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About Us

Hello Friend!

Thank you for taking your valuable time to explore us..!

We are Mohammed Rafi and Sareena Ikbal, a couple who were strangers when we were 27 and 25, joined hands on 26th June, 2011, to explore life as destined by the Almighty.!

In the last 25 months we have explored life in many ways: training and online marketing through our professions, meeting inspiring citizens, discovering inspirational books, practicing yoga, NLP, fire walking, meditation, travel, food, positive blogging, money making, social media marketing…..Our exploration was to enjoy the ride, discover ourselves and possibly our life’s purpose if there is one.

The amazing people whom we met in our life have inspired us to be the change that we wish to see in this world -

” A world where all the people lead a healthy, wealthy and happy life”. We are here in the blogosphere to share our experiences with you and help you lead a well balanced life.

Rafi & Sareena



Dear Roman..Its truly a pleasant surprise to see your valuable feedback. Thank you so much for giving your detailed thoughts. It means a lot to us.
You are also doing a great job through We look forward for a truly inspiring friendship with you in the days to come.

Vishal Sharma

Very Nice blog man…. Pleasure to talk with you… Ya sure if I require any help I will contact you..
And If you require any help then don’t hesitate ask me!!!
It would be pleasure in helping you!!!
Vishal Sharma recently posted…Making Money from MoneyMy Profile


Dear Vishal,

Thank you so much for visiting inspiring citizen and giving your valuable comment..We are really happy to have you with us..



I love the sound of your lives! It sounds amazing. I want similar things from my life too. I hope we can share stories along the way…

Lauren recently posted…Meet My InspirationMy Profile


Hello Lauren, is truly amazing and keep up the great work..Yes, we will definitely share stories because your voice sounds so familiar and I too feel that we are birds of the same feather..!

Jignesh Rathod (TechForWorld)

During my one year in blogging, I have observed that ‘personalized’ blogs become more successful and connect faster to readers’ hearts, no matter what is the blog’s niche or topic. Breaking it into 3 major keys:–

1. A one-man army blog (or only certain number of authors) directly connects reader’s mind– even if updated only once a week. A blog with huge, daily, useful post updates by many, multiple authors can’t do the same magic. Most guest posts seem to be ‘selfish’ with prime purpose of link building instead of truly helping readers! Isn’t it? (Though no offense to guest-blogging)

2. Posts with conversational writing mentioning ‘I’ and ‘You’ tend to be interesting to the reader. Also, frank and honest posts sharing author’s personal life experiences and with funny tone seem to be more personalized.
If the author has exposed his/her bio/profile/photo publicly, readers connect with him/her faster.

3. An author who tends to HELP the readers, beyond traffic and money wins hearts in no time.
Along with ‘helpful’ posts, when authors spend (or invest!) some time to respond to readers in comments or emails leave lasting impression on reader’s heart and he feels ‘I’m special’!

Isn’t it funny? Blogs tending pure business and “get” mentality fail to impress, but authors with “give” mentality and “not here to gain anything but help” become HUGELY popular.

Google has been shouting from the beginning, “Do it for your audience, NOT for search-engines.” But often so-called ‘SEOs’ are blind to that.

“Content is King”, originally said Bill Gates in 1996– how true it is still today! And will remain forever.
Jignesh Rathod (TechForWorld) recently posted…How I Made My Hacked WordPress Website Tight SecureMy Profile


Dear Jignesh,

By far, this is one of the best 5 comments that I have ever received on inspiring citizen..As a gentle reminder one of your previous comments still holds a special place in my heart and 1st place in my blog..

I agree with you on all the 3 points.

1. When articles comes from heart they connect with people’s heart…In the so called multiple author blogs they write because it is their job…We write because we feel like writing and givign value to people.

2. The words You and I have a profound impact..They have the power to connect with you directly and humor has got the special power to attract people.

3. If you check my traffic hardly 3% is from search engines and still I have an alexa rank of 1,47,000 within 4 months..

People like you are my biggest strength’s, Jignesh..

You are a great catalyst for my future blogging journey..We will meet either at Ahmedabad or in Kerala :) .


Angela McCall

It’s good to know you, Rafi and your partner (Sareena). So guys take turn writing on this blog? Looking forward to read more of your posts.

Angela McCall recently posted…Promote YourselfMy Profile



Its great to see you here, my friend..! Yes, we take turns in writing blog posts..However, there is no fixed schedule as such..We write when we feel like writing and only when we have something worthwhile to say..

I will see you over at


Shubham Somani

Thanks, Rafi Sir……It’s awesome and some inspiration is taken out from you….


Dear Shubham,

I am happy to know that I have played the role of a catalyst in inspiring you..Thank you so much :) .

Dr. Salil S

Dear Sareena,
Good work. Be in touch. Also refer There are few more resources like that which you can refer to. Also try adding videos.


Hi Sir,
It was a surprise and our pleasure to see you over here. I am glad that you liked our initiative. Thank you for the reference and the feedback. We will consider to add videos as well.
Your support and blessings are what we need.

Thank you once again sir for stopping by.


Hi rafi & safeena,

Good work guys :)

all the best


Thank you Naren!

Glad you liked our efforts.

bala krishna

its good to see NLP trainers doing great. Iwanted to do this when I started my career.
I wasted my time and thought what ever i know would be enough to survive, may i was right in terms of surviving but for growth its not enough. now i wold like to learn more and become an NLP trainer one day and get a call from Impact 2014.


Mamta Sharma

Hi Rafi,

You have a great blog! I found it interesting and to my surprise in sync with my blog

I have just started out with an inspirational blog 2 months back and relentlessly trying to promote it by adding new blog posts.

Would appreciate if I could contribute a guest post to your blog for link building and better connectivity!

Hope to hear from you soon!


Mamta Sharma
Mamta Sharma recently posted…Inspiration that Our Freedom Fighters InitiatedMy Profile


Hi Rafi,
I am very much inspired by seeing your site and blog. Congratulations for your efforts. I hope you will become an authority in NLP soon, if you strive continuously with the same pace. Cute Couple. All the best.

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