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6 Easy Peasy Ways To Reduce Daily Stress At Your Work Place

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“According to the prediction by World Health Organization, by 2020, 5 out of the top 10 health related problems will be caused by stress.”


And workplace stress is the major contributor of stress related health problems.



People have told me that they get addicted to drugs, lose concentration in work, unable to satisfy their wives in bed and in worst cases it has lead to severe psychological disorders and even death.


Ask yourself whether you want to be one of those or you would want to lead a stress free life?

Now I am going to ask you a simple and straight forward question which I feel is the major cause of stress for you, at your workplace.


Are you having a boss who gives you stress, everyday?


The reason I asked you this question is because you would not have clicked  this article, if you have an awesome boss…!


Currently I have an amazing boss, but I have worked under some nuts as well!!..he he he


So, are you serious in learning how to handle stress at your work place?


Rite then, numerous people have asked me about the tactics that I use to handle stress at work.


I have shared those with my close buddies and now I am sharing it with you, so that you can be more happy at your work place.


Let’s head straight to the 6 easy peasy ways on how to handle stress at work.


6. Build lasting relationships


How many real friends do you have at your office?


Do you know why I am asking you this question?


Because the more true friends you have, there will be more people to support you during your tough times at work.


Invest your time in building rapport with people and help them when they need you.


Law of reciprocity says that you will get in return, based on what you have given.


It takes time, effort and energy to build lasting relations with people at work place.


You should talk with them, walk with them, laugh with them and more importantly be them when then need you.


5. Don’t try to be a star, always


Do you have the habit of taking too many unwanted responsibilities to get a good appraisal score?


If yes, you are asking for trouble and more stress.


They say that “The ability to take responsibility is the measure of a man”.


However there is something called as reality and you should be aware of the capacity of your shoulders, to carry more weight on it.


I had this habit during the initial days of my career and at the end of the day I will be under huge stress to complete the tasks in hand.


This happens because you do not know how to prioritize your work.


So start to say “NO” when you think you already have good amount of work on your plate.


Trust me, this will definitely help you in leading a stress free life.


After-all you cant make everybody happy and those who try to do that will burn-out sooner or later.


Consistency is more important than magnificence. If you can achieve both without stressing yourself then you are a master blaster.


4. Prevention is better than cure

Smart people always fore-see the problems, but the ones who are stressed will be more reactive in nature.


Always look before you leap and also learn from the mistakes of others.


You may also take the opinion of your colleagues to see their perception about your stress level.


If people feel that you seem to be stressed out, then it is better to figure out means to arrest that.


Also keep an eye on your food habits and sleep to avoid stress.


Improper sleep and eating at irregular intervals can cause immense stress to your body.


The bottom line is to identify the basic causes of your stress and overcoming them.


3. Leave the 10% to nature


There are certain problems for which you may not be able to find out immediate solutions.
“So, why do you want to cry over stuff which is out of your control?”


It is better for you to wait for a time till the solution is evolved with the help of nature.


Remember, “Whatever happens life has to move on.”.


Let’s say you have a power failure at your office and the generator has also gone dead.


What is the point in you getting stressed about that, even if you have a project to be delivered.


You will come across many such situations in your workplace.


Ask yourself whether you want to die soon out of stress or leave the 10% to nature?


Next time when you are faced with such a situation just do these two things:

  • Inform your boss and client about the situation..


  • Listen to your favorite music..


2. Use creative stress busters


I will share a couple of creative stress busters that I have used in one of my previous companies.


  • I bought a small smiley ball, stuck the picture of my boss on one side of it and squeezed it hard whenever I felt that I was stressed.


  • I had a mirror in my desk and I used to look at it to understand my expressions and emotions. I would immediately change my facial expression if I was not happy.


  • Jibbersih is my masterpiece to eradicate stress. If you are interested to know more about it then I will be glad to teach you this amazing and unique technique to reduce stress. You will be able to get more information about it from Google. However, it needs the monitoring of a mentor when you practice for the first time.


  • Deep breathing, anchoring, a quick walk, a glass of water are some of the easy to practice, stress busters.


1. Ask yourself what the hell are you working for?


Are you working to get stressed?


I believe, you are working to lead a happy and peaceful life.



So what’s the point in doing a job that creates over stress for you.


Please understand that optimal stress is an important factor for your growth and your aim is to cut down over stress.


If you don’t love the job you are doing then you will be under constant stress.


Obsession towards your job can also lead to stress.


Leading a balanced life, giving equal importance to career, family, society and yourself is the secret behind the success of happy people.


Take special care to recharge yourself by going for a vacation, spending quality time with your friends and any other stuff that gives you happiness.


Even after using all these techniques, if you still find it difficult to handle stress, then its time for you to look for a new job or switch your career.


Do you have something to share with your friends, in addition to what I have said??


Photo courtesy: Reuben Varghese

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Hi Rafi,

It’s great to be at your blog!

You included some excellent advice on how to reduce stress at work. In particular, I could resonate with the points you made about developing good relationships (this is so important) and having the ability to say “no”.

I would like to add that life and indeed work was never meant to be stressful. Ancient spiritual scriptures explain ways to work stress-free (such as through non-attachment) and these can be powerful references we can refer to whenever we get stressed.
Hiten recently posted…How to Deal with Social AnxietyMy Profile


Hi Dr. Hiten, Its a great feeling to see you on our blog because myself and my wife and regular followers of your blog and we truly admire the work you are doing through NLP and also through your blog..

Let all your dreams come true and supporting you will always be a great pleasure for us.


Hi Rafi,

Thank you very much for your kind words.

Indeed, it works both ways and I too am looking forward to supporting you and your wife. I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts.

May all your dreams come true, as well!

Thank you.
Hiten recently posted…How to Deal with Social AnxietyMy Profile


Hi Dr. Hiten,

We are so glad to know that you are there to support us when we need your help and thank you once again for that..

Would you be kind enough to give an interview for inspiringcitizen.

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