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How To Be Successful In Your Life – 10 Practical Tips

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Well, you are already successful. You and I strongly believe that.


So the next question would be – why read further?


Please wait a second and read the next paragraph to see why you should read this further. If you are not convinced, then definitely you should not waste your time..As always, your time is precious for me and I see to it that you get the maximum value from each article..Comments are welcome because they will help me give you even better quality..Sorry, sometimes I talk too much…!



Now, I am telling you why you should read this..Its not because you are not successful its because you want to be even more successful. The drive for success is a never ending process..You take the case of any successful person. They always strive to achieve more..


A solid example that I can quote is the 80 odd runs scored by Sachin Tendulkar in the recent test match against Australia…Taking Sachin as the example we will move on to our 10 points, which will tell you how to be successful in your life.


1. Survival


Charles Darwin has told this a few 100 years back..Only the fittest will survive..So your next question would be how to be the fittest.


Its simple and straight forward – you need to know the in and out of your game, be flexible and adapt to any situations.


2. Stay Hungry Stay Foolish


Steve Jobs said these words while he was giving a speech at the Stanford University. Have your ever thought the essence of these four words..If you haven’t then I can tell you and if you have already thought about it, then you can see another perspective as well..


Before coming in to the test match against Australia, Sachin Tendulkar played the Ranji Trophy semi-finals against the Services team in a ground which neither had a good dressing room nor good facilities. He was hungry for runs and he still considers him to be a baby who is foolish..That’s the secret behind his success..So always be willing to learn and throw your ego out of the window, if you want to be even more successful.


3. How To Sell Yourself


You might have seen n number of people who are walking encyclopedias and living disasters :) :) ..Well, you will join their group if you don’t know to sell yourself..


So please understand that skills alone will not take you anywhere..


Its the ability to sell, combined with skills and knowledge that will help you to reach the top of the world..I will soon be writing an article just focusing on the topic – How to sell yourself?


If you still can’t resist your urge to get the answer to this question then please read this for the time being and subsequently you may ask your questions through our comments section.


4. Think And Grow Rich


If you want to get rich, both materialistically and mentally you have to make certain adjustments to your thoughts..Do you know that thoughts are the root cause for all good and evil in this world..Everything stems from your thoughts.


So tell yourself that you are already successful and you want to be even more successful. This will give you a positive feeling and will urge you to take more action, which will result in great outcome..


5. Lead Without A Title


Self help guru and motivational guru, Robin Sharma is a great advocate of this principle. He says that if you want to be successful then you have to take the responsibilities on your shoulders to take action.


Don’t wait for the politicians, your managers or others to take action..Go out, get some solid people, make some noise..That’s how all great revolutions and changes have taken place…Most often than not its a common man who would have started the revolution..


6. Gut Reaction


What do you mean by this? Have you heard about sixth sense?


Yes, its nothing but your ability to listen to your heart and act accordingly..Many a times you make too many calculations, but you will not listen to your heart..


Successful entrepreneurs and leaders have always told that they believe their heart more than their brains..Brain might mislead you, but most often heart won’t do that..At the end of the day fine balance is what we want..



7. Do As I Say Not As I Did


This simply means that listen to experienced people and learn from their mistakes..


Sometimes too much explanation will kill the beauty of the point..We will move on to the next one..If you have not understood this then kindly polish your common sense or you may please ask me..


8. Pursuit Of Wow


At the end of doing something ask yourself whether you are getting that wow feeling..Only do things if it gives you self satisfaction..


Most of the times people do stuff for the sake of doing it, but successful people will always strive for the wow factor..Please understand that its not perfection but the wow factor…


While I am writing this I know that this article is not perfect but my heart gives me a wow feeling because I am helping you to become successful in your life..Hope you understood what I am trying to say..


9. Go Kiss The World


If you look at the picture that is given in the beginning of this article you would have come across all the 9 titles including this one..This was taken by my wife and hope you liked our idea..We got inspired from our friend, Corrine Rodrigues to come up with this idea..


In this book Subroto Bagchi talks about making a difference to the world that you live in..So leave your selfishness, take some action, go kiss the world and be MAD (MAKE A DIFFERENCE)


10. Too Much Spoon Feeding Will Spoil The Child


You have got 9 practical tips to be successful and I would want you to share the 10th one for your friends who will be reading this article through the comments..By doing this you are proving that you have the will power and giving nature to become an even more successful person..!


Easy Peasy..! Oki Doki..!


Hope you enjoyed the time out here and  I am waiting to hear the 10th point from you..!



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Vincent Nguyen

Hi Rafi,

Great article and its value is in the fact that even successful people can only become stronger by following your words of wisdom. It’s never too late to grow and things can only get better if you make the conscious effort, especially if you lead without a title.
Vincent Nguyen recently posted…The World Lacks Trust, Why I Trust OthersMy Profile

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