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How to live a happy life?? Easy Tips For You From Thuy Yau’s Touching Interview!!

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Hello and welcome to yet another touching interview, which is giving you simple and practical solutions for your challenging question – How to live a happy life?


After the 3 young rich male bloggers, inspiring citizen decided that its time to introduce an impeccable female blogger and that’s how I landed upon Thuy Yau, an Australian female blogger and a writer.


How to live a happy life
How to live a happy life


As always, my vision is to introduce amazing human beings who are already doing a splendid job, but who have not been explored much..

All these people have gone through tough times in their lives, learned from their mistakes, bounced back with sheer perseverance and now they are all leading a happy life.


Ok, you are here not to hear from me, but to learn from this lovely lady called Thuy Yau. She runs a blog called insideamothersmind and leading a happy life in Australia with her husband and 3 cute daughters..


See how Mohammed Rafi explores this stunning human being, to help you lead a happy life.


1. “Thuy Yau”- sounds interesting!! What sense does that make?


Probably not a lot of sense! Haha:) :) .


Well, my parents are from Vietnam but I was born and raised in Australia, so I was lucky to have been brought up in two completely different cultures.


This is where my name, “Thuy”, comes from. As for my surname, “Yau”, my husband is Chinese, so we have a great dynamic in this household. We are both similar to each other in a sense, but also a little bit different.


2. Do you think it is important to introduce yourself before moving on to the next question?


I would love to. I’m Thuy, a stay at home mother, as well as a Freelance Writer.


Although I’m only 24, I am happily married with 3 children; and love nothing more than to help others. I once studied Psychology at University, because I wanted to make a positive difference in the world.


3. What was your feeling when I asked you about the first interview of your life and what made you agree?


I was really excited, to be honest. I love talking to people and spreading my message of happiness and positivity.


4.  What do you do to manage a well balanced marriage life, in a scenario where divorce rates are going higher and higher everyday?


I always remind myself how my husband loved me when I didn’t even love myself. That he brought me out of my darkness. When you have someone that loves you that much, you have to remember that relationships aren’t always going to be perfect. There will be rough times. But you weather them.. TOGETHER.


We always make time for each other, even if it means watching a movie in bed, or playing a bit of Scrabble. When you love someone, you make the time.


It’s always very important to say, “I love you”, to give your spouse random hugs and kisses, to let them know how much you appreciate what they do for you. Sometimes, it’s just nice to be told. We all need to hear it sometimes.


5. Tell us about the most wonderful relation on earth- MOTHERHOOD; being a mother of three beautiful girls.


I absolutely love being a mother. There is no other love on Earth like this. Just like when you’re in the work force, there will be good and bad days.


Being a mother is the same. But the good far outweighs the bad. I never realized how strong I was, how selfless I was, and how much I could love someone; until I had my children. They make me so incredibly proud.


6. Tell us one compelling reason why people should read your blog?


My blog, “Inside a Mother’s Mind” at , is a very unique personal development blog. I am always very honest and write from the heart.


I am very open about the bad experiences that led to my positivity. And I use my strong empathy for others, to motivate people to lead happier and better lives.


7. Is blogging worth the time and effort you invest in it?


Definitely. Blogging is great, because it builds self-esteem and confidence. To be able to say, “This is what I believe” and stick with it, is so admirable in itself.


It takes a lot of courage to put your heart out there like that.


As a mother of a 1, 3 and 5 year old who juggles a writing career; I believe it IS worth the time and effort:).


8. For certain people life is cruel because they do not have food , clothing and shelter and for others its beautiful because they have everything. How do you see this striking dissimilarity in the world?. Isn’t God cruel?

Personally, I don’t believe in looking at life that way. I believe we can’t control the actions of others or the unfortunate circumstances that we are in, but we can control our reactions to them.


I once met a man who was wrongly convicted for manslaughter of his girlfriend, but it took 40 years for his innocence to be proven.


One of my classmates asked him if he was angry about his injustice, but he wasn’t. He said: “I hear so often people say, ‘that person upset me’. NO, you choose whether they upset you.”
His wise words taught me that I had to be in control of my life – I had to CHOOSE to be happy with my life, regard of the bad that happens.


9. I read that everyone should start a blog and what are your thoughts on that?


I don’t necessarily believe that everyone should start a blog, but I feel that blogging is a great way to get our feelings out there.


Sometimes it’s quite difficult for people to express how they feel verbally, so blogging is a great medium for that.


Also, blogging can bring people together and help you see a different outlook on life.


10.Your definition about Love, Marriage, Friendship and God.


I believe love is having the ability to compromise and sacrifice for someone else. It’s about saying, “I love you and if this is important to you, then it’s important to me.” It’s about letting go of your pride and being able to forgive, because your relationship is more important than the argument that you’re having.


Marriage, to me, is such a beautiful thing. It is such a compliment to tell someone, “You make me so happy, that I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” It may be hard work at times, but I believe it is worth it.



Friendship is having people in your life who support you, encourage you, and lift you up when you’re down. I am incredibly lucky to have so many great friends who do just that for me.


God, for me, is about being respectful of each others opinions. Although I am Catholic, I am more a believer of making your own happiness. Live the life that makes you happy.


As long as you have respect for yourself and for others, then that is all that matters. Respect others for their views, and don’t try to force your opinion onto them. We all have a right to think differently.


11. What are you trying to prove to the world through your blog and does it make any sense to the world when our life is gonna end any moment?


I just want people to understand that they’re not alone. That it’s okay to be down sometimes, that it’s okay if your life isn’t perfect. That you can do something about it. That’s why I blog about personal development.


And although life could end any moment, I believe in using up the moments that we still have. We need to enjoy the life that we have been given; make a difference while we still have the time.


12. How does it feel to be a woman in a male dominated world?


I feel very proud, actually. I believe women can make just as much a difference as men. We might just do it differently. But that is the reality of the world – some of us are born to be athletes, some of us singers, others doctors, others writers.


It doesn’t make anyone less of a person. We are just leaving our mark in different ways. As long as we are leaving a mark, that’s what matters.


13. Currently how much do you earn from blogging and through what methods? Our readers expect you to be specific.


I don’t make much money from blogging, but I do receive PR requests for reviewing products, as well as offers for advertising space. I’ve been paid a one-off payment of $160 US for one ad, after only being online for a year. I was able to negotiate the payment as well, which was a massive confidence booster.


I actually make my money from my Freelance Writing. I have a steady writing position for Magic Ink Media and am paid per article, currently at $30 US for 1000 words. It may not be an incredible amount of money, but it makes me proud to know that someone is willing to pay me for my opinion. That is the biggest reward of all.


14. A non-sense question -  what’s your thoughts on the number of Facebook likes and comments that this interview will receive? Make a wild guess:):)..


I’ll take a wild guess and say something along the lines of, 10 likes and 10 comments. Though, I’ll be honest with you, that’s not my focus at all. If I can touch one person’s life with this interview, then it’ll put a big smile on my face:).


15. What are the methods you adopt to increase your traffic and visibility, online?


I build relationships with people. Whether it is through my comments on other blogs, my Facebook, my Twitter, my email; it is all about stepping away from the ‘professional’ side of things and onto the ‘personal’ side.


People need someone they can trust, someone they can relate to, someone who cares about them not just their business.


When I realized how important this was, I went from 35 Twitter followers to 900 in two weeks. All I did was retweet people, engage in conversation, answer questions, and above all else, be myself. I didn’t just sell, I related with people.


When others respect you, they are more likely to respect your opinion.


16. This is a  personal question- Looking at your three beautiful daughters, we can clearly make out that your husband is a master producer :) . Your thoughts on spending personal time with your partner and number of kids that one can have in their life.


I think everyone is different; everyone has the right to make their own decisions about how many children they would like. And I truly respect that.


However, for my husband and I, we liked the idea of having a family, and 3 is perfect for us. Every time we look at our children, we are reminded of how much we love each other.


And I believe spending time together is very important. Intimacy whether physical or emotional, is very important.


17. How much importance would you give for lovemaking in a marriage?


Honestly, I believe it is very essential. As human beings, we thrive on that intimacy, and I think it is very good for our health.


I know that men are often criticized for their extreme need for sexual intimacy, but I truly understand where this need comes from.


Men have specific needs, as do women. Women need a lot of attention and affection. And the different needs that men and women have, can overlap sometimes, and we need to be willing to compromise for our spouse.


18. Rahul Kuntala, Steve Pavlina or Pete Cashmore? And why?


I believe all 3 men do great things with their lives. However, Steve Pavlina stands out for me, because he came from a troubled background and went on to be a top Personal Development Blogger.


I can relate to starting from nowhere, but working your way to the top. I am sure all these men have their own remarkable stories, though, and they should all be proud of their achievements.


19. Life without blogging?


I couldn’t imagine it. I love writing, because it gives me the chance to make a difference; to change people’s lives.


20. If we are ready to sponsor your food and accommodation, are you open for traveling to India and inspiring our youth by sharing your life experiences?


I would love to help spread my message. I believe that anyone can live a better life.


We are all capable of doing extraordinary things with our lives, but sometimes we just need someone to come along and help us believe in it. I want to be that person for people.


21.Out of the 20 questions above which one you liked the most and why?


They were all great questions, actually. But I liked number 11 the most, just because it focused on the idea of “living with purpose”. I think it’s something all people ask at one stage or another, so it’s easy to relate to.


I would love to leave your readers with a few positive words.


If you’re ever feeling down about where your life is heading, then remember this:


“Never doubt your own capability to do extraordinary things. Anyone can make a difference.”

- Thuy Yau


Thanks for the wonderful questions, Rafi! It was a pleasure answering them!


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Do you think that this interview has answered your question,  how to live a happy life?


And don’t you think that it is your bare minimal responsibility to show your token of love to Thuy Yau by either commenting or sharing this touching and truly adorable answers, to help your friends and relatives..



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