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7 proven ways to build self-confidence.

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Are you still with me?

Thank you for being with me and I believe you are looking forward for some ready to use ways to build self confidence. Let me tell you what prompted me to write this article.

I have been a trainer in the field of self help for the past 7 years and the most common question that was put forward to me was:

“Can you please tell me some ways to build self confidence?”

Now, let me ask you a question my dear friend.

What is self-confidence?

Samuel Johnson once said “Self confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings”

And today Mohammed Rafi says “Be confident even if you are not, because only you know the reality”

Many winners in the world have made it to the top because the element of self confidence was more in them compared to others in their respective fields. Moreover they also had the confidence in others which was equal to their self confidence. So do you want to see how you can build self confidence using these 7 proven ways, which are different from the usual stuff you come across like proper dressing, proper posture etc.

1. Anchoring

Have you heard about this term from any self help trainer or self help books?

This is a proven way to build self confidence, whose credit can be given to the field of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Program).  This is a method whereby you replace a negative thought with a positive instance that has taken place in your life. Please contact us if you want to learn this stuff and we will do our best to help you.

2. Develop your core competency

Let’s say you are a web developer and imagine your self-confidence if you are not thorough about the technologies which you are working on. So please invest quality time to improve the skills and knowledge in your respective fields.

Building your core competency requires effort, patience and perseverance from your end. Remember – “Rome was not built in a day”.

It is advisable to take the help of experienced people who will guide you in the right direction. It is very important for you to understand that learning is a never ending process and invest your time to become a subject matter expert. This will give you the courage and conviction to express your ideas and eventually will help you in building self confidence.

3. The materials you possess is immaterial

What did Abraham Lincoln possess?

The two things that suddenly come to my mind are self confidence and conviction. I know that I am talking to you at a time when billions of dollars are spent on election campaigns.

However, I would say with my whole heart that the material things (car, home, money etc) that you possess are immaterial to build self confidence. So re-align the thought process and start believing in yourself.

Steve Jobs built Apple from a garage and there are many young entrepreneurs who are building million dollar businesses with just a laptop. If you are reading this then I can say that you are educated and have access to internet. These two elements are more than enough to build self confidence. You should know how to use them and you can see here how you can make money using your education, laptop and internet access.

4. Create value for others

Your self-confidence will grow leaps and bounds when you create value for others.

Are you asking me how to create value?

Thank you for your valid question. You create value for others by meeting their needs and exceeding their expectations. You have to ask yourself whether you are adding a meaning to the lives of others by the work that you do.

Every profession is noble. However to have self-confidence in your profession people should find the worth in you. Taking feedback about your service. work or product is one of the most important ways to build self-confidence. When people give you positive comments then you start appreciating yourself.

5. Find the purpose of your life

Robin Sharma told us “The purpose of life should be a life of purpose”.

If you can find out why you are living on this earth, then you will be more confident to live. When people don’t have any aim they will be at sixes and sevens. So set out, find out and live out a life with purpose and self-confidence. This is not as easy as you think. However once you have identified it, then there will be more meaning and clarity for your life.

6. Ignore the hypocrites

History tells us that always there were a group of people whose only objective would be belittle others.

You will fail when you respond to those aimless worthless creatures.

The best option is to give them a smile and tell them that they are rite. That would be a shock for them.Try this out and tell me your experience. I have tried it numerous times and it has worked well for me. The story of the winning frog comes to my when I am elaborating this point.

Once there was a competition that was held for frogs, to run 50 kms. By the 25th km 92 frogs out of the 93 quit the race, except for one. Can you imagine the reason behind the success of that one frog and the reason behind the failure of the other 92? I look forward for your comments and the right one will receive a special mention in one of my upcoming posts.

7. You are unique

Many a times you lose self-confidence when you start comparing yourself with others. Please understand that you are unique and no one else can replace you.

Let’s take the example of Senegal who beat the world champions France in the first match of the 2002 Football World Cup. And I need not remind you about the story of David and Goliath, rite. When everyone said he is too big to hit, the little boy said he is too big to miss. You can imagine the level of self confidence of little David.

I trust the 7 proven ways to build self-confidence will help you in improving your self-confidence. Thank you once again for your valuable time. You are my inspiration behind this and I would want to know your comments about this post.

I will talk to you soon..! My wife is calling me to have my dinner!


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