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Once in a life time inspirational story, 1 man – 4 accidents in a day, 4 different locations, 4 months in bed…Still alive, 100% alive..!

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May 8th -2007, yes .. It all happened on a cold and dry May morning.


1 man – 4 accidents in a day, 4 different locations, 4 months in bed….!!!!


I am no ghost speaking..!





I am very much alive.100% alive…!



It was the most joyful days of my life when I was studying for MCA at MACFAST Thiruvalla, a town in the State of Kerala in India..I was  a very energetic student in my college.. always active.…always full of fun and exuberance…


(My friends would imitate my brisk walking style saying he’s flying…yes I flew through the corridors of my college , singing songs cracking jokes playing pranks.No one ever  saw me without a smile on my face.)


I was happy and was thoroughly enjoying  my college life.I made software’s..coded games..and did many more things like you…


And then, as all the good things in life ..there came the day, where I was going to bid farewell to my students life..They call it “the farewell day.”




08 May, 2007, yes .. It all happened on a cold and dry May morning.


I never expected that the day in which I bid farewell to my life as a student could be the day I would bid farewell to my beautiful life on planet earth….


We planned our farewell party in a houseboat AT Kumarakom, a backwater village in the State of Kerala, India. So our plan was to reach the college and then go to Kumarakom by the college bus.


I started from home early in the morning….drinking just a cup of coffee..


And I went to my friend Robin’s house in Pathanamthitta to pick him up from there. He was my best friend in college.. So I went to his home, picked him and we started our journey.


We were talking about the get together … he said he’s done a video with all our precious moments in college…and I was talking about my plans to sing some songs..we were happy that we were going to meet our friends and enjoy but a bit sad that we are going to bid farewell .


We were half way to the college….!


And everything happened in the spur of a moment….! 


One of the cars which was coming in the opposite side lost control and hit my bike on the right side…everything went blurring…


Hold on to your seat with the same anxiety and see further……….


When I recovered from the shock I realized I was lying on the ground. I tried to raise my right hand, but I was not able to…and I tried to move my right leg..too.. but I was not able to do that either.


Then I lifted my left hand and saw my watch broken..(later I checked the watch and saw, it stopped on impact.. it was showing the time of the accident ..8 .10 am …remained like a pause – stop in time….)


I felt the right hand with my left and realized it getting wet…out of my own blood….


Jesus Christ……..!


“My leg hand”… I screamed…and when I turned my head to the right I saw someone holding my friend…. And saw the front part of my bike lying on the road….


I felt someone picking me up and laying me inside some vehicle ( I later found out it was a guy named Sathyan..a driver at the local Indane gas agency..he said, my face looked familiar to him..that he may have seen me at my house and so he helped me…..


He took me to the hospital within 5-10 minutes…and that was crucial..he later said, he thought I was dead when he picked me up.


I was half-conscious, but was in a terrible shock…


When I reached the Muthoot hospital near my home I was conscious and told the hospital staff all the details like my address, telephone number at my home and even my previous out patient number at that hospital.


They did everything possible under the sky to save me. There were a few docs there who knew me…they also came…and then my friends and my mom came (actually one of my friends called home and told I slipped from the bike and have a slight bruise on my leg.)


So mom came to the hospital..but she later said that she thought I was dead when she saw the huge crowd in the hospital) .  I can never forget the courage my mom showed that day. She is a truly inspirational lady and if she was not there then you would not be listening to my inspirational story, rite now.


On hearing this news, my friends cancelled the farewell trip and rushed to the hospital.


When the initial shock was over, I began to experience the intense pain and  I was screaming with pain and asking to give me sedation because I was not able to bear the pain. Can you feel my pain, my friend?


After diagnosis, doctors said, I don’t have any injury on my body other than on my right leg and right hand.But the injury on my right leg was too serious.


The main artery on my leg (femoral artery )was cut and blood was flowing out of my body like the Nile.


Yes, sometimes even blood flows like a river…


My thigh bone was broken and my leg…the part between the knee and the ankle had multiple fractures and wounds.


They said the condition was serious and even if I survive they may have to amputate my leg,  if I’m treated there…. Then one of my friends dad and another doc from the hospital told about a hospital in Ernakulam where they may treat this, without chopping my leg off…


But they have to get me there in 2 -3 hours, utmost …and do the operation. (yes, when recently I saw the malayalam movie named  Traffic, all this came to my mind.).


They took my x-rays, and also started blood transfusion…!


They arranged everything and my principal arranged to send an ICU ambulance from Pushpagiri hospital (which is near my college and also under the same management). Then an ambulance came from a nearby eye hospital to take my friend to Pushpagiri hospital. His condition was not as serious as mine. The ambulance send for  me was on the way. There was no time to lose in my case, so they decided to take me to Cochin in the ambulance that arrived first…. I was  on a stretcher and was laid on the ambulance..and I began my journey to Cochin…..there were 2 people from the hospital a male and female nurse.


I think .. then my mom, my mom’s sis, one of my teachers and 2 of my friends were also in the ambulance…..and my friends accompanied the ambulance in cars.. You are not watching a movie, my friend..! Its just pure life, 100% pure..!


Arrangements were made  for blood transfusion inside the ambulance itself and I was wearing an oxygen mask as well (given oxygen also ;) ..!


The ambulance was going at 100km/hr, in order to reach the hospital at the earliest.


I began to feel very thirsty and I asked for water.


The nurse who was with us said he can’t give me water as the operation had to be done ASAP. But when I began asking again out of thirst, they dipped a small piece of cotton in water and wet my lips with it. And it was proved that you may not die even if you don’t drink water when you are thirsty..


I could feel  my body becoming cold.


I could feel the wings of death coming to embrace me.


When we reached a place called Aroor the ambulance hit a goods cart……people gathered around the ambulance and some were shouting. …..then when they saw my condition they let us go and it began its journey again…


Survived accident No : 2


We were nearing Ernakulam north where the hospital was situated. Then suddenly I heard a loud bang and felt like, I was thrown out of the stretcher..I heard the male nurse crying ‘my eye, my eye…..’


The blood bag fell down and the blood in it was all over my body..


Yes, it was accident No: 3…!


The ambulance was so damaged, that the only option was to shift me to another ambulance and continue journey.


The ambulance was lying on the middle of the highway, traffic was stranded and hundreds of people gathered around my ambulance.


One of my friend’s called his brother who was in Lisy hospital which was near to that place..and they somehow managed to get an ambulance from there and I was shifted from one ambulance to the other on mid highway.


Then the small Omni ambulance continued the journey..and when we reached hospital, the driver accidentally drove the ambulance to the vehicle lift..But when the front Tyre was inside ..somehow the lift began to rise with the front part of the vehicle on the lift.. …with me in it….


Can you believe it? This was the 4th accident that I encountered on the same day..!


The people gathered there  literally lifted the ambulance out of the lift…..


No one even now, know how the lift began to operate all of a sudden.


4 accidents in 4 vehicles in one day and I am no ghost speaking to you my friends. I am very much alive. 100% alive.


The hospital had already arranged everything as they were informed and they took me to the casualty.. My uncles, aunties friends, all were in the hospital.


One of my uncles went to the doctor and asked..”Can you save his leg”? .”


“Lets first think of saving his life…He has lost  lot of blood..his blood pressure, his condition is serious and his chance of survival is just 5% ” was the doctor’s reply.   “…we can save his life only if we can start blood transfusion successfully again( as transfusion was interrupted during the accident) and then we can do  the operation”, the doc continued.


They made preparations for the operation.The nurses were all around me. I was feeling very thirsty, but I knew they cant give me water. You may think life is so cruel at time..! But I learned that everything happens for a reason…May be to share my life with you, which will inspire you to come out of all your problems and achieve success..


So I asked one of the nurses, “can you wipe my face with a damp cloth”.


They knew I was thirsty but I didn’t ask for water because I know they can’t  give it. ( I saw the sadness in their faces  ).


One of  the nurses came and wiped my face with a damp cloth and said, “Sebin ..I’m also from Pathanamthitta”…and she took a very small piece of ice and asked me to open my mouth.


She put that small piece of  ice below my tongue. That few drops of water is the sweetest drink I ever had and I would never ever forget that kind gesture from one of those angels on earth.


A lot of blood was needed and my friends, my relatives and their friends all were ready to do anything. All of them donated the blood needed at that time and for the further operations .


The medical team started blood transfusion again and it was a success.. It was almost 8 hours after the accident and I was moved to the Operation theater for the 4-6 hour long operation by a team of doctors.


Hundreds of people (who knew me and who don’t know me) prayed for my life that night.


And God answered their prayers and the operation was successful. The doctors were able to suture the artery that was cut. They also were able to join other blood vessels on my leg and also fixed the broken bones.


They also took skin and blood vessel from my left leg to transplant it on my right leg.. After the operation I spent few days in the  surgical ICU and then a few more months in bed….


Let me say thank you for the time being, for seeing my life and I will share the remaining part in a few days from now…


We sincerely thank Sebin Joe for sharing his inspirational real life story with you…!


Do you have similar inspirational stories or do you know of someone who can be an inspiration to others?


If yes, please write to us rite now..


Our motto is to share more real life inspirational stories like this to help people come out of their problems in life..!




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Harleena Singh

Hi Rafi and Sebin,

Gosh Sebin! You surely underwent a whole lot all in one single day and in different locations! And it’s a blessing in disguise that you are alive today and doing so well for yourself!

I can so well relate to a lot that you wrote as we as a family had a near-fatal accident too about a year back when we were returning back by car after a small nearby vacation. Our car somersaulted 4-5 times in thin air and landed into the fields while trying to save a person on a bicycle, and the side tyres burst that unbalanced the car. Luckily, as if it was His will (which I strongly feel IS in such cases), my kids had minor injuries, while my husband was unhurt – without a single scratch on his body. It was just me who went flying off and suffered head injury and many injuries on my body that left me bed ridden for a month too. I lost consciousness for a few hours and couldn’t make out when the stitches were put and my memory was going and coming in breaks for a few days after the accident too. And here I am alright and remember every little thing.

They say miracles happen, and I say yes they do. I guess our purpose on this earth isn’t over yet, and till we don’t complete our purpose of life – how can anything happen to us. :)

I am just glad you shared Sebin’s inspiring story with us Rafi – and though it brought back memories for me, but it that one incident made me appreciate and value life much more now (I’m sure Sebin can relate to that) – and now I live each moment – live in the present, because you can never say what tomorrow holds for you, or if there will be a tomorrow at all – isn’t it?

Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a lovely day and nice weekend ahead :)
Harleena Singh recently posted…How to Cope With Teenage Mood SwingsMy Profile


Hi Harleena,

You have always amazed me with your sheer love, passion and determination towards life..

You would be able to understand the pain that Sebin went through because you have had a similar experience. I salute both you and Sebin, Harleena.

One last thing..I have been trying to write long comments like you, but something stops me..Probably its not my natural style..So kindly excuse me if I have been short in my response..


Galen Pearl

That is a story of miracles. So many in one day. It is also amazing that you can remember so much of what happened that day. Sometimes people block the memories of something so traumatic. I was in a bad accident once and I remember everything, like you. Thank you for sharing this inspiring story.
Galen Pearl recently posted…Gratitude Within ReachMy Profile


Hello Galen..

In fact its a story of miracles and I echo your sentiments..

What was the accident that you went through? I feel you can share it with our readers when you have time for more inspiration.

Thank you once again, Galen.


Corinne Rodrigues

Thank you for sharing your inspiring story with us, Sebin. I can’t begin to imagine how scary it must all have been and how much pain you went through. I’m glad you’re well – and telling your tale. Waiting to read part 2.
Corinne Rodrigues recently posted…100 Words on Saturday Week 8My Profile


Yes, Corrine..Myself and Sareena felt the pain in our body when he narrated this incident.

Like you we are also eagerly awaiting the second part from him..However we have left it to Sebin’s convenience to share the second part..



This is an amazing story. only faith, love and kindness brought you through!


You are absolutely right Jodi..!

I am commenting on behalf of Sebin..

Thanks once again for your valuable and a genuine one line comment..



what! This is unbelievable. I am really happy to see you smiling again.
God is truly wonderful. He has His own way of doing things.


Dear Emmanuel,

You are 100% right in saying that God is truly wonderful..And thank you once again for your valuable thoughts..!




Sebin is a real fighter and we all have lots to learn from him. I hope to see your inspiring story, soon on our blog, which will give my readers another reason to live more courageously..!

Thank you so much for your heartfelt feelings and comments, Lakshmi :) .!

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