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Amazing Life Insights For You Through A SMART Interview With Hendrik Edberg Of Positivity Blog

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You can see how this young and charming man from Sweden has touched the lives of more than 2 million people over the past 6 years through positivity blog.



A world with lots of stress, uncertainty, pain and problems. A time when you are looking for real happiness solutions from real people.


14 Questions, 14 Answers and 144 seconds.



Today, now you are seeing what an amazing human being called Hendrik Edberg has to tell you..


 And here is Henrik Edberg, specially for YOU..


This interview is crisp, cute and will also give some useful tips to handle difficult life situations.


1. Henrik Edberg, your stunning self introduction to a stranger, please?


Well, I’m 32 year old guy that lives on the west coast of Sweden with two cute cats and one
awesome girlfriend. I spend my days with writing about personal growth, happiness, simplicity,
productivity and more on my website The Positivity Blog and in my Positivity Newsletter.


2. When there are thousands of other blogs about self-help and positive thinking, why should
someone read Positivity Blog?


Two things my readers often tell me are:


1. My blog has practical and common sense advice that works in real life.
2. The way I write appeal and gets through to them.


So I’d go with those two things.


3. Secret behind your genuine smile.


Hmm. I do like to laugh a lot and have a positive attitude most of the time so maybe that shines


4. In the past 6 years how much money have you earned out of blogging and what else do you do
other than blogging to make a living?


I don’t want to share a specific number, but I have been able to do this full-time for the first time
during 2012. Before that I used to work a few months a year on a local newspaper.


5. Your blog reaches only the literate. What’s your suggestion to uplift the lives of under privileged
and illiterates?


To teach more people to read. And also to share in other ways by reading out loud and by using
audio and video material.


6. Almost everything about leading a positive life has been already told, I guess. In that case how do
you generate ideas for your blog and do you think you can deliver more?


Sure, few things are new under the sun. But people aren’t the sun and I get new readers every day
who may not have learned about a technique or two that I know.


Many things are new for a whole lot of people. Or maybe they just want a reminder if they have


7. For a newbie like me, is it still possible to make a mark in the blogosphere and what are the three
main things I need to focus to achieve that?


I think so. Several new blogger like Corbett Barr, Pat Flynn and Derek Halpern have made big marks in
just the past few years (or year).


Three things to focus on would be:


Create excellent content. Stuff that people can use practically, that amuses them or adds
some kind of value to their lives (and preferably a lot of value).


Add an email newsletter. Nowadays I get the most feedback, positive and kind replies and
attention for what I write not on my blog but in my newsletter. I highly recommend adding
one to a blog to develop a better relationship with your readers.


Learn even more. Read the top blogs and articles on blogging. Take a highly recommended
course. And take action on what you learn there to grow your blog quicker and to make more
of a mark.



8. Do you respond to all the emails that you receive and what made you reply to my e-mail?



I reply to the most of the emails I get and I read all of them. I replied to your email because your idea of an interview sounded interesting.



9. The most difficult phase of your life and how did you overcome it?


I’d say that was when I was in my early twenties. I was unmotivated and lazy, out of shape and quite
shy. So it wasn’t a good time in several ways.


I overcame it by finally having had enough. Then I went out and learned how to improve my own life
in various ways and took action on that.


10. What are you trying to prove to this world and yourself through your life.


I don’t know if I am trying to prove something.


I see it more as I am telling people about what I have learned, what has helped me to grow and become happier.


And hopefully some of it may work for them too.


11. What would be your advice to someone who thinks that life is unfair because of the frequent bad
experiences they are having in their life?

Good question. Life can be definitely be unfair.


My advice would be to try to form a habit of focusing your thought on what is positive and can be
improved in your life. Instead of thinking too much about things that have gone wrong or about bad


A practical way to do so is to ask yourself more helpful questions each day or when you encounter a
negative situation. Questions like:

What is one good thing about this situation?


What can I learn from this situation and is there an opportunity here to grow in some way?


What is one small step I can take right now to get ball rolling and to start turning this situation around?


12. In what ways is this interview different from all other interviews that you had given so far.


More fun questions instead of mostly serious ones.


14. And my last one – Planet without Henrik Edberg?


Hmm. I think I have made an impact in some people’s lives so I think the planet would be different in some ways. But the planet will of course go on when I pass away.


But before then I hope to make an even bigger positive difference than I have so far.



You will be surprised to see  Neil Patel in our next interview post :) :)



Thank you ever so much for your time and I hope this interview has helped you in one way or the other to find answers to some of the questions you had in your mind.



And what are the questions that you are bearing in your heart? Please ask us and we are awaiting your comments.






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