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28 New Things I Did In My 28th Year

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Are you living a life of boredom or creativity?

The reason why I am asking you is because I want you to live life to the fullest by doing new things, which will amaze you and make you happy.

Whatever be your answer, you always have the space to try out new things in your life.

Dear friend, we are almost on the verge of saying good bye to 2012.

So I thought this would be a good time to share the 28 new things that I did in my 28th year. People always take an oath and tell people about the stuff they are going to do in the future.

However I felt would be more beneficial to you if I share the things that I have already tried out, so that I can show you the benefits you can gain out of it.

Most people try out crazy stuff in their late 20′s. I am just saying this statement to satisfy myself…ha ha ha..

Age is definitely not a criteria to try out new things..

Please remember – “Earlier the better and its never too late”. Now on to the 28 new things that I did in my 28th year.


1. I walked over FIRE

Yes, you would be surprised to learn that I literally walked over a fire-bed. Also I did a few other breakthrough activities like glass-walking, fire-ball eating, rod-bending and tile breaking. You might wonder why the heck should I do all these stuff. Good question. I love it when you ask valuable questions like this. Its gonna take some time for me to explain my experience and please contact me if you are eager to learn more about this. The primary objective was to destroy the limiting beliefs in myself by taking the giant leap.

2. Explored the world of NLP

You might have come across this term in a couple of my previous posts. Even though the real abbreviation is Neuro Lingusitc Program

I call it as a New Learning Process. It was an amazing experience for me, where I got an in-depth understanding of my behavior and patterns in life. Lots of positive elements evolved out of this training.

3. Tried a few topsy turvy tricks

I had a dream of carrying my love on my shoulders and it became a reality on my 28th birthday.Wow…! It was an amazing feeling..!

This was one the most beautiful moments of my life. Ask me whats the benefit and I will tell you it strengthens the bond between you and your partner. I was also able to understand the strength of my shoulders..!

Some might call it crazy, but we would call it radical.

4. Jibbersih was awesome

Jibberish otherwise called as mad man’s meditation was one of the mind blowing new things that I did in my 28th year. You will be taken to a different world where there is peace, tranquility and calmness. You should go through the experience to know the value.

5. Entered the world of blogging

Inspiring Citizen was my long time dream. Its been a challenging and enriching journey over the past 2 months. Even though my blog was published in August I started being active on it since 26 November, 2012. Without SEO or any marketing activities, so far I have got more than 3000 page views. And I have been getting 100 visits everyday for the past 1 week. This may not be a huge number, but I consider it to be a great achievement for a beginner.

6. Bought a couple of domain names from Big Rock

Buying domain names is a good investment option. I came to know about that only this year. I did some research and bought nlptrainingworld  along with inspiring citizen. It cost me just $75 for all the three domain names for 2 years. I am confident that it would definitely fetch me a minimum of $10,000 in a few years from now. Isn’t that a good deal?

7. Took a new challenge to measure myself

I was told by many people about the benefits of a vegetarian diet. However it took me 28 years to try that out. I have been a vegetarian for the past 2 months and the results are profound. I can show you some of the benefits I have got, after starting a vegetarian diet. I feel more energetic, more relaxed and more pure. You may want to give a try and tell me your experience.

8. Thank you Yoga for giving me better health

Yoga – a process where your mind and body unifies. I have been practicing Yoga for the past couple of months and it has helped me reduce 3 kgs with ease. Yoga has helped me improve my concentration and control my emotions. My body has become more flexible after I started practicing Yoga.

9. Gave a surprise gift to my mom on her 50th birthday

I have never given a gift to my mom for her birthday in the last 28 years. This year I surprised her with a gold ring. To add more excitement I didn’t wish her till 9 pm at night. She was disturbed because of that and I went to my home town to see her with the lovely gift. She got the surprise of her life time, I guess. I was able to see the joy in her eyes.

10. Met and spoke to a couple of incredible saints

Swami Sampoorna and Swami Gorakhnath. You have to explore these people. The amount of wisdom, knowledge and skills they possess is truly extra terrestrial. Heights of spirituality and divinity. Pure men who live for a mission and have surrendered themselves for the mission.

11. Drove a car during peak traffic

Oh God..! I had a huge fear for driving cars, especially during peak hours. In a country like India when you have vehicles coming from left, right and center, it adds oil to the fire..! Whoops..! Its scary at times. My fire-walking experience actually came handy in this place and I drove alone for the second time (first one was during the day when I went to take my driver’s license). So this can be called as the real first time..he he he..You might think what’s the big deal? It was really big for me. Different people…different feelings…different things…That’s the spice of life…Am I rite mate?

12. Started investing time on social media.

I created a linkedin account and twitter account in 2012. Even though I had a facebook account couple of years back, I was not actively involved in it. This year I connected with more people, spoke to more people and got more happiness out of that. That’s when

I realized you need to keep doing new things to learn new things. Otherwise life will be a static documentary.

13. Invested in real estate

I took my baby steps in real estate. Bought a couple of plots and sold it for a decent profit. This is an all time favorite for investors. It may take some time to fetch the results, but land will always be your savior. I will give you more tips on real estate investment in the coming days.

14. Did a whole body check up

2 years from now I will be touching 30. I realized its high time that I did a whole body check up. By God’s grace I’m in good health. The feeling of being in good health will give you a lot of confidence to move forward in your life. I have decided to make this a practice once in an year going forward.

15. Became a Go Giver

I was given this book titled “Go Giver” by my friend Jenny, who was my school mate. Jenny and Jerry are a truly world class couple who taught me to be a go giver. It is a must read. Go Giver’s are those people who give value to others without expecting anything in return.

16. Dragon Chicken was delicious

For the first time in my life I tried out a new dish called Dragon Chicken. This was in early 2012 before I took to vegetarianism. Every now and then I try out new dishes. As I said earlier you will get to know new things only if you are willing to try out new stuff.

17. Asha is now my new companion

Asha is neither my second wife nor my new girl friend.

My marriage with Sareena is still alive and kicking…I love you a lot Sareena..!

Its my wife (Sareena) who bought me a new mobile phone – Nokia Asha..What a lovely strange name? Strongly Indian, I guess.

18. Started investing in brands.

Personally I am not a brand person. Lately I started seeing the worth in going for a branded product. The value you get is worth the money you invest. That was a big lesson for me.

19. Catamaran ride was a mind blowing experience

You should try this one. Sailing on sea, that too one two pieces of wood is an exciting and thrilling experience. I had prayed to more Gods than men knew, when I reached the middle of the sea.

Man, it was mind blowing and heart breaking..!

20. Slept in a training room

This may be routine stuff for some of you. You would have slept in a classroom while sitting on your chairs.

However my experience was totally different to that of yours. I slept in the training room with the permission of my trainer. I was lying down and snoring on the top of my voice when my trainer took the session for rest of the participants. Thank you Ashok. I love you so much..! Ashok taught me to love unconditionally.

21. Did not use a mirror for 5 continuous days

This happened by default and not by a plan.

This happened when I was in an ashram to attend a 5 days training program. There was no mirror in the room that we (myself and my friend, Sajith) were allotted. And we never bothered to search for one. At that moment we realized that we can live without certain things if we decide not to bother about it. A big lesson for us. This situation might be one that is out of question for my female readers (You might be an exception and please excuse me) and some of my male friends as well..

22. Tried my luck in a strange competition

This was a game where the person who drinks maximum amount of water in a given time frame will be declared as the winner…You need to drink water from a using a straw and without using your hands..That was the icing on the cake.

Somehow or the other I managed to drink 3 glasses of water in 30 seconds and I was the winner of the game. I will be trying similar games in the coming days..Will definitely share my experience with you..

23. Java, PHP, Android, iPhone….I am falling in love with them

Technology was not my cup of tea until my 27th birthday. But something else was written for me when I turned 28. My job as a learning and development manager with an IT company had created a scenario for me to have a basic understanding of various web and mobile technologies. Now I have realized the potential of technology and I am slowly falling in love with her…

24. Traveled in a Volvo

For the first time in my life I had experienced the comfort and luxury of a Volvo, in August 2012.

It was cozy, cool and comfortable. I enjoyed the journey and would definitely recommend it, if not for the ever rising fuel price in India.

25. Head massage is truly relieving

I have heard about the comfort that a head massage can give you.

Experiencing it was totally different. It exceeded my expectations. To be honest I was dazzled and delighted by the service of the masseur. He was a thorough professional.

The kind of relief you get after a head massage can be connected to a refreshing bath. The feeling is so relieving, my friend..

26. Vent out emotions

I was of the impression that people will see you as an immature man if you went your emotions out.

I realized that it was a wrong concept.

So I got angry, laughed, cried, shouted…and released my emotions. I felt so relieved after venting out my emotions..Please remember not to overdo it.

27. Took decisions without much consultation

Earlier I used to consult a lot of people before taking important decisions in my life. From my experience I have learned that it leads to chaos and confusion rather than helping me arrive at a decision.

From last year one of the new things I did was to take decisions on my own, with very few consultations.

28. Took Action

This is my personal favorite and you might have seen this pattern in some of my previous posts as well.

As I told you in the beginning of this post, I was one among those lazy idiots who just talk and never took any actions. From 2012 I have started taking actions which I have shared with you and I urge you to try some new things in the coming year..

Hmmm…I was wrong..!

Why wait for another 10 days…You can start doing new things from today, sorry from now..!

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