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A Mani Karthik SPICY Interview – Journey Through Arabian Sea, From Cochin to Silicon Valley And 3 Blogs Worth Millions

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So much to learn and so little time for you AND  that’s why wisdom from Mani Karthik, through this spicy little interview by Inspiring Citizen Rafi.


Still not convinced..!



Agreed,  Mani Karthik is a happy man,  rich man and a healthy man..  He is from God’s own country and has created a name for himself among the IT geeks in Silicon Valley through his knowledge about digital marketing and SEO..


Do you want more??


Riteo, he has built 3 blogs – dailyseoblog, dailybloggr and  from the scratch and today these sites are worth millions..


After reading my interviews with Rahul Kuntala (who is earning more than his dad) and Ammar Ali (who built a blog worth $1,16,665 in 12 months) many of friends have asked me how did I reach them and they wanted me to tell you the secret..


So here I present one of those  secrets, just for you :) ..!


I specially thank my friend Joby Raj for introducing Mani Karthik through linkedin.


Thank you so much Joby:)..! You are such a lovely man..


Finding out the first link is the most challenging task and they say that you can reach to any person in this world if you connect with the 5 correct persons and the 6th one will be your prey :) ..!


You would have to pay thousands of rupees for this wisdom and I am sharing it for you absolutely free of cost, because your prosperity is my vision.


When you grow, you will automatically refer me to your friends and I can take my share from that in the future..


Isn’t that a fair deal?


I also want to tel you that 2 big fishes have agreed for an interview and you will see them in action through inspiring citizen, in the coming days..


Curious, if you can’t resist your temptation then please comment on this post and if it touches 75 comments then I will reveal 1 of those names in my 76th comment.


Fair enough, the advertisement is over and let’s together watch the action thriller from Mani Karthik :) ….


1.) What motivates you in your life?


Let me try and resist the temptation to lie.


Many things.


Money when you need it, life when you’ve made it.


2. A snap shot about Mani Karthik’s life so far..


Nothing significant enough to be looking back and to be proud of.


But been a great learning experience having met and worked with amazingly talented people.


3. How did you get into the world of SEO, blogging and digital marketing?


Curiosity : ) ….!


I got into web designing back in school days when I read about the “internet” through a regular column in The Hindu called “Netspeak”.


Then Geocities, Chip Magazines etc played a huge role in getting me hooked.


Like web-design, SEO too was more like a learning process for myself. It started off from forums and discussion boards, trying to get ranks for my own projects.


Later on I started to do experiments and document them on my blog (then blogspot). When people started commenting and joining in the discussion, it started to grow as a blog.


4. How do you maintain work-life balance and how much time you keep aside for your family?


Interesting question. :)


Work-life balance is important. I try and work at flexible timings, making myself available whenever folks are around.


I work from home mostly and with many collaboration and work-shifting tools available today, I think it’s a juggling game you got to play.


5. What’s your feedback to the youth of India who are going to start their career or are already in the beginning stages of their career?


Follow your dreams.


Sounds cliché but it works if you really know what you want and what you can.


Try to fail faster by trying as many times as possible. Don’t try to impress others but try to do things that gives you a good night’s sleep and wakes you up with ideas.


Perseverance pays off in the long run.


6. What is your vision in life?


Have fun, do things that you love, learn something new every day and just have a good time.


7. What’s your thought about blogging as a career for youth from developing nations like India?


Blogging is a great platform.


here are people who do it for fun and money. As for a career, I would be lying if I said it is safe.


There are risks involved, plan it well, learn the inside outs and if you can learn quick how to take them head on, you’ll be all set in a couple of years.


8. Is SEO going to be relevant in the next 2-3 years from now and why?


You bet. As long as the internet and search technology remains, SEO will exist.


However I’d like to clarify that SEO as we know it is only a small part of the equation, and its definition is not the typical 1-10 list of things.


It is important to understand that search technology itself is dynamic and evolving and SEO has to grow with it. Today, people can find information on the internet via voice commands on their smartphones. We got to optimize content for voice searches.


We wouldn’t have understood it five years back. Similarly, as we grow with better technologies, data has to be optimized accordingly.


9. How can you productively invest your time in social media?


The best way to make use of social media is to understand if you really want to join in or not. Sometimes, the best way is to keep out of it, sometimes you got to dive in.


I spent a lot of time reading and learning on the web, more than anything. Social media thereby is a part of it, obviously the time I spent there is my investment.


10. Who are your biggest inspirations in life and tell us more about them?


There have been several people who inspired me, even at times when I hadn’t realized it.


Many a times, you miss acknowledging them. There cannot be a list of people, however my Dad is probably the biggest inspiration in life.


11. If you get the opportunity to become Karan Thapar for one day, who would you want on the other side of the table and why?


I would want Karan Thapar himself. Give him a taste of how it feels like being grilled.:)


12. One of India’s most popular blogger, Rahul Kuntala said “money isn’t everything, but everything needs money”. How do you see money?


I can lie that money isn’t everything. Money is important.


But I can guarantee you that it won’t satisfy you ever, if you start a career aiming it. It is only a means to get things done. I see money as a good enough item to exchange for things that are of value to you.


13. You are a techie and how much importance do you give for self development blogs and articles?


They’re good to spark you up. Don’t mistake them for rules though.


14. Can you suggest 3 best blogs to aim, for someone who is just starting their blogging career?


Problogger, Copyblogger, Labnol.


15. Your fans are looking forward for 5 things you love the most and hate the most in life?


Love: Music, Internet, Movies, Art, Photography.


Hate: Lazyness, Lethargy, Intertia, Lies and Faking it.


16. Tell us more about the blogs you own, methods you use for generating income from them and how much do you earn on an average per month?


I’m not the blogging for money type.


Blogging was more of a knowledge sharing platform for me and if at all any money came, it was a by-product.


I work for a major company in the US and invest time more in learning and networking with like minded individuals than online properties.


17. Your thoughts on outsourcing SEO and website design, if a newbie blogger is not technically sound?


Outsourcing is good. It’s a good opportunity for talented folks to perform and work on bigger platforms.


There are people who make use of it, and people who do it for money.


18. What are the services you offer, for a price in return?


Search Marketing Consultation.


19.Your thoughts on Indian culture and Western culture, the good, the bad and the ugly.


I live in a world, that is flat with lines blurring. Judging anything by geography or race is beyond me.


The good thing is that we have so much information today that people are more than ever knowledgeable and understanding about other cultures.


I hope it improves from there.


20. Here goes the final one – What would you want to tell the world at this juncture?


Do what you love to do, have fun. Enjoy your time. Be respectful of others, know your limits, be helpful to someone. Smile a lot to strangers.


Thanks for the opportunity Mohammed, hope it is helpful to you.


And don’t you want to know who those big fishes are? Hope you remember what I have told you in the first part of this article:).



Do you think  Mani Karthik has spoken his heart through this interview..!

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Hi Rafi

You are sharing true gems from the blogosphere.

I was not aware of Mani, but now through your interview we have been introduced to one more achiever, I will visit his blog to know more about his work.

Thanks Rafi for sharing.

Sapna recently posted…This Naive Blogger is a Beggar by all means(An infographics)My Profile

Inspiring Citizen Rafi

Hello Sapna,

Thank you once again for coming to inspiring citizen, learning about Mani and giving your valuable thoughts…

You too are a real inspiration because you are managing so many things even being a mother and a nice wife..I wish to meet you one day and learn from you about your model of functioning, with your permission..
Inspiring Citizen Rafi recently posted…A Mani Karthik SPICY Interview – Journey Through Arabian Sea, From Cochin to Silicon Valley And 3 Blogs Worth MillionsMy Profile

Harleena Singh

I agree with Sapna there :)

I for one have come across some wonderful people from our very own country, whom I didn’t know otherwise, so we need to thank you Rafi for bringing them right here on your blog and introducing us to these inspiring bloggers.

Honestly speaking, I hadn’t heard about Mani earlier than now, though it’s never ever late to reach out and connect with fellow bloggers and say “Hello!” – isn’t it? Just like you were introduced to him through Joby, we are introduced to Mani through you – so that’s what the Blogosphere is so wonderful about.

I agree about what Mani said about work-balance and being flexible, something that most Bloggers and writer’s need to understand – to keep aside for their families – no matter what your work. I guess it’s easier said than done and something that I struggle with at times too. However, if you want things to really work in all spheres, balance IS important.

Nice to know that your dad inspires you Mani, again something few would mention. I guess we get inspired with anything and everything around us – if we just look at them a little more closely – isn’t it?

Yes, money is important – but it’s isn’t the start and end of things. Earning enough for your needs and a little saving is what I believe in, though it’s good if you can manage more. But everything does come for a price and I wouldn’t like to sacrifice something that’s of priority for money. :)

Your final words were well said too – be respectful and do what you love, and yes – don’t forget to smile – it really costs nothing.

Thanks Rafi for introducing another wonderful person. :)
Harleena Singh recently posted…How to Express Love to Your Loved OneMy Profile

Inspiring Citizen Rafi

Hi Harleena,

Thank you so much for your honest comment which covered the nook and corner of the interview.

Which ever blog I go I can see a comment of yours which is probably more than the size of the article itself. You are already managing 3 blogs and also have got a family to run. As I told you earlier, I seriously would love to meet you one day and learn the art of giving so much value to others without compromising your happiness as well.

I accept your feedback with my whole heart and will be sharing more people who are really doing a great job, but unknown to many..

Inspiring Citizen Rafi recently posted…Real Inspirational Story Of A Courageous Village Boy Who Battled To Reach The Top Of The World – Series 1My Profile

Inspiring Citizen Rafi

Hello Nirmal,

Your blog looks good..Thank you for reading Mani’s interview..

Yes, he has said that he doesn’t blog for money..But he is a smart man and I guess, he has made good money as well.

A humble request to you – It would be great if you switch to WP if you are going to be active in blogging.

Inspiring Citizen Rafi recently posted…Amazing Life Insights For You Through A SMART Interview With Hendrik Edberg Of Positivity Blog My Profile

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