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How Can Facebook Help You Lead A Happy Life?

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Tell me which are the top 2 places where an average man spends his time today?

Facebook occupies the second position after mobile phones. Guess, I am rite.

You are reading this post at a time when people are asking you to back out of Facebook. However studies shows that Facebook helps people to lead a happy life because happiness is contagious and there is no better place on planet earth to spread it, than Facebook.

A research study done by James Fowler at The University of California shows that each happy friend can increase your happiness by 9%.
You should also know that the cribbing babies can reduce your happiness by 7%..

Lets talk about a couple of examples to see how Facebook can help you lead a happy life.

Connecting with people

How many times have you smiled by finding an old friend of yours through Facebook?

I think you are counting..he he he..

After finding your dearest friend, you share your old stories, which brings back lovely old memories and eventually increases your happiness. Through them you get to know about a couple of others and the chain reaction continues. Its just a beautiful feeling. Embrace it..!

Thank you very much Facebook. We owe you a lot.

Now can u imagine the joy you get when you get a surprise friend request from your first crush?

Lovely, isn’t it?

There may be some people who just wan’t to forget their first crush because they were not able to possess that..

Tell me about your feelings when you see the happy faces of your brother, sister or relatives who are living in a different country…Years back people had to wait for weeks to receive a photograph of their dear ones who were working in a different land. Now I see grand parents seeing the pictures of their lovely little ones through Facebook without spending a single dime..Its totally free if you have an internet connection..

You get to know what’s happening in the lives of your friends and let them know what is happening to you..

I believe this is the only place on earth where you can talk to at least one of your friends 24/7.

Its 12:28 am (IST) while I am writing this line and there are 37 friends of mine who are now online. I have heard an old saying “Sun never sets in the British dynasty”. Now I am replacing British dynasty with facebook. I am sure you will agree with me on that.

At the end of the day the number of happy people who are connected to us is directly proportional to our level of happiness..If you are connected only with a very few people then find some of your old friends because being a little extrovert is acceptable..

Share is heavenly, comments are memorable and likes are beautiful

Happiness is a team sport and not a solo endeavor!! Do u agree with me?

What was the first thing that you did when you got your first job offer?

I called my near and dear ones to share the joy with them. Some gave their valuable comments, some said keep it up, which is equal to a like. There were a few heavenly souls who called others and shared the happy news which I had passed on to them.

These days you share each and every moment of your life through Facebook..! Don’t you?

When people share, comment or like your post, it doubles your happiness..You are giggling..I can see your face my friend….he he he…

My facebook fan page has got 108 likes within a span of two weeks and inspiring citizen has got more than 3000 page views while I am writing this post, thanks to my Facebook friends like you. Please remember – Share is heavenly, comments are memorable and likes are beautiful..I wan’t to know whether you are heavenly, lovely or beautiful..You can also be all the 3..I would embrace it with my whole heart.

So if you wan’t lead a happy life with the help of Facebook, please share, comment or like only interesting and happy stuff, because your actions on facebook has a strong bondage to your happiness.

As always, the choice is yours and I am giving my best to inspire you.

Helps you in making wise decisions

Most of the times we end up in problems because of our hasty decisions..

So are you thinking how facebook is gonna help you in making wise decisions?

Let me explain it to you. Take a situation where you have got two job offers and you are confused which one to go for. If you go to Facebook you can see numerous comments about anything under the sky. If you study that carefully you will be able to make a smart choice.┬áIf a product is liked by millions of people on Facebook, then you can go for it without any doubt. In a country like India where arranged marriage is the most prevailing norm, facebook plays a big role in knowing the background of the bride or groom. If you are going to get into a deal with some and if you wan’t to know more about him just visit his facebook profile and you will get a fair idea about his interests and behavior.

You can also make money through Facebook without investing a single penny

Whatever said and done, I will definitely say that money is a major pre-requisite for leading a happy life, until and unless you are a sage or nun.

If you have got 5000 friends (that’s the maximum limit approved by facebook) in your list, then you can easily become an affiliate marketer and make some money using facebook. If your friends use the product that you recommend on facebook and find it worthwhile, then you can make a decent earning through facebook..This income can be a passive income which can support you in your daily life.

Before promoting something its important that you try it first and then share it with your friends..It is because integrity is the only element that will help you in the long run.

Once you have it, then people will trust you more and you can also earn better..

You may survive a day without having food, but not without facebook..That’s the impact it has on our lives and why not use it productively to lead a happy life.

Its 1.10 am (IST) and still 25 amazing people are online..!

Its time for me to say adieu..

Signing off with the faith that you have enjoyed my article and you have started using facebook more productively to lead a happy life!

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Thank you and you are already living an extremely happy life with the help of facebook..!

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