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How can you make others obey you using the power of conversational hypnosis

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Imagine the picture where everybody is listening to your commands and you are so happy because of that.


This article is close to 1200 words and please read when you have 3 minutes to invest.



So, the next question would be – what are the benefits for you, if people listen to what you are saying? Well if people listen to whatever you are saying then you become a most sought after person and get people to do anything you want.


Sounds interesting, isn’t it:)? Yes, I can see the curiosity in your eyes to learn more!!



You will be surprised to learn that you can control the minds of people without their knowledge and you can make them obey your commands..! Thank you for your deep interest to learn the power of conversational hypnosis, to get the things that you want in your life.


If you have reached this far, I can tell you that the conversational hypnosis that I have applied on you is working beautifully ;) .


Let me give you some medicine for your current illness, which is called anxiety or curiosity.! Please don’t stay here for another second if you are going to use conversational hypnosis for a wrong reason..!


NLP Presuppositions is a widely used technique in conversational hypnosis. I will tell you what is presuppositions and then we can see how you can use this in your day to day conversation with people.


The meaning is half evident from the word itself. In “Presupposition”,  you make the person assume that he has already accepted your command and has agreed to what you are saying, even though they have not done that in reality.


Let me show you a few examples as to how you can use it effectively for your benefit, in your daily life.


Can you please see the first sentence of this article one more time?  I will explain the example of presupposition, when you have looked at the first sentence. 


Thank you so much for seeing the first sentence and I can tell you with conviction that ‘presupposition’ works well, if used intelligently.


We are going to look at one of the few presuppositions that I have already used in this article.


I will explain the example of presupposition, when you have looked at the first sentence. (In this example I didn’t use the word ‘if’. Instead I used the word ‘when’.)


So, the word ‘when’ will give a hypnotic command to the other person to do the action that you want him to perform.


You should also have a couple of things in your hand to effectively apply hypnotic commands.


Ability to build rapport


When you build rapport with people they will feel comfortable with you and you have more chances in making them listen to you. I believe, you are are reading this because I have been able to build a strong bond with you over the past few months.


In the case of a first time reader careful effort has been taken to build rapport with you through my last 478 words, which I purely made of love and affection for your benefit.


The time old method to build rapport with a person is either to talk to him about the subject that he loves or you can show a genuine interest to help him. At the end of the day what ever said and done the one question that people will ask you is -


WIIFM – What’s in it for me?


Ability to read body language


Understanding the emotions of the other person is highly important, so that you know whether it is the rite time to apply your commands or not.


Having a basic understanding of body language, keen observation skills and the genuine interest to help others are the things you need to improve for becoming an effective conversational hypnotist.


At this juncture I would also want to stress upon the point that conversational hypnosis should be used only for achieving good objectives.


Now, I will show you a few more examples about conversational hypnosis.


Let’s say you want to ask a person for a date – The best option is – When would you be happy to join me for a coffee, on this weekend or the first weekend on April?


When you want to sell something to a person the best way to ask is – How happy are you to try this product with a 30 day money back guarantee?


So, what is actual thing that happens when you ask these questions?


It makes people to start thinking about the answers which automatically will distract them from your real question. At this juncture you have the magic wand in your hand to persuade them to take action..Wow, its cool – isn’t it? :) :)


Here is my trump card for you, because your success is my happiness.


When you see benefit from conversational hypnosis, would you pass the message about inspiring citizen to your friends as well?


9 out of 10 times you would say yes, because I am already telling you that you will benefit and even though you have not seen the benefits your tendency will be to support me in this journey.


Does that make sense to you?


See, you might be thinking why is he giving so much of things for free? Its because when you first give value to people they will give you something in return for getting more value. That’s what we call the law of reciprocity or law of attraction. I believe in that strongly.


Not to forget the actions you need to take..!


Another important technique in conversational hypnosis is to shut down the critical mind?


You might be wondering what does that mean?


Its exactly what I did with you in the first sentence of this article ;) for your benefit though.


The first word that I used is ‘Imagine’. Am I rite?


You can always go back see if you have a doubt. Well, thanks for trusting me and I know that you have got a good memory power.


When you ask  people to imagine, they stop thinking and they start visualizing, thereby you are putting them in a state of trance.


At this point of time you can give your commands, which is what I did in my second sentence and it has made you come this far…


When you see things working you will be more convinced with the concept and that’s what I try to do in all my articles. I will only show you stuff that has personally worked for me in my life. By doing so you will trust me more and thank you once again for your support and encouragement.


The type of words that you use in your conversation will also have a deep impact on the other. Since you liked this article please read these 10 positive words to have a better command over conversational hypnosis.


Now, when you have the time to copy and paste this article, please do that and tell me how many words are there in this post. It will be exactly 1214 words and you will also understand that when you commit something to people you should always under promise and over deliver. Don’t you agree with me?


Since you agree, please show your love by spreading a word about this article.


Photo courtesy : Reuben Varghese






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Thank you for your agreement dear Nirmal :) ..! Keep smiling :)

Martin Peeranki

Hey Rafi,

Great post and an excellent blog as well. But I would like to point out one small suggestion – If you can avoid chat language, it will help to increase the standard of the post. Like using “right” instead of “rite” which is used in this post. Its a minor one anyway.

But keep writing. I am a regular visitor to this blog. I will share this blog to my friends too. All the best! ;)


Hey Martin,

It was an unconscious mistake from my end and I will definitely correct it going forward..Thank you very much for giving me an honest feedback…People like you are the ones who really keep me moving forward.

What do you do and where are you from?

Thank you once again Martin, for sharing my blog with your friends. It REALLY means a lot to me..! :)



We thank you sincerely for passing by and we hope to see you soon in the near future..!

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of a holistic, and thereby hugely applicable, hypnosis is.
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Yes, hypnosis if used in the right way can bring in lot of good results :)

Rama Krishna

Rafi ji,

Thank Your very much because You write a good blog post in a excellent manner. And thanks once again for those 10 positive words. Please keep writing.

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