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50 Simple Things You Can Do To Make People Happy!!

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You are an amazing human being. Wondering why I said so?

It is because you are keen to know the things you can do to make people happy and this is something which is done only by amazing human beings like you..

Selfish people wouldn’t invest their time on quality stuff..

You are generous and I appreciate it.

Thank you for passing by and its time for you to see the 50 simple things you can do to make people happy.

1. Appreciate people and give reason for your appreciation. If you have a doubt please see the second paragraph of this post.

2. Remember people’s name and it is always better to address them by their name because it gives a personal touch and it is one of the best things you can do to make people happy. If you have a problem in remembering people’s names then I will help you sort that with one of my upcoming posts – 10 Smart Techniques To Improve Your Memory.

3. Wish them on their birthdays and anniversaries. I am not very good at it though. However I am working on it and it is already showing good results.

4. Give them responsibility and tell them that you trust them.

5. Give a call once in a while to see how they are doing.

6. Use the two magical words – Thank You and Please.

7. Listen to them actively and repeat what they have told you. This will give them an impression that you were actively listening and they will be happy about that.

8. Be willing to refer them when they need you.

9. Invite them to your home.

10. Tell people about the new discounts in your city.

11. Refer them to a new restaurant, if you found it good.

12. Talk to people on their area of interest and not yours.

13. Let people overtake you while you are driving. What are you gonna lose if someone gets happiness by overtaking your vehicle?

14. Go through their work and give them constructive feedback which will help them to improve.

15. Make it a habit to pass the good news about people.

16. Share with people and they will appreciate you.

17. Ask for people’s opinion. Everyone loves to give their comments.

18. For some reason if you get into an informal debate let them win the battle. You will be able to see the happiness in their faces, if you observe them closely.

19. Mention their good deeds in a common gathering.

20. Encourage them when they faced with a roadblock. They will remember you for their life.

21. Be with them during their tough times. This is the best option to make people happy, both in the short run and long run.

22. Assess their preferred means of communication and talk to them in their pattern. This is a tip from NLP. To be more precise understand whether they are visual, auditory or kinesthetic. Please get in touch with me through and I will give you more information on this.

23. Give them an awesome book to read.

24. Like, comment or share their Facebook post. This is the of high relevance in today’s world, where social media rules.

25. Endorse them on linkedin and retweet their tweet. I am not kidding..How many times you have smiled when you see the endorsement on your linkedin profile?

26. Buy them a gift. What matters is not the value of the gift, but the feeling you give people when you gift them. This is one of the all time best things you can do to make people happy.

27. Invite them for a lunch or dinner.

28. Offer a job, either to them or their close relatives in your company.

29. Lend a helping hand when they are ill or hospitalized.

30. Treat their kids like your kids.

31. Send them the link of a great blog post or a video.

32. If possible, talk at least a couple of sentences in their language. They will love you for that. You can still make people happy if you can know a few words of their language.

33. Give people a pat on their back and cheer them up if you feel they are feeling lonely.

34. Tell them, you love the things that they love.

35. Mirroring is an advanced method used in NLP to make people happy and build rapport with you.

36. Be open and transparent, at the same time see not to hurt the feelings of others.

37. This one is a universal law. Smile – It costs you nothing.

38. Offer them your seat in public transport.

39. Share their lovely snaps with them.

40. Help a blind man cross the road.

41. When they come up to you with a new idea, motivate them and encourage them.

42. Wish them when you see them and also say good bye when you leave them.

43. Be constant and consistent in your deeds and actions. They will love you for this.

42. Offer them water if you carry a bottle of water with you. The most basic need of a human and if you can quench their thirst at the rite time, they will remember you for a life time.

43. Share your positive experiences with them..Please don’t kill them with your words. Keep it short and sweet.

44. Use your sense of humor to bring laughter to people. People like to be around happy people like you.

45. Try to be unique and have self respect. This will make people happy.

46. Its important to keep your promises if you wan’t to make people happy.

47. Always be willing to take feedback.

48. Be a team player.

49. A genuine hug can make a huge difference to people’s happiness. You can see this is Western culture and Arab culture.

50. You can stop reading this and take action now.

Thank you for taking the first action by giving your feedback about this post.

You have numerous options to give your feedback – You can either like, share, comment or subscribe to our e-mail…I trust you and I value your feedback because I want to give you more value.

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Mohammed Rafi

Dear Unni,
Thank you for your valuable feedback. I am more happy to know that you are already acting on these tips..!!!

Bjorn Karlman

A great list!! I especially enjoyed #11 as I am hungry right now. I am glad I discovered inspiringcitizen!


Thank you…useful tips!!

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