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5 Secrets On How To Make Your Partner Happy

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“A partner to share the ups and downs with. Honor and strength, and knowing you’re stronger together than apart”

- Donna Alward



According to Professor Peter McDonald from Australian Bureau of Statistics, married men and women are enjoying a longer life span compared to their friends who are single.



Some of the main reasons behind this are:


1. There is always someone to care you, when you are married :) .

2. You will get constant feedback and advise about your lifestyle, which will act as a reminder to live more consciously.

3. When you have a supporting income it reduces your stress level, which will help you in living a longer life.

4. You improve your immunity by love making with your partner :) . Didn’t you know this?


Well, now you know the benefits of having a partner.


Please read 10 Interesting facts Why Get Married if you want to have some more compelling reasons to get married.


 For any successful relationship you should be able to make your partner happy. This is a naked truth which no one can deny.


So, the next question would be How to make your partner happy?


Myself and my wife have been giving high importance to keep each other happy ever since we got married.


My wife has written a killer article on 22 Happy Marriage Tips, through which she stole my heart and soul. This is something which you can do to make your partner happy.


Thank you for reading the heartening article written by my wife and welcome back to explore the tips on how to make your partner happy.


1. Understand why God has given us 2 ears and 1 mouth


God has given us 2 ears and 1 mouth because God knows that listening is twice as important as speaking.


You need not do anything fancy to make your partner happy. The first and foremost thing is to give them quality time by listening to them. Especially women just want men to listen to them..I’m sorry..At times your male ego plays the little tricks. To be honest, both men and women love to be listened..


However, this needs tremendous patience and you should always give importance to the other person, but not you. When you listen to your partner, they will be more inclined to listen to you as well.. Eventually, this leads to a mutually respectable relationship :) . Wonderful, isn’t it? 


2. Your hands are not just meant for eating, brushing or typing. 


Are you wondering what this guy is saying? Take a deep breath..! And did you take the deep breath? Probably, you didn’t, I guess. Now you are wondering how I was able to see that you have not taken a deep breath.


He he he..Its so simple. People don’t listen to instructions so easily ;) ..! Now, let’s get back on track.


Use your hands to hug your partner, to hold their hands while you walk, to lift your partner,  to pull their head towards your shoulder when they are sad and I will leave the rest to your imagination ;) .


My point here is very simple – Please express your feelings and emotions openly. This will definitely make your partner feel happy. I am saying this from my solid experience ;) .


3. Respect their Map of the world


You need to understand that both of  you come from totally 2 different worlds. Difference of opinion is bound to happen as a result of this.


It is always better to change yourself rather than changing your partner. This is something which I have learned from people who have had successful partnerships for many years.


When you start respecting your partner’s world, which is shaped as a result of their genes, past experiences, people with whom they have interacted and many other factors, they will definitely respect your map of the world as well. Stop blaming your partner and seek to understand what makes them behave in such a way.


4. Who said that all the problems in this world can be solved?


H’mm, rubbish..!


Please understand, “It is better to leave certain problems as it is, rather than trying to solve it.” 


The situation only aggravates when you try to correct certain problems in your partner. Accept your partner as they are and learn to adjust yourself to that particular person. Disagreements are bound to happen when two people live together for a long time. That’s just part and parcel of life. 


5. Your partner is always your first child


Isn’t that beautiful??


Who doesn’t want to be treated like a baby, with lots of love, care and affection.


Your partner should always be your first child. Tell this to them quite often. I do this with my wife, and you should see the joy in her face when she listens to this from me.


I have also coined a list of simple things to make people happy. This will give you more ideas on how to make your partner happy.


Can you share some creative ideas you use to make your partner happy? 








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Dhruv Bhagat

Hi Rafi,

This is a great post man!!

Anyways, I really need help from you!!

Recently, my ex girlfriend called me and was really upset… She wants to meet me just because to show her current boyfriend (whom she really loves right now) that she is happy with me!!

She told me the plan and how its gonna be work… Please lemme know whether should I help her?

She is just using me and nothing else!!
Dhruv Bhagat recently posted…10 Things Guys Should Not Do On A First DateMy Profile


Hi Dhruv,

What is the help that you want from me my friend?

I can tell you a story Dhruv..

There was a guy named Majnu who loved a lady called Laila..Unfortunately they couldn’t get married..

Years later, a boy named Dhanveer went to a doctor saying that he lost his girlfriend and he was really sad about that. The doctor took Dhanveer to one of the cells in his psychiatric hospital. There was a man who was crying out Laila, Oh my laila and he has written her name all over the wall and in his hand..Doctor told the story and they moved to the next cell. And from that cell there was a guy who was shouting, Laila, Lailaaaaaaaaaaaa. Dhanveer asked the doctor about this patient and the doctor said:

This is the man who got married to Laila :) :) :) …! Poor new boy friend ;) …!

Thank you for your honest comment and taking my feedback.

yogesh pant

yes, it is not always that we should argue when we know that our partner is on the wrong note. When it does not matter to win the argument or to loose it, better to loose it for the sake of a healthy relation maintained.
yogesh pant recently posted…How to study during examinations?My Profile


Hello Daniel,

When are you gonna find a partner ;) .


“God has given us 2 ears and 1 mouth because God knows that listening is twice as important as speaking.”

I read it somewhere bro but its a great fact.

Rafi Bro I could sense only love from this post, beautifully written your hands are for touching and hugging, your partner is a first child. I am not married yet but the essence of the post is well alive in me.

You are so lucky bro, You and Sareena make a lovely couple I could feel it from the post.
Vijesh recently posted…Modifying Adsense Code for Responsive Design is no longer a ViolationMy Profile


You share your feelings without adulterating it :) . This is your speciality, Vijesh.

Thank you so much for the continuous love you have been giving us over the past few months.

Inspiring Citizen Rafi


When you give up, you are actually winning the long race called as a fruitful marriage/relationship.

Keep up your wise thoughts and thank you so much for adding value through your comments :)
Inspiring Citizen Rafi recently posted…How To Cope With Death Of A Loved OneMy Profile

Hitendra Patel

Good tips..yes, it is not always that we should argue when we know that our partner is on the wrong note. When it does not matter to win the argument or to loose it, better to loose it for the sake of a healthy relation maintained.

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