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How To Read People Using 11 Body Language Tips

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Having a deep understanding of body language tips will not only help you in reading other people, but also will help you mold your gestures to achieve success in your life.


Studies shows that we communicate more than 60% using our body language and if you want to see how to read people then you should closely observe the body language of people.



Your behavior is always deciphered by others, by the signals that you send from your body, which is commonly known as body language. Its your body language that will determine your success more than the words that you use.



And do you agree with me on the fact that your non-verbal communication displays significantly more informative data about how you feel and think, compared to the words you speak?


 Many of us are completely not aware of our individual gestures. As a result of this controlling our gestures becomes even more challenging. Most of our body gestures are reflexive in nature,  matching up to what your psyches are thinking at any given second. At times most of us demonstrate negative body language that may lead to our downfall.


“I see tendencies, I see body language”Michael Chang


To help you achieve success in all areas of your life you need to learn these 11 body language tips, which you should not use. You might have read about the positive body language and now its time for you to correct your negative body language.


With a smile on your face and an erect back, keep reading the 11 body language tips, which you should avoid in your life and you can use it to read other people as well.


1. Eyes pointing towards the ground or the sky


When you are in the company of one more people always look at people’s eyes. Just imagine how you would feel when you are talking to someone else and they are either looking downwards or upwards.


If you have the habit of not looking at people’s eyes, then it is considered that you either don’t have any interest in them or you have something to hide. This may or may not be rite, but you cannot totally eradicate the general assumption which people make, because you and me are part of a society.

2. The plastic smile


Plastics are harmful, irrespective of the type and form. So why give a plastic coated smile?


Fake grins just includes the mouth and lips. And any common man would be able to make out the difference. You may think that just giving a smile would make the other person happy, but you are mistaken my friend.


A fake smile would cause more damage than not smiling at all. This is at least from my personal experience. You may continue your fake smile if you want to be known as a fake man/woman who just tries to please others without any genuineness.


So the bottom line is -


“Bring A Smile From The Bottom Of  Your Heart And Not From The Bottom Of Your Brain” - Mohammed Rafi


3. Take off your resting hands from the back of your head  


You might have seen your dad or your boss doing this when you go to them with a request. People get into a superior mode when they display this sort of body language.


This will make the other person inferior and they will not be comfortable to communicate with you. Next time when you are talking to someone and if your hands are itching to be laid back at the back of your head, please take a conscious effort, not to be in that posture.


4. Why do you touch your mouth or scratch your head?


When you have the tendency to lie, you may generally bring your hands above your mouth, scratch your head or scratch your chin. People who portray these gestures are often considered to be tricky.


You may never see a straight forward person scratching his head, until and unless he really needs to scratch ;)


 5. Know the LOC


LOC means line of control.


There is a personal space which every person is comfortable with. 4 – 5 feet is generally considered as a comfortable distance. You may encroach this with the ones who are close to your heart, provided they are also ok with it :) .


Take special care to ensure that you don’t cross that boundary. Personal spaces differ from culture to culture, gender to gender and from person to person. You should have the sensibility and sensitivity to understand the rapport you have with the person whom you are communicating and also know the space that they are comfortable with.


6. Don’t fold your arms unless you are in Alaska or Canada


When you fold your arms it shows you are defensive and not in a state of mind to accept what the other person is saying. You may obviously be forced to fold your arms when you are in a cold environment, which is understandable.


The ideal posture is to stand or sit with open arms, at your sides. This is a sign of openness and willingness to accept.


7. Tie your legs if you shake it often


My mother’s younger brother has got this habit of shaking his legs. In general norms it implies you are impatient or restless.


This may irritate people at the other end and they may refrain from talking to you, when you shake your legs. He might have acquired this habit from someone in the family or by himself. Whatever be the case, it is not a good gesture if you want to achieve success.


8. Click, click is a strict no no


I used to click pens and play with small objects quite often. Off late I realized that people get offended because of this.


It also shows that I am not confident of what I am saying or you always want to hold on to something for gaining confidence. Please put a full stop to it if you have this habit.


9. Eye balls never to your right side


Generally your eye balls will roll to your right side when you are lying. This normally happens when you are trying to create stories when someone asks you a question.


Unknowingly, you might have done this during some of the interviews which you may not have cleared. You can easily understand the feelings and emotions of a person if you closely observe their eyes. 


The best thing is not to lie ;) .


10. Nodd your head only when required 


Certain people nodd their head excessively to give a feeling that they have understood every bit of what you have said.


At times you might have also done this to impress others. However nodding excessively is considered as a falsifying behavior to impress others.



11. Don’t be sluggish 


It simply means that you should be active and energetic while interacting with others. Do you like to interact with a lethargic guy or an active guy? The same will be the feelings of others as well. 


So, the ideal posture is to place your feet at an agreeable distance, hold your shoulders pulled back, head up and welcome individuals with immediate eye contact and a firm handshake. At the same time please don’t give a robotic feeling. Be natural.


What do you think about these 11 body language tips? You can tell us more if you know some more body language tips on how to read people. 














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Galen Pearl

I think we are always “reading” body language, but often it is below our conscious thought, so we often override this information with our rational or emotional thinking. Being attuned to what we are reading as well as what we are “writing” will help our communication so much. You have given some great tips here.
Galen Pearl recently posted…Breezes at DawnMy Profile


wonderful article to understand body language of different people


Thanks a lot, Patrick :) !!


Thank you Ajith for the reference!

Mic Johns


When i started practicing body language to adopt.I adapted few and it helps to interact with people specially clients.It help us to present self to people according to behavior and make both parties comfortable.

Relation last really long if we are doing good.

Nice share

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