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Neil Patel – The Next Mark Zuckerberg!!!

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I think Neil Patel is going to be the next Mark Zuckerberg, because he has already built 3 companies, which are all million dollar companies.


What makes it more interesting is the fact that Neil is just 28..


Well, it is an honor and a great privilege for us to share this insightful interview with Neil Patel, which was done by Mohammed Rafi.


1.) The best autobiography you have ever written, in less than 100 words, please.


Neil Patel is the co-founder of 2 Internet companies: Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics. Through his entrepreneurial career he has helped large corporations such as Amazon, AOL, GM, HP and Viacom make more money from the web. By the age of 21 not only was he named one of the top influencers on the web according to the Wall Street Journal, but he was also named one of the top entrepreneurs in the nation by Entrepreneur Magazine. He has also been recognized as a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 30 by President Obama.





2.) According to you, why should someone read your interview?


I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my business career. And although some look it as a bad thing, those mistakes can actually teach others what to avoid and hopefully increase their odds of succeeding.


3.) Can you please share us your 24 hour routine for our readers to understand how you balance your life with such great responsibilities on your shoulders?


My daily routine can be found here:


4.) What is the reason that you are building all these companies, because when you leave this world you are not going to take anything from here?


I love solving problems. Although I am not rich, I have enough money… so now I work because I really love it. By solving problems that I am passionate about, hopefully I can make the world a better place.


5.) They say that failure is the stepping stone to success. However we see many people not able to come out of their failure and what can you share from your life experience?


The best way to come out of a failure is to learn from it and not make that same mistake that resulted in the failure again. The way I look at it is, you need to keep pushing forward, even when things aren’t working out.


For me, failure only happens when you stop pushing forward. So learn from your mistakes, and keep moving forward.


6.) In India, most middle class parents don’t allow their children to work until they complete their graduation. Having started your internet marketing consultancy while you were at school, what will be your million dollar feedback to the parents and our young hearts, on this?


Kids can do both. I went to school and ran a business. If your kids want something bad enough, there is always a middle ground that will keep them happy as well as you.


7.) What are the 5 elements that you need to build a company from scratch if you are stuck with lack of capital?


1.    Solve a problem – you cannot create a good company without solving a problem that many people are facing.

2.    Be scrappy – there are always ways to cut corners and save money. It may not be ideal, but you have to do what you have to do.

3.    Hustle – do whatever it takes to succeed and never stop.

4.    Find a business partner – when you don’t have money, it’s great to have a business partner. Someone who can help you, that doesn’t require a salary. This way you can get more work done when you don’t have money to hire others.

5.    Focus – there is barely enough time in the day to run one business and solve 1 problem. So focus your time and energy on that 1 thing and nothing else.


8.) 3 secrets that you have not revealed to the world so far?


I don’t really think there are any great secrets. I actually reveal everything…


1.    Work hard – no one gets rich overnight… it takes a lot of hard work.

2.    Time is money – move fast because if you don’t, someone else will beat you to the punch.

3.    Perfection is overrated – nothing will be perfect, so don’t strive for it. Strive for something else, such as creating a simple product with a great user experience.


9.) How can you help our readers to progress in their life?


Always be better than the previous day. Make small steps in your life so that you can improve day after day. After a year, those small steps will add up to a huge progress.


10.) With the advent of social media, is blogging losing on its popularity and your views on the future of blogging?


Blogging isn’t losing it’s popularity, its actually growing. Companies like WordPress and Tumblr are larger than they ever have been.


11.) What sort of traffic do you need for a blog to start earning from it and what are the most productive means of monetization with the current trends?


It really varies. For some blogs it is 5000 visitors a month, while for others it maybe 500,000 visitors. It all depends on your audience and your target market.


12.) What are the 5 most important things for you in your life?


1.    Be happy

2.    Be healthy

3.    Love your family

4.    Love your friends

5.    Experience new things


13.) What prompted you to respond to my e-mail, from the thousand’s of e-mail’s that you receive on a daily basis?


I think it is rude not to respond to emails. If someone takes the time to email you, assuming it isn’t spam, you should at least respond back.


14.) I have heard people saying that if you want to make money then you should be an entrepreneur, what do you think about this?


There are many ways to make money and being an entrepreneur isn’t the only one. Most entrepreneurs lose money and fail. You can probably make more money being a lawyer or a hedge fund manager.


You should do what you love and not what makes you money.


15.) You are living in a country like US where there are millions of opportunities..Hypothetically what would be your solutions to eradicate poverty and inequality from the world and what will be your message to the people in countries like Somalia?


I wish I knew even a hypothetical answer, but sadly I don’t. If I knew of a potential solution I would actually go out there and try to do it.


For now, I just donate money as I hope it can help to solve poverty… even if that money doesn’t go far, trying to solve something is better than doing nothing.


16.) Which are the 3 countries you will watch out for, other than US in the next 10 years and why?


For me, there are mainly 2… India and China. They have such a high population, that it is a big opportunity for businesses to enter those 2 markets.



17.) Which 3 industries according to you will boom in the next 5 years and why?


Big data – companies have a ton of data and are trying to figure out how to get actionable insights from it.

Television market – I think someone is going to reinvent the TV and make it a much better user experience over the next 5 years.

Space exploration – it will become more cost effective for private citizens to go into space.


18.) Who is that one person whom you dream to shake hands with and why?


Elon Musk. He is one entrepreneur that doesn’t care what people think and he does whatever it takes to solve world problems. It’s rare that someone could have created 3 billion dollar companies (paypal, spacex, tesla)


19.) Your ultimate dream in life?


Solve a problem that makes everyone’s life in this world easier. I don’t know what the problem is yet, but once I do, I will let you know :)


20.) Resisting the temptation to fool your heart, what’s the feeling that’s going through your mind, rite now, after answering all the 19 questions that I have posed at you?


That you are a passionate guy. You care more about life than money and you like helping out other people.


21) Here’s my last one and a little different one from all your previous interviews – If you were to do a reverse interview, what will be the one question that you would want to ask me?


Why did you want to interview me?


Because of 3 main reasons:


1. I wanted to see how you have achieved so much thereby helping my readers to great insights from a successful entrepreneur.

2. As every blogger I thought that getting an interview from you will boost my traffic and it will bring credibility to my blog.

3. I love connecting with successful and interesting people like you.


We once again thank Neil Patel for taking his valuable time to give such an insightful experience for you.


About the Author:

Rafi – who has written posts on | Inspiring Citizen.

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Hi Neil & Rafi,

What an amazing and inspiring interview!

Neil, thanks very much for sharing your experiences with everyone. In particular, I really appreciate your passion and what you said about doing your work because you love it and not for the money. This is what it is all about.

Thank you.
Hite recently posted…How to Motivate YourselfMy Profile


Hey Zion Bro,

That struck my mind within the spur of a moment and I didn’t think twice..! And as you said, the headline attracted many people towards the post..!

It was a great moment for me when I received the “YES” from Neil..!


Dear Nishanth,

Yes, Neil is definitely a true inspiration for the entire bloggers community, especially the Indian bloggers..!

Indians like you, Rahul Kuntala, Harsh Aggarwal have got the talent and potential..Only thing is we operate from India and Neil operates from US..

For me, that makes a huge difference..What do you think?


Dear Mukesh,

Thank you so much for your whole hearted comments and feedback..!



Hey Rafi,

At last the interview is here, I felt so sad when your blog went down past few days. Thanks you solved the issue soon, I thought you were concentrating on your new blog with Rahul Kuntala.

Did you read the three countries to watch out in the next 10 years Neil said its India and China.

Got to know about this guy Elon Musk. I know Peter Thiel as a founder of Paypal not Elon Musk.

Gist of this interview is to solve a problem and I completely agree and I am into it.

I liked the last question so much. why did you want to interview me? and your answer is also superb.

Next hoping to see Mark Zukerbergs interview… :)
Vijesh recently posted…21 confessions to make before you write a great articleMy Profile


Hey Vijesh,

My primary focus is always on inspiring citizen as this my first and most favorite baby :) , to be honest..Yes, it was a virus attack and we could fix it in 2 days…!

Yes, I read that point India and China..However I feel Africa is going to be the next destination for many people because of the immense natural resources which is available there..

I also came to know about Elon Musk only after this interview, Vijesh..! You will survive only when you solve a problem…! I always try to make the questions a little different from the general ones and I am pleased to know that you loved the last question and my answers..

Mark Zuckerberg, Barack Obama, Dalai Lama, Hussain Bolt, APJ Abdul Kalaam…..The list goes on and on and on…! Lets see, Vijesh..!

Inspiring Citizen Rafi

Dear Hiten,

I too believe that when you do the work you love money will follow and you just need to be a little smart to market yourself, which I feel, Neil has taken a master degree in that..

Inspiring Citizen Rafi recently posted…Neil Patel – The Next Mark Zuckerberg!!!My Profile


Hello Carl,

You said it, my friend..! When people talk about their mistakes and how they overcame it then its a big learning, which you are getting free of cost..

Thank you for your thoughts, Carl..!




What’s so captivating about Neil is the fact that he makes complex things look so simple, as you rightly said.

Thank you so much for sharing your feelings with us..Wish you all the very best for your beautiful life..!

Jignesh Rathod (TechForWorld)

Thank you Mohammed Rafi for writing this awesome post.
I am a BIG fan of Neil Patel and never miss any of his articles. I have noticed whoever sees his Quick Sprout just once, he/she surely becomes Neil’s fan and his regular reader!

I think Neil Patel will become something more than Mark! He is just a brilliant. Thanks a lot once again, Rafi and to Neil also. Keep writing. And welcome me as your new regular fan! :)
Jignesh Rathod (TechForWorld) recently posted…28 Awesome Ways to Save Your Time For More SuccessMy Profile


Jignesh, I think this is the first of the many brilliant comments that you have made on inspiring citizen. Thank you so much for showing me that you are a new regular fan..I am becoming your fan too, because of your honesty and simplicity, Jignesh..!

I also think Neil will definitely outsmart many top businessmen in this world and I am looking for at-least one comment from Neil on my blog which will be a brilliant jewel in the crown..I hope one day he will give a comment on my blog, too..!

I came to techforworld and I liked the design and simplicity of the blog…Couldn’t get the gist of the content since tech stuff is like Greek and Latin for me ;) ..

We will meet soon, brother..!


Jignesh Rathod (TechForWorld)

And one of the most brilliant interviews I ever read on web. We could see other great sides of Neil.. he is so awesome, great thoughts.



I am so honored to see that great perspective from you..Whenever I do an interview I do a lot of research on the interviews which is already done and do my best to make the questions as interesting as possible..And most of the times I get a stupendous response from people like Neil..!

Surabhi @ Womanatics


This was an insight really. I really like how Neil writes and how he helps others in growing up. I admire him for this and for his blogging abilities as well and never miss a post from him :)

You are right.. infact Neil would be a step ahead of Mark!
Surabhi @ Womanatics recently posted…True Story: Always listen to your instinctsMy Profile



You too are doing a genuine job, with womanatics..Yes, you are right in saying that Neil helps others growing up..

Wow, we are on the same lines, Surabhi..I too don’t miss a post from Neil since the time I stumbled upon his blog..

Thank you once again for visiting inspiring citizen and your comments means a lot to me..!



Thanks for sharing this interview Rafi. I’ve seen Neil’s interviews on other blogs but you really ask him some practical questions which reveals helpful strategies we can all us in our lives.

I’ve always found Neil to be accessible, open, honest and helpful on the web. This interview is another example of that. Neils’ 3 secrets to success are practical and real – hard work, quickly getting it done and doing it without expectations of perfection.

THanks for reaching out to Neil and sharing this interview with all of us.



Thank you so much for sharing your deep insights on Neil’s interview…I personally feel that interviews should be helpful to the readers and if not there is no point in doing an interview..!

Yes,Neil is open, helpful and definitely accessible..Only fact which I am concerned about Neil is the possibility he might have for a sleep disorder..And I think he is wise enough take a look at this..

It is always a pleasure to see you, Vishnu :) !!

Jignesh Rathod (TechForWorld)

Yes your hard work is clearly visible- just seeing the questions.
I have shared this interview with Neil himself (on his last post and also emailed him!), hoping he comes here and comments.

And so glad, Rafi to see your replies. Don’t ever stop replying to comments!
Jignesh Rathod (TechForWorld) recently posted…28 Awesome Ways to Save Your Time For More SuccessMy Profile


Dear Jignesh…Thank you so much for your kind gesture and you can be rest assured that I will reply to each and every comment till the time I am in the world of blogging..This is another lesson which I learned and got clarification from Neil in the first month of my blogging career itself..

I feel that Neil should have come here..May be due to time constrain he may not have commented here..! Let’s hope for him to come here and comment…However the 21 answers which he gave was by itself a great inspiration for all of us..!

Jignesh..I am in the warehouse for another article..Will give my best shot to post it today itself, so that you can read it over the weekend..



Yes, we can definitely learn a lot from Neil Patel. More importantly, all his advises and easy to apply, result oriented and down to earth.
Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments :)


Hi Neil,

I’m greatly inspired by your words.
specially this line.
Time is money – move fast because if you don’t, someone else will beat you to the punch.



Yes, Neil is absolutely right. We should also look at the rear view mirror when you run faster. Its all about leading a well balanced life. And money is one of the most important elements in it.


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blogging and site-building viewers, due to it’s fastidious posts recently posted…farmrich.comMy Profile

Suresh Natrajan

Hi Rafi,

Yes, i have read almost all his post and the way he work, he has evolved discipline in his life and he knows his destination and way so he is working hard on that.You have asked pretty good question to him and which revealed so much information and ideas too for work.I don’t know whether he will be mark zuckerberg but what i think is that he is better than him.Because his work style is different and helps other too.That is a big difference between them which makes neil better.


Ishan Patel

I am happy that he is also Patel. Anyways see his face or see any photo of him on his fb profile, always showing teeth. But he is a great man. His website are all awesome, just I dont have my pocket full to enroll his course. :)
Ishan Patel recently posted…How to Start Blog From Scratch? | Complete IntroductionMy Profile

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