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An eye opener for you: Which is the most preffered means of treatment for you?

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Hello mate!!! I was waiting for your arrival!!! Shall we start the discussion?

Do you agree with me on the fact that we are living in a world of diseases and most of the times we chose the wrong treatment for the right disease :) .! Ok, thank you for your approval and please read further to find more value.

I am writing this article because I found the need to educate you on the pros and cons of the different types of treatment.

Are you thinking, with what authenticity I am gonna scribble on a high inflammable topic?

Rite my reader!!!….

The answer is pretty simple.

I have experimented with all these types of treatment in my body; lol!!!

And there is no guarantee that it will work for you. However I am expressing my experience, so that I am able to add value to your life.

Why do you want to know a brief history of my health?

Because you can avoid the mistakes that I have made and try experimenting the good elements that worked well for me.

But before that let me shed some light on different types of treatment, for you to understand better.

Lets now do a free mini exploration, on the world of ayurveda, allopathic and homeopathic for your benefit.

Allopathic or popularly known as “English Medicine” is a drug therapy which is said to be developed under proper scientific trial and error method. Basically allopathic is a chemical therapy that deals with the symptoms of a disease and weakness. Allopathic therapy is most often suitable for a surgery like angiogram and other such diseases. On the other hand, homeopathic and ayurveda treatment are natural therapies that cures the root cause of a disease. Ayurveda which means “Knowledge of long life” is based on therapeutic treatment of mind, body and soul to lead a healthy life and homeopathic deals with the roots of an illness. Both the world of ayurveda and homeopathic is widely appreciated because they don’t cause any side effects to your body, if used in the right manner.

As I said before myself and my parents have experimented all the types of  treatment from time to time in my body, since my childhood.

I still remember the amount of antibiotics I consumed during my K.G. days. I was badly suffering from tonsillitis. My mom used to say that during those days I was not able to eat anything, except for water. She consulted many allopathic doctors to get a permanent cure for my tonsillitis, but nothing turned to be good for me. It was then one of her colleagues suggested consulting a homeopathic doctor.

Homeopathic consultation was not so popular during the early 90s. However, my mom wanted to give it a try. I was taken to a homeopathic doctor who was practicing a furlong far from our place. To my mom’s surprise, the doc told that there was no need of medicines for this tonsillitis. This is something that is common in children at this young age. He told that the disease will be cured as the child develops immunity. And you know guys…my tonsillitis was cured without consuming much medicines at the age of five…it was then I tasted ice-cream for the first time in my life!!!! One of the most memorable feelings and moments of my life. Trust me.!

In this case, the allopathic doctor was only treating the symptoms, but the homeopathic doctor was diagnosing the root cause for my tonsillitis. And believe me, that diagnosis relieved me from further consuming antibiotics which already started weakening my immunity towards common diseases.

However, I was not completely relieved from consuming allopathic medicine. It was again in the age of seven I was given a dose of steroid (an allopathic medicine which is said to have side effects on internal organs) as a cure for my breathing issue. I was diagnosed with asthma for the first time during my vacation back here in God’s own country, Kerala… one night I was struggling to breathe and doc prescribed to inject steroid. Later, I was prescribed by the allopathic doctor to use inhaler whenever I had trouble with my breath.

Years passed and by then I became an addict of ventrolin inhaler. I consulted many allopathic doctors over these years seeking a permanent solution for my breathing problem….but I was left prescribing the same inhaler by all the docs. This time it was not because I didn’t knew anything about homeopathic or the world ayurveda, but I was not having the patience to wait for the cure, as both homoeopathic and the world of ayurveda would take more time to heal compared to allopathic.

However, it was after marriage I decided I have a look out for a permanent solution for this as my love used to get disturbed seeing me struggling to breathe. My cousin, who is also a homeopathic doc down here in Kerala suggested me to consult her professor who cured my mom’s asthma. Obviously it was hard for me to follow the special diet while taking homeopathic medicines but slowly it was reacting on my disease. I started noticing that the frequency of inhaler puffed by me was decreasing gradually, although not completely.

Recently I started practicing Yoga and Ayurveda diet, which is highly recommended by Ayurveda siddhas to purify our mind, body and soul. I swear that both homeopathic medicines and ayurveda have done some miracle in my body!!!!

Today the number of ventrolin inhaler puffs I take have reduced to two in number. This is nothing less to some miracle for a asthmatic patient like me!!!!

If you need still need evidence please ask any patient who has experienced allopathic, ayurveda and homeopathic, the you will understand what I am saying is not a fantasy.

I believe, I have conveyed a strong message from my experience.

I can now see the path you will take from today when you get any health issues..!

Convey your thoughts to me after trying allopathic, ayurveda and hoemopathic.

I will wait patiently to hear from you, like ayurveda and homeopathic :) !

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