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5 Most Important Things In Life Which You Should Always Thank, Enjoy And Appreciate

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Last evening, after doing my mediation, I asked myself this simple question?


Other than food, clothing, water, air and shelter, what are the most important things in life which you should always thank, enjoy and appreciate.


Don’t be surprised when you read the following points, because these are day to day things which we may take it lightly. However, without these 5 most important things life might feel like hell.


1. Fart


Yes, I mean it. Can you re-live the relief which you have got when you released the unwanted gas from your body:).  Jokes apart..!


People may laugh at it or they may even make fun of you when you do it in public, but no one can deny that its one of nature’s biggest blessings, according to me.


At this point of time, a real life story is passing through my mind and I am going to tell you that, right now. 


A few years back, myself and my friends were waiting in a bus stop. At this point of time a friend of mine farted a couple of times.. Seeing this, an old lady who was standing next to us got a little angry, and asked my friend what is he doing.


To this my friend said – “Aunty, this is a trumpet which is given by God and sometimes it is blown even without our control :) .” 


Surprisingly, the old lady burst out in laughter, joined by all of us in that bus stop. 


I don’t mean to say that you should do this public. But my point is – ” This is a natural phenomenon, which you should enjoy, thank and appreciate, without intruding the privacy of others.” You should also accept the fact that sometimes things go beyond your control and there is no reason to be ashamed of it. 


2. Ability To Forget Things


Can you recollect the exact number of times you would have fought with someone in your life?


I would say, its nearly impossible. You can very well try to bring it back to your memory. However, most of the times you will end up on the losing side.


Just imagine – How much hatred would have existed in this world if we had the ability to remember all the bad things that were done to us by people.


World is a much more beautiful place because of this natural ability of mankind to forget certain things in their life. 


So next time, when you forget something please tell yourself that it is a blessing by nature. But when you start forgetting everything then it is time to consult a doctor ;) ..!


3. Crying


H’mm, the so called saints ask you to be more courageous and not cry.


But, I am personally against it. I would say, please cry when you are feeling sad and when you feel like crying. 


Let’s take a look the benefits you get when you cry?

  • ‘Crying can help release tension and stress, as well as expressing emotions,’ says Dr Abigael San, chartered clinical psychologist.
  •  Crying washes away the unwanted chemical from our body, which are formed as a result of your stress.
  • Crying also protects our eyes from dusts and cleanses our eyes.

So next time when you are stressed and feel like crying, just burst out. And please let us know your feelings when you come across such a situation.


4. Laughter


You and I would have gone dead if there was no laughter in this planet. Don’t you agree with me?


Read these funny short stories to have a good laugh, if your facial muscles are a little stressed because of your hectic work.


You’ll be truly surprised when you are going to hear the amazing benefits of laughter, which I am going to show you now.

  • Have you heard of stress hormones called adrenaline and cortisol. If not, then please understand that laughter reduces these hormones in your body, which will help you to be in a relaxed state.
  • Laughter has got the amazing power to nourish your memory and also it brings out the creative genius in you.
  • This is the most simple and easy workout that you can give for your facial muscles.
  • In a study conducted at the John Hopkins University they found out that laughter enhances learning and memory.
  • Laughter can multiply the disease killing cells like T- Cells and Gamma – Interferon.


Why wait?


Just laugh out loud :) :) :) ..!


5. Urination and Defecation


Once a King asked Thennali Raman “What are the 2 things that gives you utmost pleasure in your life?”


Thennali Raman told the king that he would give the answer in a day’s time, to which the king agreed.


The king was locked inside his room and he was roaring at his people to open the door.  Seeing this, all the people in the kingdom got really afraid, and they called for Thennali Raman, who locked the room. Once Thennali Raman opened the door, the king run faster than Hussain Bolt ;) , to the toilet. On the way to the toilet, he told Thennali Raman that he will be hanged immediately after king’s return from the toilet.


After coming out from the toilet, the king said ” This is the biggest pleasure I have had in my life.” And the clever Thennali said, “King, this is the answer to the question which you had asked me last evening.”


Do I need to say more :) ?


The problem with us is that we don’t enjoy the simple blessings of life, but we are more focused on running towards the so called materialistic world. We need that as well. However, its highly important to lead a well balanced and happy life by controlling your needs and enjoying your existing blessings.


What do you think about these 5 most important things in life? Can you think of some more important things in life which I might have missed to share here. Please express your thoughts through our comments.












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bhanu pratap

thanks for this valuable post
that what i really wants to find
Ability To Forget Things is the most important thing in this world
bhanu pratap recently posted…what is haswellMy Profile


Bhanu pratap,

Thank you so much for visiting us and giving your valuable thoughts.

Looking forward to see you here, in the future as well..And yes, ability to forget things is a biggest blessing, at times.


Simple and straightforward article..!

Great going, my luv..!
Sareena recently posted…Hello world!My Profile


Thank you so much, luv..!

Amal Rafeeq

Rafi Bro,
I just wanted to say that I’m turning into one of your another loyal fan from a friend I got online. You nail down what you write and it gets better each and every time you post something new.

You are the next Professional Writer who will reach the hearts of many for sure :)

First you entertain your readers with jokes ;) , drags them to something worth reading, roll out facts and at the end you try to get your readers back on your blog by promising more awesome content.
Keep it up bro. Good luck :) I’ll be always there to help you in all ways I can. Kudos!
Amal Rafeeq recently posted…The Social Blogger Giveaway Contest : Win Sony Xperia UMy Profile


Amal bro,

I am really honored to know that you have become my loyal reader..

You trust in me is immense and I pray that your words should come true in the coming days. Yes, humor has got a lot of importance in our lives. People forget to laugh and smile when they grow up..So I try my level best to instill some laughter into people :) :) ..!

Your continuous support and love is much appreciated, Amal..! I wish all the best for winning your guest blogging contest.


Ajay John

Bro:) an awesome article.absolutely correct things were you said. Thank you amal for this link.


Dear Ajay bro,

I am pleased to see your comments and I once again thank Amal for sharing this post on his wall :) .!


Hey Rafi,

Your points were simply superb, in my school at times when I scold children they cry. Other children say “Sir she is crying” though I feel in my heart I say let her cry at least her eyes would be clean and when she sees me I say see how white her eyes became and slowly the crying would turn into a smile. I just remembered this incident when I was reading about crying.

When you asked what are the things you need other than food, clothing, shelter, air and water. I seriously thought we need love, relationship and God too in the list. Every human being in this world needs to be loved. And you know whenever we had good time or bad time we need a person to share either it may be mother, father, sister, brother or wife so relationship too is a requirement. Now if you are deprived of Love or relationship the only thing you need is GOD. GOD is the only answer to a person who needs perfect solutions to their problems. Here I am not supporting any religion or any deity. I feel GOD to be as GOD and I don’t want to name him so and so. Even I tell my students pray to GOD and depend on GOD because sometimes miracles do happen with or without our knowledge.

Ok if i keep my opinions aside the article was nice, bit funny with the stories of your friend at bus stand and Thenali Raman. Next time I want to hear Akbar Birbal so be prepared with the story bro. Just kidding :)

Hope to see more of you Rafi…


Hey Vijesh,

Your students are blessed to get such an amazing master who is so understanding and caring.

You are right..We definitely need love, relationship, money and God..However, I felt these are things which we are used to hear everyday and I should give my readers something unique, which will make them think and laugh..I see you using the word GOD, quite often…!

I can tell you a story about Albert Einstein – Once a man asked Eisntein “Do you believe in God?”. To which Einstein said “Create one, even if there is no GOD”. Your ego gets shattered when you believe that there is someone above you. However, only very few people get the real feeling and connect with GOD in their lifetime, which I am currently pursuing..

Your opinions is what adds value to the blog, Vijesh :) ..So please keep it coming. I gave you Neil Patel interview and I promise you that I will give you Akbar/Birbal stories for YOU, in one of my upcoming articles.


I. C. Daniel

First time I find word fart online. Of course it happens to me but usually when I eat beans. This is quite rare, on other food I rarely encounter such, around 1-3 times at 3 days.

Best regards from I. C. Daniel
I. C. Daniel recently posted…Play Goodgame Gangster OnlineMy Profile


Hello Daniel,

Ha ha ha…That was a real and honest feedback, Daniel..

That’s one reason I wanted it to be plain and real..

Interesting to know that it happens for you when you eat beans..For me, food is irrelevant and my wife tells me that she is not able to sleep if she doesn’t listen to a couple of big crackers of mine ;) ..!

Ramesh Prasad

Simply wonderful Rafi. I enjoyed reading your simple and powerful thought. You are are wonderful writer.


Wow..! I am really surprised to see your comments, Ramesh. Thank you so much for appreciating my writing style..

I am modelling the master himself and have imbibed a few elements from him..You would agree with me because you are also from the same school :) ..

Thanks once again for coming and hope to see you again with more thoughtful comments :) .

Susan Cooper

I don’t know what I expected but you certainly took me by surprised. The most important thing you did was to make me laugh and smile. That is also something to be tankful for.
Susan Cooper recently posted…View Of Spring View: Story (Podcast)My Profile


I am happy that you laughed after reading this article.

Thank you so much, Susan for your simple and honest comment :) ..!

Mark Brody

Very nice post! I found myself smiling through most of it! As busy as we all get, sometimes the simplest and most natural things we do really bring us the most pleasure.

Thank you for sharing!


Hello Mark,

Your comment has brought a smile on my face as well :) ..Can you see me smiling :) ??

Yes, you said it right..When we get busy we tend to forget the simple blessings of life.

Jignesh Rathod

Rafi, this article made me stop and think! We take life’s simple but most important things for granted. Apart from 5 basic things you mentioned, I thought I must be thankful for water, food, fresh air and a place to live! I also learned to value family and friends who play important roles in our lives.
Simply one of the most frank and straight forward shit ever read!
Jignesh Rathod recently posted…23 Things I Hate About Your BlogMy Profile


Jignesh, I agree with all the other elements which you have mentioned. And you get more respect when you say s**t is S**t and not cocoa chocolate ;) ..!

I very much appreciate your straight forward and to the point comment :) ..!

Talk to you soon, brother.

yogesh pant

yes, there are many a mandatory things we are shy to do them.
You have essentially published and listed them in a good and elaborated manner.


Yogesh, People at times shy away from expressing their real feelings of life. We will be able to lead a more happy life if we have to courage to enjoy the simple things of life. :) .


Typically I do not examine publish with weblogs, however desire to point out that this write-up quite forced me personally to see in addition to do so! A person’s producing flavour have been amazed me. Thank you, fairly fantastic publish.

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