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8 Magical Tips To Relieve Your Stress In 8 Minutes

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Can you think about your current state of mind; are you stressed or relaxed?



Well, I just asked to see whether you are in the rite frame of mind to absorb what I am going to say:)


If you are stressed then this is the best time to read such an article, because you are getting ready made solutions to relieve your stress. It is even better if you are relaxed, because you can digest it easily and apply these techniques when you are under some stress in the future..



Please understand, all the 8 simple points that I am going to tell you is from my own life experience.


Also I have tried each of these methods personally and have seen amazing results. To be honest, I am a  little stressed rite now because of the the writers block, a hectic schedule and also the time of the day (Its 01.25 am IST ).


Yes, you read it rite, its 1.25 am and not 1.25 pm. Its been a long day where I have already put in close to 15 hours of productive work..So I decided to use my first AND the best stress reliever..


1. A deep trance


He he he..Are you guessing what is that?


Please don’t bang your head against the wall to know what it is..I will tell you in 2 seconds:)..


I just lied on my cot and slept peacefully.


Sometimes the solutions are so easy and we make it complicated..When you put in 15 hours of hard work its quite natural to get stressed and the best medicine is to have a deep sleep..


I may have a slight hit on my blog traffic if I post it a day later. But I am not going to put myself under too much stress and spoil my health, to get a few hundred hits..


The reason is so simple – people like you are my inspiration :) and you will definitely come back because you are a loyal reader of inspiring citizen.


A special thanks to you from my whole heart for supporting us throughout this journey.


Let me tell you the remaining 7 methods that you can follow to relieve your stress.


2. A quick ping pong on your body


Are you married?


If yes, then you are always in the company of a person who can relieve your dress. Please don’t get me wrong…he he he..I can guess what might be going through your mind..I will come to that in a bit and now please see what did I mean by a quick ping pong on your body.


It means a quick massage on your shoulders or head which is a great stress reliever. Myself and my wife do it for each other..This is one of the secrets behind our energy levels and smile :) :) ..We are revealing the secrets one by one, for U..


For the unmarried bachelors you may ask your siblings, friends, parents or relatives to do this for you.


3. Gibberish is always one of my favorites


I am an ardent follower of this type of meditation. This is a method whereby you consciously cut your thoughts by saying words that doesn’t have any meaning..


After doing this for nearly 15 minutes you can lie flat on the floor with your eyes closed, legs apart and hands apart..After a few minutes you can open your eyes and slowly wake up. The amazing feeling you have after this cannot be explained in words.


It is advisable to follow this under the supervision of a trained person and please let me know if you want to learn this technique.


4. Identify your parking space


Where do your leave your vehicle when you reach home after a journey?


Obviously, it has to be the parking space. That’s where your cab will rest till the time you re-start its engine.


Similar to that, you also should find out a place where you can release your stress as and when needed..It can be your musical instrument, it can be your girl-friend and I will leave the rest to your imagination.


5. Clear the mess


Most of times you can reduce your stress if you are able to clear the unwanted stuff and plan your time in a proper manner..


The name of the game is prioritizing and understanding what is important for you in your life. Having a picture of your day’s activities, both on your head and paper will help you in working more efficiently.


6. Please include more “NO’s” in your dictionary


Do you have the habit of saying yes to everything. If yes, then there is a high possibility that you will be under stress more often than not.


And do you know why this happens to you?


Simple, its because there is definitely a limit to which a human being can do in 24 hours. Hypothetically you can say Impossible means I am possible, but that is bull shit in the real sense. My objective is not to make you a lazy person.


There are two extremes in life -


1. Comfort

2. Pain


If you want to achieve success and reduce your stress then you should not embrace either of above points.


The ideal scenario is called “comfortable pain”. Let’s take the example of a rubber band. Is there any use with the rubber band if it remains in its normal state or comfort state.


You know that the answer is an obvious ‘NO’. Now, imagine what will happen if you stretch it too much.


Eventually it will break and it will be of no use.


Similar is the case with human beings as well. You have to stretch yourself till the level that you can work without stress and beyond that learn to say a diplomatic “NO”.


Please understand that your boss is not gonna take care of you if you are admitted in a psychiatric department because of hypertension.


7. Pour it out


Have you heard the old saying – “Your happiness will be double and your stress will be half if you learn the art of sharing your feelings with others”.


Many people hold on to their problems and create unwanted stress.


If you  can share it with your friends, parents or your spouse then you it will help you reduce your stress tremendously. I do this quite often with my wife and my best friend..My wife does this with me too.


8. By- heart these crash course contents


If you are still not satisfied with the 7 points and if you are still hungry for more tips please don’t get disappointed. I will give you few more tit bits to manage your stress.


  • Love those who love you and ignore those who hate you. I use this brilliantly to lead a happy life.
  • Listen to the words of your role model.
  • Ask yourself what are you going to gain if you stress yourself.
  • Deep breathing has been a proven medicine for stress over the years and I recommend it too.
  • Taking a bath in hot water can give you that much needed relief.
  • Hug your spouse and just cuddle on your bed..You can even go to the next stage and believe me, it is a master stress buster.
  • Just cry, get angry and release all your emotions. It can give you that much needed relief.
  • And finally, what the hell is stress?? Its just a perception as far as I am concerned..!


How are you feeling now? Even more stressed…!


And I repeat, what the hell is stress?


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