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22 Happy marriage Tips For You, Which I Learned From My Love

Before I scribble, I would like to say that today I will be more emotional, sensitive and a bit long, as I am writing about my love and my marriage.

“I love it when his arms are around me, when we cuddle closely. I love the way he make me feel safe as if he won’ let no one hurt me . His arms are my castle, his heart is my sky” this phrase is one of my favorite’s.

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10 highly rated habits of happy people like Oprah Winfrey

When I think of happy people, the first face that comes to my mind is that of Oprah Winfrey. Her smile, energy and enthusiasm is contagious and it can bring about a feeling of joy to the people around her.

The consistency in her behavior made me observe many other happy people around me, study their behavior and figure out common habits in them that could be shared with my fellow beings.

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5 motivation tips from world’s youngest CEO, at the age of 8.

History was created in the year 2006, when this dashing little dynamo designed and developed the first website for her school, Presentation Higher Secondary School, Calicut.

If you think that she belongs to a generation of BMW’s and Macintosh, then you are mistaken. This champion web designer belongs to a middle-class Indian family, but was lucky enough to have mesmerizing parents with a different thought process.

The long wait is finally over..!

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