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How to get loyal followers free and make money from your blog

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Are you looking to build a huge base of loyal followers, to make money from your blog? If you are serious then I would request you to read further.

Every blogger wants to get loyal followers for free, only then you can claim yourself to be a successful blogger in the blogosphere

How do you cultivate loyal followers for free? I asked this question to several successful bloggers over the past 4 months and I am going to share those amazing insights with you, that I received from other successful bloggers.

When you are loyal towards a company, a blog or a product, automatically that becomes your first choice in that respective arena. You may want to examine the four different forms of loyalty and see how each of these forms of loyalty gets you free followers, so that you can make money from your blog.

Forced loyalty

The ideal example of forced loyalty is offering free stuff on your blog like e-books, coupons and more. Basically, forced loyalty gives extra value to customers for being loyal, and that is a common practice by most of the successful bloggers, who have a huge fan following. I will be definitely giving more free stuff on my blog in the coming days for people like you. So please subscribe to our e-mail, so that you can grab all the valuable stuff FOR FREE.

The main problem with it is that forced loyalty can be easily duplicated because the reader is loyal towards the freebie, not the blog or blogger. Every blogger expects a competitive advantage and a forced loyalty feature can provide one, even thought it may be tough to maintain the sustainability.

Being the first one among the three forms of loyalty, this is a must, if you are a beginner in the world of blogging.This will help you to get loyal followers for free, who will eventually help you make money from your blog.

Autonomous loyalty

During the initial years of blogging this was one of the main reasons for having loyal readers. You can see Steve Pavlina’s blog, where he has clearly stated that he was able to make huge inroads in the field of personality development because there was little or very minimal competition.

Autonomous loyalty is amazing for a blog – if you are able to find a niche and maintain it. However autonomous loyalty is more or less a thing of the past in the world of blogging. You can see competition in every segment of blogging, be it technology, self help, business or any arena. If you can do some quality research to find out a niche that has least competition, then I would strongly ask you to go for autonomous loyalty. Grab the niche before blogging reaches the saturation point, get free followers and make big time money from your blog.

I am in the process of identifying a niche. I invite you to this process which is truly interesting and intriguing. Currently I am blogging in the area where I have immense experience

Dependent loyalty

You might be an expert in SEO and thus may bring in truck loads of traffic to your site. Imagine the situation, if Google decides to remove your website from its first page, one fine morning. I am not saying this would happen, but you can’t write it off either.

For bringing in readers you can rely on SEO, but this is definitely not a solution for cultivating truly loyal readers for your blog. SEO is an artificial form use to get free followers, but this is not a long term solution. If you are planning to build a sustainable business then focus on quality first, quantity will definitely follow. Trust me. That’s what I am doing now and I fully believe in that.

Genuine loyalty

Genuine loyalty is hard earned loyalty, through toil and passion for your area of expertise or niche. It is based on truly consistent levels of satisfaction and value one receives from a blog.

Reader satisfaction begets reader loyalty! Yes, I can vouch for this.

When your needs are totally met, when you are constantly dazzled and when you are thoroughly delighted, you simply cannot imagine about leaving that blogger. Giving a profound emotional experience will make readers naturally follow your blog. Ultimately loyalty is based on emotions.

Genuine loyalty is the bottom line for a successful blog and every blogger should be working his way towards achieving this.

“How”, is the million dollar question?

I am gonna tell you that…Taking it forward and making it work is your responsibility..!

Clearly the eventual goal for every blog is to cultivate and nurture a group of genuine loyal followers.

In order to measure genuine loyalty, the first step is to measure it in the correct way.

For example, measuring the number of visitors to your blog, does not measure genuine loyalty. Number of visitors to your blog would give you an idea about the traffic, not genuine loyalty. If 50 people constantly give feedback for your posts, those can be considered as genuine loyal readers.

This is amazing: Loyal followers definitely would come back. You need not do any gimmicks to keep them, because they have already fallen in love with you and your work.

When you listen to your readers, genuine from your heart and provide top class content consistently, you will naturally get loyal free followers. Creating genuinely loyal readers is a long term goal for genuine bloggers and it is not meant for lazy gooses..!

Eventually it boils down to creating value and communicating constantly. And always the reader should be the first one in your mind whenever you blog..!

I wish you all success in building a group of genuine loyal followers, to make money from your blog.! I am also with you in this journey.

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I totally agree with this article. Making a successful online business is all about gaining loyalty. If you provide high quality content with trustworthy information your readers will be interest to hear more form you, because you establish a good relationship. Don`t try to make money from every word you write online, your readers should always be the first one in your mind.
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