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How To Get More Than 100 Likes On Your Facebook Status???

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Some people say facebook is holy and a few others say its a holy-s**t.

What do you think?

If you have come this far, then you are one of those intelligent people who are looking to get more likes on facebook, which means you consider facebook as a holy place to vent your emotions, feelings and opinions.

So you are going to see how to get more than 100 likes on facebook for your status update.

My first question is why do you want to get more than 100 likes on facebook?

I feel, its got to do with your popularity and the feel good factor…You can add more to the list.

My purpose here is to make you feel good by helping you get more than 100 likes on your facebook status.

You need to understand that getting more likes on facebook is playing with human psychology..

Making others to take action (even if its just the click of a mouse) is one of the most challenging things in life..You need to be smart enough to play with emotions of those who see your status updates on facebook.

Now, let’s head straight into business.!!

How To Get More Than 100 Likes On Your Facebook Status???

1. Be Wicked

Intelligent people love to talk about wicked stuff, because there is an ego in each self proclaimed intelligent person to talk about the wicked guy. They will comment your wicked stuff because they wan’t to show the world that you are wicked…

Who cares?

Our purpose is to get more likes, shares and comments on facebook, so that our popularity grows and eventually people will start looking at us as experts in getting more likes on facebook. Guess, what will happen after that….

You will be seen as the benchmark for getting more likes on facebook. What more do you want…!

The level of wickedness can range from exposing your six packs to your family pack.

2. Be Stunning

Be damn good at whatever you post so that people are forced to like you on facebook.

People always look for interesting stuff. I can show you how a stunning picture of mine got 195 likes on facebook.

Give people something worth seeing..! Value their time and please understand that they won’t like you if you are ordinary..! So being extraordinary should be your goal.

Your status update should create an interest in people to like you..

Do something that was never attempted by anyone, write something that people would love, give something that they would cherish for a life time…

My friend Srijith Vijayamohan has created a collage for the year 2012 with pictures of more than 100 people.Guess what, all those 100 would like it and there is a possibility that others would also comment on it for his creativity. He is always a hit on facebook.

3. Go Givers Always Get More

An old saying suddenly came to my memory while I was writing writing the heading of the 3rd point. “As you sow, so shall you reap”. This is very true in the case of facebook as well.

People will like you only if you like them..Its always been a give and take policy ever since Adam and Eve came to the earth…he he he…Let’s not break the rules of the game.

So next time if you see a post and if you feel good about it, please go ahead and like it. This will definitely help you get more likes on facebook. Don’t overdo it..Like it, if you genuinely feel good about it..

You should also see to it that you give ample time for people to digest one post before moving on to the next one..My first cousin keeps changing his updates every 4 hours and people get irritated.

Changing your status update once in 3 weeks is ideal, to get more likes on facebook…
If you have a community page with more than 10,000 followers it may be a wise idea to give frequent updates to get more than 100 likes…

Being an extremist is always a dangerous thing, be it on facebook or in life..

4. Follow Up And Response Is Vital

It is highly important to thank people when they like your post. Mention the name of the person who liked,shared or commented on your post. Facebook will send a message to him and there is a possibility that he may come back and do further commenting on your post..

This will be seen by his friends and ultimately your post will become viral..!

Even if its a negative comment don’t forget to leave a reply..

People don’t like to communicate with dumb geeks..They always look forward to communicate with people who will listen and respond to them..

At the end of the day everything boils down to effective communication.

5. A Classic Photo Is Worth Thousand Words

Posting an entire album in facebook will hardly fetch you any likes. Simple reason is the difficulty for people to chose the best one..First, post the best photo in a series, get more than 100 likes and then post the entire album..Sounds good..Isn’t it?

When you add a photograph to your status update it can increase people engagement by more than 32%, compared to your status update without a photograph.

Getting a professional to click the picture will improve its look and feel..People will definitely make out the difference and like your post..

Taking an amazing group photograph and tagging it with your friends who are a part of the same photo will encourage their friends to like your photo…So eventually you get more than 100 likes on facebook..

Reach-ability and virality are two main things that matters…

Are you still asking me, how to get more likes on facebook?

Go to your facebook page rite now, post a stunning photograph or a wicked one with a cool and catchy comment..See the effect and let me know the results..!

You can also lead a happy life with the help of facebook..See here if you wan’t to know more..!

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Srijith V

:P Don’t give away the secrets!!

You have missed one key point to get more than 100 likes – Be a girl!!


Yes..Being a girl gives you an upper hand in countries like India, you are rite, Srijith.

Let everyone get the share of happiness Srijith. Sharing increases the joy, I believe.


Hehe……. dats weirdly awesome rafi bhai…….. :-)


You are a master in this and thank you for taking your valuable time to read the posts…And having years of experience on this do you wish to add some more points to it, Jesin?

Thejas Kamath

Hello Rafi,

I agree with all your ways especially the 3rd one. It’s always a give and take game. You will get likes on your posts if you like others’ posts.

Some of my friends are already following this! Thank you for sharing this with us. Gonna visit soon. :)

Thank You
~Thejas Kamath
Thejas Kamath recently posted…7 Tactics To Get More Comments On Your BlogMy Profile


Hello Thejus,

Its a pleasant surprise to see you here..!

Give and take has always been the name of the game, for centuries. However, if people feel your status is genuine and authentic you have a higher chance to get more than 100 likes..!

Wish to see you time and again, Thejus :) .

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