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7 Best And Creative Valentines Day Gifts Ideas For Your Valentine

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Roses are pathetic, chocolates are terrible and teddy’s are boring…! So what next??? 


Are you confused about the valentines day gift that you are going to buy, for your love?


Yes, I can understand your feelings because I have the same feeling every year.



At the time of writing this article I am still thinking what to buy for my lady love..!


Well, its always a challenge when you have to find solutions for yourself, but easier to advise others…he he he :) :)


I believe that by the end of this article I will figure out the gift that I would want to buy for Sareena (my wife), but I will not reveal it here because if she happens to read this article then the surprise element would be lost.


Sorry dear…! I have been just talking about myself..At times we tend to get a little self-centered..


I know you are itching to see the 7 best and creative valentines day gifts that I am going to tell you.


7. Unique dinner of their life time


You need to know who is your valentine’s dream man or dream girl? You can give them the surprise of their life, if you can arrange  for a dinner with their dream person.


They will love you for that because this may be totally out of their imagination..Whatever said and done everyone will have some expectations and the beauty is when you exceed their expectations, by giving them the most creative valentine’s day gifts.


You can give this gift anytime, not necessarily for  just valentines day..That’s the beauty of all the 7 creative and best gifts that I will be giving for you from my imagination.


6. Use and throw or use for a life time


The red rose bouquets live only for a couple of days, the chocolates gets melted in your mouth within a few seconds, the Teddy’s might lie in their cupboard along with the other Teddy’s.


Have you see the Tamil movie called Anniyan?? Do you remember the scene where Remo gifts Nandini a mini rose garden.


Tintu from Cochin shares her story – ” when my boyfriend gifted me with actual rose plants instead of cut rose flowers, I was able to see our love grow as these plants and flowers grew”.  


Still you have a few hours left..So head straight to the best nursery in your town and get her a few rose plants, beautifully packed in a pot..


5. Meet a few things in their wish list


Your valentine might want you to cook a meal for them..


They might want to dance with you at a discotheque..


They might want you to lift them and keep them on your shoulders…I have done that for my wife and she was on cloud 9. You can see this picture if you want to see this once in a lifetime pose.


So your role is to understand what all they expect from you and give them at least a few of those…This will definitely make them feel good because they know that you care for them and you are interested in meeting their wishes rather than yours..


4. Adventure is the name of the game


Would you like to get the same gift every year?


I guess, the answer is a strict no.


When you yearn for adventure and creativity, your valentine has an equal rite..


Do scuba diving, take them on a cruise or go for sky diving..The choice is your and think of something that is adventurous and something that you haven’t tried in the past.  


3. Give them a beautiful snapshot of their life


You need to be smart enough to collect some rare ad unique photographs from their birth till date…


Give those photographs to a professional photographer and ask him to create a stunning album out of that..This will be a huge surprise for your valentine, which they can cherish for a life time.


2. Just be with them


I will tell you something very important which I learned from my life.


Even if you are not in a position to give them anything its fine..What’s more important is to invest quality time for your valentine…Unfortunately I am not in a position to do that this time as I am held up in a different location for a training program.


Hope my wife understands me…Sorry vave..!


I love you a lot and I miss you so much…! 


1. Give from your heart


My friend Arun Jose says that its not the matter of what you give, its all about giving. He gifted his wife Anu with a jeans and he was honest enough to say that it was the best which he could think of, because of his time constrain and budget..This same man has gifted her the best and cutest teddy available in his town, same time last year…


For Arun, Anu is so precious and having seen them from close quarters I would definitely say that they are an awesome couple.. 


Being a family man from India, I respect this gentleman for his love and affection..What do you think??


So the bottom line is this – “Giving is more important and what you give is not that relevant”..


Tell me, what are you going to give for your valentine and which idea did you like the most?




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:) true words from an honest man!! I will surely tell what I gave to my valentine…but not now…Will let you know later!!! :)

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