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You can achieve success if you see and feel the inspirational story of this highly criticized Indian cricketer

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What are the names that is going through your mind, rite now?

If you are smart enough then you would have guessed the answer by now, because there is only one Indian cricketer who has been widely criticized in the past few years.

Its neither Sachin Tendulkar nor Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Please take a close look at the picture and read further.

Yes, you are going to see how Santhakumaran Sreesanth is going to play for India again, from his painful days in a wheel chair.

I strongly believe that he will be making a come back within the next 4 months and what is your feeling?

You will not read further if you are strongly bounded by perceptions and you will be keen to know his inspirational story, if you accept fighters with a never say die, attitude.

Once he was the lucky charm of Indian cricket. The catch that he took to dismiss Misbah during the 2007 T20 World cup finals is still fresh in our memories and he played a pivotal role in helping Indian win the T20 World cup, in South Africa.

Again, the last time he wore the Indian jersey in one day internationals was to lift the 2012 Cricket World Cup,in Mumbai. After that he played in the test series against England, that took place rite after the World cup.

Since then Sreesanth has been out of the side and you know the current situation of the Indian cricket team.

We badly need him back because we definitely need the services of a quality fast bowler like Sreesanth.

Yes, its time for you to take a look into his dark days, where he had spent more than 6 weeks in a wheel chair and the same amount of time on crutches. You have only seen his aggression on the field, be it against Nell, Ponting or Hayden.

Can you imagine the aggression and will power one needs to make a come back, when you are totally written off???

Platinum nails have been put in each of Sreesanth’s foot, he had to undergo nearly 10 surgeries and people asked whether he will be able to run again??

Like you I was thinking that he was not picked into the side purposefully, but off late I had a conversation with my best friend named Abhilash (he is a college professor and a professional cricketer) who gave me a real picture of Sreesanth’s life.

That moment was a huge learning for me because even I had wrong perceptions about this inspirational fighter and I decided that you should also be told the real inspirational story of Sreesanth.

Sreesanth was struck by bunions and stress fracture on his toes, but he kept playing because of the motivation he had gained from the World Cup victory. It was during IPL 2012 that he was sent to England by the Indian Cricket board to undergo surgeries on his foot.

People thought that he was just thrown out of the Indian side.

Its really sad that most of the times we don’t take the effort to understand the real picture, but are keen on creating our own stories.

Its high time that you do a thorough introspection before making any comments. This lesson was taught to me by one of my class mates, named Dhanya Prajith (currently she is working with an Event management company in Dubai).

Sreesanth said -

“I had to start from the scratch, walking, jogging, running, sprinting and then bowling.”

He sees it from a new angle, that he has got new feet and I believe, with that new feet he will achieve amazing feats.

His self-fulfilling prophecy, courage, determination and support from the family were some of the key factors that helped him make a comeback.

Sreesanth promised himself that he will be back, when he was in the wheel chair.

And here comes the fighter to bring glory for the Indian cricket team.

His 4 wicket haul in Ranji trophy against Jharkhand, in December,2012 has come as a great relief for all the Indian cricket fans.

What’s more beautiful is that he achieved this feat in a wicket that was not friendly towards the fast bowlers, like most of the Indian pitches.

Now, if you are thinking about his temperament  he says that he has come of age and he has learned from his past experiences. Let’s trust this 29 year old man, because we have also committed many mistakes during our young ages.

Yes, he is rite. Experience is your biggest teacher and that comes only by age.

When he was asked about the comeback, he said, “Even running again is a comeback.”

Whatever you say, you should salute the attitude and self-confidence of this young man.

There has been huge media coverage about the situation undergone by our very own Yuvraj (we salute you too, Yuvi), but no media was covering the pain underwent by the lucky boy of India cricket.

Never mind, Sreesanth believed in himself and in God. Moreover, his self-confidence is truly world class.

There is more good news for you. Sreesanth has promised that he will not go overboard again. He cemented it by saying that its just not a promise, but its an assurance. He says, its a new life for him and he will not lie to you.

What more can you ask for?

A fully fit Sreesanth, with that fiery pace and a mellowed temperament. Something that every India fan had dreamed about.

He has answered his critics through his determination, hard work and self confidence.

Let’s all pray that our prodigal son makes a comeback to the Indian cricket team in the upcoming test series against Australia.

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bhanu pratap

awesome post this story tells me that reading is not a only way to get success . getting perfectness in hobbies and use them in the real life will give us the success.
bhanu pratap recently posted…what is super capacitorMy Profile


Yes Bhanu,

This guy fought hard from all the challenges, and currently he seems to be involved in all sorts of crap. We will have to keep our fingers crossed for the verdict from the court.

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