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50 Important Life Questions To Ask Oneself Before You Die!!

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“Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.”


- Tony Robbins


See, if you have asked intelligent questions in your life then you are bound to be successful. The only criteria is to ask better and important life questions.



I believe, you have asked hundreds of questions to yourself and others, over the years. Now, can you recollect some of the questions which you ask everyday?



You would be surprised to learn that your life is based upon the questions that you ask yourself. H’mm, are you finding it difficult to believe what I am saying..


Wait a moment!!!


I am going to show you a set of questions which are asked by unsuccessful people.


I think, this is enough for the time being ;) .


You will be able to reflect upon yourself only by asking sensible and meaningful questions. In my NLP Training sessions, I prompt people to ask questions at themselves and find their own meaningful answers. This has brought me some great feedback from our participants. If you want to achieve excellence in your life by participating in one of my NLP sessions, then please get in touch with me on 08891894588 or you can send me a personal e-mail to


In the first place, you may feel numb when you ask questions to yourselves. However, over a period of time you will see more clarity for your future. It will build your self confidence and will help in your overall personal development.


I learned the art of asking more questions through provocative coaching. Please read this article on provocative coaching if you want to see more clarity for your life.



I have asked many important questions in my life and I felt it is highly important to share these 50 important life questions with you, too :) .


I KINDLY request you to reflect upon each question, find your answer and then move forward.


Disclaimer:-  You will get the desired result when you take your quality time to read this article..!


1. What is your biggest motivation in life?

2. What should you do when someone hurts you mentally?

3. How can you change yourself?

4. What are the things in life which gives you utmost happiness?

5. Who are the people with whom you should spend your time with?

6. What is the fun in living on earth?

7. What is your feeling when you have done something great?

8. What keeps you moving forward?

9. What are the 3 biggest changes in your life in the past 1 year?

10. What are the new things which you have tried doing in the last 365 days?

11. Can you describe yourself in one word?

12. How do you express your deep love towards others?

13. When are you going to visit the 3 places on earth which you always wanted to see?

14. How do you give back to the society?

15. What is the reason that you are reading this article ;) ?

16. What is the best thing that has happened to you in the last 6 months?

17. Do you appreciate the blessings of life?

18. Can you tell me things which you have regretted, after doing it?

19. What is the most important thing that you need in your life and where can you find that?

20. What’s the best way to solve your problems?

21. How much money do you need to lead a happy life and ask yourself, whether you be really happy if you get that amount?

22. Do you look for the ideal wife/husband in your partner?

23. Is there something called as an ideal wife or an ideal husband?

24. What are the 3 main reasons behind marriage?

25. What can you do to create opportunities in your life?

26. How do you overcome your challenging times?

27. What is the number 1 priority of your life at this point of time?

28. What do you always see around you?

29. What you see outside is what is inside you. Do you agree with me?

30. Is there something called as an ideal world?

31. Where do you spend most of your time?

32. Where do spend most of your money?

33. Have you been able to identify the culprit between you and your dreams?

34. How can you emulate the success of great people?

35. Have you thought, what stops you from being happy?

36. What are your 3 best accomplishments of your life?

37. How do you make others smile?

38. What according to you is the most noblest thing on planet earth?

39. Is there any acceptable scenarios where telling a lie is better than telling the truth?

40. Can you commit to 3 things which will you do differently from today?

41. Which are your 3 most favorite rare inspirational quotes?

42. What are the 3 things which you always hate doing?

43. How can you know whether you are in the right track or not?

44. How better can you start your day and end your day?

45. Which is the one word that you use the highest number of times in your life?

46. What are the 3 main resources which you should safeguard?

47. What type of books should you read?

48. What do you want to achieve with your life?

49. In what ways are you different from the rest of the world?

50. Finally, what have you learned from answering all the above questions?


I know that you would have faced more questions than this from your wife/girlfriend/husband/boyfriend ;) .


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Having said that, can you show your commitment by answering to 3 of the above questions through our comments section.


















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I. C. Daniel

15 – curious what questions are
20- working hard to solve it, doesn’t matter what is
31 – in front of my pc I spend some good number of hours
37- I’m a funny guy, I say funny jokes and the laugh like crazy
50 – life is something big, I cannot describe it in few words

Best regards from I. C. Daniel
I. C. Daniel recently posted…Dodge Ram Full – Farming Simulator 2013 ModsMy Profile


Hi Daniel,

Thank you for sharing your answers and we look forward for your active participation in all our discussions :) .



50 – I don’t know what to say

27 – my job

35 – i am thinking about it


Thank you for sharing your answers for three of the above 50 questions.

yogesh pant

really inspiring.
People many-a-times fail because they ask wrong questions to themselves and then end up in answering some very silly answers to them. It is all about asking the right questions to yourself and finding the right answers. Success lies in looking for the positive aspects in the hardships.
yogesh pant recently posted…Aurora Australis | The Southern LightsMy Profile



The important thing is to realize the difference between wrong questions and right questions. Once you have realized it, then it is easier to focus on the positive questions, to get the desired answers :) .


I took 3 of them which are easy to answer

15. To see what Rafi Bro is trying to prove.
37. In my class I put jokes on myself seriously and children laugh. (This is a honest answer)
38. A person helping other person without expecting anything back in return.

Nice questions Rafi made me to think a while for each of them.
Vijesh recently posted…Tips for Nocturnal bloggers to Supercharge their WorkflowMy Profile


Vijesh Bhai,

I love your comments always, because it is from your heart.

Your honest answer to 37 is cool.



Hi Rafi,

Well that was interesting and boy were there a lot of questions. Okay, so I’m not going to answer them all in this comment but I did answer them as I read through them all. Oh and I do have an answer for them all. Yay!!!

I know though that the questions from the “unsuccessful” people are things that will continue to hold people back. I only wish everyone would have enough confidence in themselves but we both know that’s not always the case.

Thank you for sharing this and hope you’re enjoying your week.

Adrienne recently posted…Share Juice Pro: Plugin To Help You Increase Social ReachMy Profile

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