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A Unique Interview With The 22 Year Indian Copyblogger, Rahul Kuntala, Who Is Earning More Than His Dad

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If you are hearing this name (Rahul Kuntala) for the first time, then you may be thinking who the hell is he and why are we giving so much importance for him.


Indian Copyblogger
Indian Copyblogger


People who know Rahul Kuntala are dying to hear more from him because he has built learnblogtips from the scratch and currently it has an Alexa rank of 4000 in India and a global alexa rank of 28,640.


More importantly he is making a living out of his blog and his income is more than that of his dad’s salary.


You can hear it from the man himself.

1. Tell us about your family and your childhood?


For those, who don’t know me, my name is Rahul Kuntala, a blogger, online entrepreneur and computer science graduate.


My family? My dad Mr. Manohar Kuntala works as a govt. employ and my mom Mrs. Saroja Kuntala is a housewife, and I’ve an elder brother and sister who are married.


My childhood: I always used to be a big nuisance for my parents from my childhood ;) I always dreamed of living a colorful life.


Colorful life has always been earning more money for me, now the priorities are changing slightly.


I was (I’m still) a funny guy who is sensible, determined and unpredictable.


2. What are the challenges you had to face in your life and how did you overcome it?


Whenever I had to face any problem, my parents were always there for me to support.


They are extremely good when it comes to helping me whenever I’m in ANY sort of problem.


I’m REALLY lucky to have them. My father has taught many great lessons in my life, he has always been friendly to me, who always respected my feelings and hobbies.


Thanks a million dad, you’ll always be my favorite hero.


3. Why did you choose blogging as a career?


When I was in my 1st year of Engineering, I had only one dream, to become a software engineer in corporate companies like Wipro, TCS, Infosys etc.


Later I realized that working under someone else will not be the right choice for someone like me who is looking to live a rich life.


Slowly I changed my priorities and I decided to start researching about online entrepreneurship, blogging and website monetization techniques.


I have done a lot of research on blogging and Internet marketing before creating my first professional blog “Learn Blog Tips”.


I didn’t have even a single connection when I first started blogging, slowly LBT started gaining more loyal readers, fans, online reputation and income.


My income now is more than my father who is about to retire!


I bought my first bike (Yamaha FZ S), laptop (HP Envy ultrabook), Handy cam etc. with online income, all these happened just in 1 year, where else can you get all these done in such a short span??


I can proudly say “I’m a blogger”, it’s not only giving me decent income, but also giving more and more online reputation.


My ONLY wish now is to take LBT to the next level, not everyone knows much about Indian bloggers, I want to be in the top list.


4. What is the future of blogging, especially in India and other developing countries?


You’ll see many youngsters taking their profession as blogging in next few years, because there are lots of ‘unique’ perks you’ll get as a blogger. You’re time independent, location independent and money independent.


There’s a lot of money revolving around the blogosphere (blogging world), so you don’t need to worry about making money.


Social media plays a vital role and the connections around your network will also make a huge difference in your blogging success. If someone who is not at all interested in engaging with others can’t survive in blogging.


“Create a blog that matters, know your business model, focus on a single niche”; these will certainly make you become a top blogger in your network.


5. What are your major sources of income through blogging as I don’t see any advertisements on your site?


My blogging business model doesn’t depend on Ads or banners.


My major income sources are writing services, domain and website flipping.


I’m REALLY good at flipping the websites for huge bucks, I normally do this anonymously. I’m entering into affiliate marketing very soon as I don’t want to touch it now without learning the stuff from the pro’s.


6. How much time does it take to make money from blogging and what is a realistic figure one can aim to achieve if you are passionate and ready to invest 2-4 hours per day?


You can start making money right away from your blogs if you have few skills (if you’re a writer, you can start making money within few weeks, all you need is to have is connections with other bloggers).




If you want to make potential income from online sources, you must be willing to put ‘consistent efforts’ on your blogs.


If you have online reputation, it takes anything around 1 to 2 years to make decent income, or if you don’t have any reputation or connections before, it will take 1 or 2 more years (remember that, I’m talking about decent income, not pennies).


As you said, if you’re passionate and ready to invest 2-4 hours/day, the chances of making money from blogging will be MORE.


7. How advisable is blogging to someone who does not have sound technical knowledge about SEO or web site development and is it advisable to outsource these tasks?


There’s nothing to do with the technology as far as I know, you actually don’t even need to focus on SEO related things.


You first need readers, the more loyal readers you have the better it is.


I have never outsourced anything on my blogs, but if you want to run a team blog or something like that, then you can invest money on few things (design, SEO, article marketing, link building etc.).


If you’re solopreneur, learn yourself and invest your ‘time’ on learning how the online marketing works.


8. What are your three different success mantras and how much time do you invest in blogging, on a daily basis?


  • Passion
  • Consistency (in your work)
  • Engagement (with other bloggers)


When you have these, you’re successful.


I used to spend A LOT of time (4 to 6 hours a day) on blogging when I started back in 2012.


Now, I’m focusing more on “working less and producing more results”. I always love to get the things done in less time.


9. Who are your role models in blogging and what have you learned from them? 


Yaro Starak..!


He is the guy if you want to learn about Internet marketing, Yaro knows how to make more money from online businesses without selling soul.


I have never seen such a ‘smart online entrepreneur’ before.


And what have I learned? Smart blogging – successful blogging is not making millions, it’s about building raving fans and growing your community.


10. As a professional blogger what would be your advice to some getting into full time blogging as well as a relationship like love? 


Haha, loved the question! Ask 100 bloggers, 99 will say stay out of ‘full-time blogging’. Here are their reasons for saying ‘no’ for full-time blogging.


  • Online itself is the biggest distraction (you’ll not be able to put 100% focus when you’re working online, because there’ll be no supervision on you).
  • You won’t make even a penny when you’re a newbie (moreover, you have to invest money on design, article writing, email marketing services like AWeber, Hosting etc)
  • Convincing your parents will be the toughest part (I’m lucky here, my parents never said NO)
  • You need to learn and master few skills like writing, networking, and marketing


I’ll suggest anyone to consider full-time blogging if they’re REALLY serious about blogging.


“Blogging is an online business, not fun”.


Most new bloggers blog for fun, there’s nothing wrong in that though, but when you consider it as a business, you’ll have more chances of making some big bucks.


Those who put 100% efforts in blogging will always succeed no matter how worse the situations are.


About love and full-time blogging?


They’re two sides of a coin. My quote on this is: “duty first, beauty next”


Who will love/marry you if you depend on your parent’s income? Give top priority to settling in your career first, think about the other things later.


11. You have said lifehacker is one of your favorite websites and what is your opinion about websites like positivityblog, inspiringcitizen and stevepavlina?


Personally, I always love to read and follow ‘personality development’ stuff, be it online or offline.


These days, I’m getting very little time to read books or other blogs.


Positivityblog and Steve Pavlina are always on my favorite ‘reading list’, I was admired to see your work when I recently stumbled upon “inspiring citizen”.


You REALLY have great information and I wish you all the best for your blogging success.


12. What’s your vision and where do you see yourself in the next five years from now?


I REALLY don’t care about future goals.


I only focus on next 2 to 3 months goals.


My next goal is to land on with my guest posts (currently I’m working on a BIG project with few top bloggers, hopefully we’ll launch it by the end of this year, no more questions about the project please ).


13. Other than blogging what are the other best and reliable sources of online income?


Blogging is just a medium to make online income, it’s not the ROOT.


You must know how to market yourself and sell something to make decent money.


If you know ‘how to sell’, you’re on your way to make plenty of money from online businesses. I repeat, learn to sell. 


14. What is the message that you would want to pass on to all the parents across the globe?


I’ll get back to you on this.


15. What’s your realistic view about the future of India?


Nothing changes, except the ‘crime rate’.


16. Do you believe in politics and what is your 10-step action plan to make India a developed nation?


Huh, this is a weird question that I don’t want to answer.


But I believe, you can’t change the ‘system’.


You have to change yourself first.


17. What have you learned from the western culture and what are those things that you dislike about western culture?


They know how to ‘live’ and lead a great life.


There are so many people out there who help each other in their fields to succeed that you usually don’t notice here.


I don’t like their dressing styles, Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Srilanka have the BEST dressing styles and I love them.


18. Do you believe in God and please explain why??


I don’t. May be, the books that I referred have created a great impact on me.


19. What do you do to overcome negativity?


I prefer going for a walk when I’m off. I usually use self-talk to get over negativity.


I think self-talk works REALLY better to overcome it.


20. My second last question is – Describe yourself in one word?




21. What’s your message to the world and youth of India?


I think, I’m not mature enough to send messages to the world.


All I can say is to be remembered no matter what. Keep your thoughts rich, why aim for 20k/30k a month?


Aim high. I know money isn’t everything, but everything needs money.


Thank you all for listening to me. Have any questions? Here’s my FB profile, let’s connect there.


And if you liked this interview then please see how Ammar Ali built a blog worth us$1,16,665 in just 12 months


About the Author:

Rafi – who has written posts on | Inspiring Citizen.

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Ambika Choudhary Mahajan

Inspiring indeed..such success stories are far and few, but its always nice to see a focused young guy do so well. That too at an age when most of his peers would be wasting away their time of frivolous pursuits.
Way to go, Rahul..U’ll get even better!
Ambika Choudhary Mahajan recently posted…How to Avoid Work at Home Scams/ Online Scams?My Profile

Akash Nautityal

The Interview is awesome and also interesting.


Hi Bro,,Namaste Rahul Bhayya…(telugu,hindi)

So lengthy post But Felt really insterting While reading the post :)
I am Very Happy that You the most Well Known Personality in Online now a days and Your From Our City (Hyderabad). I Promise You Bro One day i wil Definately meet You..and this post is Amazing I Will Follow Your tips Rahul annaya (telugu language).
Srikanth recently posted…WRONG STEPS BY EVERY NEW BLOGGERMy Profile


awesome thoughts,,,,,,,,,great for beginners


Rahul is very talented guy, best thing is that he is very focused and knows what to write; in terms of visitors and blog owners. It’s truely inspiring story for all novice and pro bloggers.
Amit recently posted…How to Create Content that Your Readers Will Love?My Profile

Inspiring Citizen Rafi

Hello Amit,

The guest blogging king from India, Indian version of Onibalusi..

Yes, Rahul is truly talented, focused and all the more important he speaks his heart..

I read the recent article in your blog posted by Rahul and I have left a comment there as well..

Thank you for visiting inspiring citizen and we will work hard to keep you happy with more valuable content..

Could you please go through our site when you have time and kindly let us know the topics that you would expect more from us.

Best Regards,
Inspiring Citizen Rafi recently posted…A Unique Interview With The 22 Year Indian Copyblogger, Rahul Kuntala, Who Is Earning More Than His DadMy Profile

Harleena Singh

Well written interview Rafi!

It’s always nice to know and learn more about fellow bloggers like Rahul, who is indeed an inspiration to many of us. He’s surely achieved a great deal within a short time span, and that is truly commendable. :)

Wishing you all the very best in your future endeavors Rahul, and nice to be over at your blog too Rafi. :)
Harleena Singh recently posted…How Do You Cope With StressMy Profile

Inspiring Citizen Rafi

Hi Harleena,

You give immense importance for giving a personal touch, to each person whom you come across. I admire you for that. Rahul also comes from the same school of thought, I believe.

I have understood this from the comments that you have given on different blogs like everydaygyaan, hitenvyas, aha-now and others.

All your comments are of high quality and gives immense value to the reader..I am so happy that blogging has given me the opportunity to connect with wonderful people like you, Rahul and many others.

Thank you once again for your guidance and support in our journey. We look forward to meet you one day.

My wife Sareena is a great fan of yours. She says that you are a person of immense potential and creativity.

Inspiring Citizen Rafi recently posted…A Unique Interview With The 22 Year Indian Copyblogger, Rahul Kuntala, Who Is Earning More Than His DadMy Profile


Its quite inspiring, I know this boy right from the time when he started his blog although I am not too close to him but always enjoyed the pace of his success. Good Luck
Raj recently posted…Top & Best Android Phones Below Rs. 10000 / $200My Profile

Inspiring Citizen Rafi


Yes, Rahul growth has been lightning quick.

However, tremendous effort has gone behind the success and these real life examples should inspire our young generation to take action which brings fruitful results.

What do you say?

Inspiring Citizen Rafi

Dear Navneet..

I read the interview you had with Syed Faizan Ali and you have done a cool job because you have touched someone who is popular yet has got space to excel in the blogosphere.

Well done Navneet..Your choice was really good…Keep doing your good work with techravers and I am truly glad to see that you loved the questions that I had put across to Rahul and also the way Rahul responded to this..

We will talk soon..
Inspiring Citizen Rafi recently posted…A Unique Interview With The 22 Year Indian Copyblogger, Rahul Kuntala, Who Is Earning More Than His DadMy Profile


the second part of the title doesn’t gives a good feeling to me. you should consider changing it. it’s good he is earning more than his dad; everyone does these days; but i don’t get a positive feeling from the second part of the title. you should not forget the quality of time and life his dad had to go through in old days.


Hello Shreedhar,

We respect the views of all our readers and thank you very much for your kind feedback. However, Rahul liked the heading a lot and we fixed on it to inspire the youth of our nation who think that Govt jobs are the only means to make a living. Our objective is changing mindsets.


Hi Nishant,

You are the first person who took the initiative to interview Rahul and we are just your followers.

Keep continuing the awesome work you are doing and thank you very much for your valuable time in visiting our simple blog.


Hello Ehsan…

I am glad to know that you loved the interview and it was inspiring..

I feel Rahul might have found a way out to get into problogger and my gut says that you will soon see his post there..

Looking forward for your valuable comments in the coming days and you will be seeing Mani Karthik’s interview very soon in inspiringcitizen.


Dear Gautham,

Thank you for visiting our blog, reading the interview and giving your valuable feedback.

We look forward to hear more from you..




Creativelite is truly creative and stunning..You are doing an awesome job.

Thank you so much that you liked my website and also the interview…Is there any feedback to improve our work, from you??


It’s actually a nice and helpful piece of info. I am happy that you simply shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.


Thank you for your honest comments..!

Sahil garg

Hii Admin
Fantastic Interview with Good Question
and Taking Interview of Rising Bloggers is Very Nice n Superb Idea Love To read Those type of interview and get Motivated now..

keyur savaliya

I know rahul Kuntala,since he started blogging.His writing style is unique,coz he wrotes post in easy language so everyone can understand ,whta he want to say,he always wrotes for people’s need.

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