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9 Mistakes That You Should Commit This Year For Personal Development

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“Making mistakes simply means you are learning faster” – Weston H Agor

Does that make any sense?

How can mistakes help you in personal development? This is what you might be thinking rite now.

You will be making mistakes as long as you live, but the world will still move on. This is a new year and a new beginning. So if you start now, by the end of this year you can commit these 9 mistakes (that people think) for personal development and personality development.

1. You should only listen less

Taking the average human life span into consideration you may live on planet earth for hardly 70 years. You don’t have ample time to live the life that others want you to live. We could have given it a shot if we had another 70 years. Most of us live our lives trying to make everyone happy. You may commit some mistakes if you don’t listen too much. That’s ok..! Its a part and parcel of the development process. You will be more confident if you start taking your own decisions and you will be living a joyful life with more contentment. So listen less and act more.

2. You should sleep more

Try sleeping more and see what happens. Good sleep has got amazing benefits which can help you attain mental peace and physical well being. People say that you will become lazy if you sleep more, but I would say ample sleep (8 hours) is the first prerequisite for higher productivity, personal development and your overall personality development.
So next time someone wakes you up from your sleep and request you to join them for a movie, you know what needs to be said.

3. You should set unrealistic goals

This might be a tough one to digest for the management gurus, who follow the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time Bound) principle. Setting unrealistic goals may not help you in achieving them, but neither can you deny the minute possibility of achieving that unrealistic dream. Let me give you an example – In a country like India the political situation is highly unstable and anytime you will have to face an election. If you have an unrealistic dream (according to people) of becoming the Indian Prime Minister, this would be the right time to go for the kill. The entire nation is looking for a change and you may be the next messiah..So set some unrealistic goals for your personality development and national development. Again, you may fall and get hurt in the process, but you can be satisfied, that you tried.

4. You should go on a rigorous fast

You might be staring at me. People say that you should have ample food for good health. However you need to experience the effect of rigorous fasting and eating less. This may bring some changes to your body. You will understand the benefits only if you go through that experience. I will definitely commit this mistake of going on a liquid diet for a month to see how it feels to be in that state. I have heard that its a challenging place to be in and this mistake can be a huge strain for your body, as well. Whatever said and done nothing great has been achieved without stress and challenges. So I invite you to join me in this journey in a few days from now. I will be sharing my experience of liquid diet through my blog, for you.

5. You should procrastinate

Procrastination is considered to be one of the biggest modern day mistakes, that leads to failure. I am going to give you a different view point here. Lets talk about positive procrastination..You and I know that there is always two sides to a coin and procrastination has also got its benefits. Let’s say you are deeply in love with a new gadget and you feel like buying it as soon as possible. If you procrastinate the buying date the gadget may get outdated and you may have a huge saving. It can help you in avoiding fights and arguments  Or else you will act according to your impulse and it may create havoc. Procrastination may also help you to focus on important tasks and leave the unwanted ones. Now its up-to you whether to commit the mistake of positive procrastination for your personality development or get strangled in the stress of doing everything then and there.

6. You should get angry and also cry at times

Traditionally, anger and tears are considered as the symbol of weakness. But it is highly important to get angry at times and also cry at times, because this can help you in releasing your stress to a great extent. You may get some enemies as a result of your anger or you may be considered as a weak person, when you cry. Who cares? Do you want to lead a stress free life or want to live a life that is dictated by others. I always leave the choice to you because I trust your smartness to take a wise decision. Please remember not to over do it..! Maintaining a fine balance, even in mistakes, is the bottom line for personal development and personality development.

7. You should not just live in the present

I have been hearing this so called living in the present concept for a long time and I feel its time that you start living for the future as well. Try this out and you can swear me if it doesn’t help you. Start saving and start investing in yourself for your future. You may die today, but would you take your hands of the car steering while you are driving, (until and unless you have an intention to suicide) and say that its fate. Fate may or may not be there, but it is important to live a conscious life that helps you both in the present and for the future.
Yes, its good to be happy in this moment and also better to be happy in the long run. If you have a doubt you can see what this inspiring young girl has to say.

8. You should invest your time in something you hate

Does it sound stupid? All the above points might have also had the same effect in the first place. I feel you will change your thoughts when I substantiate with genuine facts.
Usually people will ask you to invest your time in something that you love, but here its the opposite. When you invest your time in something that you hate you are actually conquering your fear and you will become more courageous. This will also increase your self confidence and people will start appreciating you for mastering that act, which was difficult for you in the first place.

9. You should also mind others business

“Mind your own business” – Trust this term sounds familiar to you..We have been taught to mind our business and the same world will say that we are selfish..So from this moment start investing your time for others as well. I am investing my time for you through this blog and this might be a mistake, but the happiness I gain out of blogging for my fellow beings is immense. It has helped me immensely in my personality development. People might think you are stupid..All successful people initially were considered stupid.

Start committing these mistakes and share with us how it has helped you in developing your overall personality.

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Rahul Kuntala

Hi Rafi,

Don’t know whether you’re aware of me or not, I’ve introduced your blog to my Facebook fans and followers.

Wish you all the best for your blogging success, cheers!

Rahul Kuntala


Hi Rahul,

Your support is a great motivation for us move forward.

Thank you very much.


This article reminded me of my Trainer Dr. David John Lincoln who is a great psychologist, Master trainer of NLP and President of ANLP (INDIA). He is a great man and I suggest everyone should try doing NLP through him because he is also a great teacher.


Hi Rafi !

This was an interesting article… Unfortunate that I came across your article so late in the year… I think I will procrastinate and use your advise next year! :)

As I went through your article, it struck me that there’s also a 10th mistake equally important. “Be Lazy”… In an effort to do less work, you might just come up with some ama zing ly smart ideas !!

What do you think?

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