetimes. SEO tips for bloggers in 2013 is a good read and you are also nice to everyone:)…

Thank you for your honest feedback.


Gyanender Sharma

This is really a good interview. Such kind of interviews gives me energy. This is the first time ever i’ve read your interview and its really good to know about such bloggers which gives us inspiration to write quality content.


Dear Gyanender,

Thank you very much for your comments, both on facebook and here..I value you so much and do you have a blog?



Hello Chiranjeev..

You are also doing a good job at techclause. I loved the simple design and easy to read font and the cool content which is easily digestible even to a non-techie like me.

Thank you for reading about Ammar Ali and soon you will also hit the limelight, you and I believe..

And what do you think??



Great…. motivational interview by Ammar Ali.
Rafi you are doing good job. All the best.



Dear Jabeer,

Thank you very much for your inspiring feedback..!


What an interview . Love the way the interviewer and the person who is answering the interview are so honest .


Hello young Genius Navneet,

Its a pleasure to see you here and I am really happy that you loved the interview..! You will soon seen the interviews of a couple of big fishes in the online world..Any guesses??


Hi Rafi & Ammar,

Ammar, I loved this interview because you are truly inspirational. As I was reading your answers to Rafi’s answers, I could tell you have a very mature outlook for someone your age.

Rafi, thank you for interviewing Ammar and also a big thank you for the recent comments you left at my blog.
Hiten recently posted…How to Deal with Social AnxietyMy Profile


Thank you so much Hiten..Your valuable feedback is always a catalyst for our progress..!


The boy Ammar Ali is doing tremendous work. I love to visit his blog daily and I am thoroly inspired by him.


Hello Mubashir,

Thank you so much for your valuable comments and keep giving your feedback on our other articles as well, at your convenience..!


HI Rafi,

Firstly I would like to congratulate you for your great blog and you have been doing a great service of giving back to the community by introducing us to the some very talented bloggers around.

I’m a newbie(3 months old) and still and always a student of blogging.I’m not aware of Ammar Ali but will surely visit his blog now.

This has been an awesome interview and I think you covered almost everything.The #9 is the one which really makes me think how a young blogger SORRY person can so very well segregate the # of hrs…..hmmm that has been the difference between a successful blogger like him and naive blogger like me….

Thanks Rafi for this share.

sapna recently posted…This Naive Blogger is a Beggar by all means(An infographics)My Profile


Wow, this is in every respect what I nedeed to know.


Hi Suraj,

Thank you for your honest thoughts.


Hello Suraj,

Its a great pleasure to see you here. And thank you so much for reading the interview and giving your feedback



Good interview..Ammar is really a Good Blogger. :) and active in this field.
Hamlet recently posted…Man can Stop RapeMy Profile


Hello Hamlet,

Its a pleasure to see you here and thanks for dropping by..



Hey Christopher,

Thanks for your feedback.

Looking forward for more comments from you.


Thank you Aijaz, for your inspiration.


Thank you so much for this article! It helped a lot!


You are most welcome Jimmy :)


Dear Jignesh,

Your comments are really inspiring because I feel and I strongly think you are a man with a lot of positive energy…You spread your energy when you post such amazing comments..!

Thank you once again, Jignesh

describes it

Hi, I read your blog like every week. Your humoristic style is
witty, keep doing what you’re doing!
describes it recently posted…describes itMy Profile


Thank you so much for coming to our blog every week..We are so pleased to hear that from you..

We will be giving more humor, for you to lead a happy and relaxed life :) .

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