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44 Best Lessons Of Life You Might Have Never Heard

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Can you think of the lessons that life has taught you over the years?


When you look back, you can clearly see the best life lessons which you have implemented in your life and shared with others.



However, there might be some missing threads in your life which has forced you to read this article.


Guess, I am right ;) ..!


Let’s together dwell into the 44 best life lessons, which will help you in tackling your everyday life challenges! I am sharing these lessons of life which I have learned over the past 29 years ;) …Now, you know my age as well :) , don’t you???



1. Going slow is absolutely fine; standing still is dangerous. Be a slow moving Duck, rather being than a sitting Duck.

2. Money isn’t everything, but everything needs money.

3. You will be more happy, when you stop trying to please others always.

4. Its better to be a radical rascal than a diplomatic donkey.

5. Take your time to judge yourself, rather than wasting your time to judge others.

6. Help people only in adverse situations. Otherwise you are killing their opportunity to get stronger.

7. Honesty is not the best policy, always. Or else you have to be a Buddhist monk ;) or a real Indian Yogi..!

8. Understand that people always are concerned about themselves and not about you.

9. There is only thing which you cannot avoid; Death..! So, accept it and just live your life without thinking about death.

10. Its better to listen to your heart rather than the golden words of the people around you..Your heart will never cheat you.

11. You are your best friend and your biggest enemy.

12. Hug your critics and thank your competitors, because without them you are just plain s**t.

13. Embrace your fears when your heart tells you to do that, and not by reading from a book.

14. Eventually, deep down, all of us are selfish, in one way or the other..You may agree or disagree with me :) .   

15. If what you are doing is not working, then do something else.

16. Life is both a comedy as well as a tragedy..So, please laugh and do cry..! Its good for your health.

17. Modelling a wise man is 100 times worth your time, than taking a 2 year post graduate course…

18. Be prepared to accept, when you are ready to give..Its highly important to give and receive..! Both are interlinked.

19. There is nothing called as an ultimate goal. Its just a fictitious element, which is there to keep us motivated…This is my feeling at this point of time, and it may change over a period of time.

20. When you are faced with failure, just bang your head against a pillow, but not a wall ;) …You need your head to re-look and bounce back.

21. Private hospitals and certain doctors are dangerous than terrorists, beware of them.

22. Burgers gives you cancer and yoga gives you 6 pax…Choice is yours..!

23. Love your girlfriend/wife more than your gadgets, because only they can love you back, kiss you and hug you.

24. If you have gotta do something which you like, then its better to do it after you are dead…He he he…Wondering, what this guy is up-to? 

25. There are some idiots who are against corporate jobs..I would say that today’s economy is revolving around that…Its better to take calculated risks, rather than plunging yourself into deep blue sea.

26. Your life is not based on the number of likes you get on facebook, but by how many lives you have genuinely touched in your life.

27. It is always wise to be a keen student, rather than a pretended master.

28. Skills alone will not take you anywhere, learn how to market them ;) .

29. There are lot of living encyclopedias who are living disasters. Be careful not to fall in that group.

30. Your duty is to do your task, to the 100% satisfaction of your conscience. You cannot convince others, leave that to nature.

31. Anger is natural, you just need to have control over the extent of anger.

32. Sometimes you be held back by your family priorities, but don’t let that happen for a lifetime.

33. If you save, then you will be saved.

34. Move away from people who just bulls**t. Its not gonna make any difference to you, by listening to them.

35. If you are still reading this, then you can call yourself a willing learner, which is a great skill to possess..I appreciate your time and effort and its just 9 more points to go :) ..!

36. Sometimes you will be forced to do things which you don’t like..You may have to accept it for a while, because of your life situation, but not always..

37. People are the most beautiful and dreadful creatures in this world…So love them and also observe them carefully..

38. If you need to grow, ask enough questions and don’t settle for what you know.

39. Learn to live, don’t just exist.

40. What you love are those things which will make you lose track of time..! You will love life if that is your job..!

41. Give people the attention they want, and see the response you get from them.

42. Forgive them, but don’t forget them.

43. Be assertive, otherwise you will become a door mat.

44. There are lot of beautiful things happening in the world right now, just look around and tell us what you saw, through our comments.

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What are your best lessons of life? Let us know, if you have something interesting to share.


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Interesting bro..
Every point looks bit different and I agree for few of them and some I don’t and some I need to test.

Money is not everything but yet we need it. I am trying to keep this element the lowest in my life, yet some times it dominates but still I will keep it low someday.

Forgive them but don’t forget them this quote is by John F Kennady recently read somewhere.
Regarding beautiful things around I think for this moment its this post.
Vijesh recently posted…3 Months of my Blogging Journey with Blog in GraceMy Profile


Vijesh Bhayya,

My objective was to share something that people may not have read in the past..And I respect your honest view point, in saying that you agree with some, disagree with a few and need to test a few. These are things which has worked for me in my life. However, there is no guarantee that it will work in others life..

My objective was also to keep my needs to minimum, but when you have a family to support you have to look for means to make money..I was born with a golden spoon and have also was on the verge of begging, which I will share with my readers when the time comes.

Wow, thank you for saying that this post was the most beautiful thing, which was around you at the time of commenting..And thank you for sharing the knowledge that John F Kennedy has said the same thing which I have also mentioned..May be, I may become John F Kennedy, one day..Who knows ;) ??


Hello Karan,

It is a great pleasure to see your comments and also to know that it helped you in making you more peaceful.

Thank you for reading my article and more importantly thank you so much for taking your time to comment :) ..!

I. C. Daniel

9 – I can not bear it

21 – I thought private hospitals are expensive

35 – just rocks, I guess you’re thinking I’m not reading, good to know only 9 left :D

Was nice to read you Rafi, see you next time.

Best regards from I. C. Daniel
I. C. Daniel recently posted…Farming Simulator 2013 – TruckMy Profile


Hello Daniel,

Yes, private hospitals are expensive and that’s what I meant..Excuse me, if it sounded a little different.

9 – You may have to become more tough, Danny :) ..!

35 – glad to know you liked it the best..

Abhilash Soman

Its nice you read the words again that we had discussed in our past life and feeling great also about you. Thank you for the motivation to take a giant leap my dear friend.


Oh yes, we have discussed most of the things which I have mentioned here..! And I wish that your giant leap will bear fruits in the coming days my dear friend :) ..!


pleasure to read what u write sir….
“No matter what has happened to you in the past, your future is spotless”… –
(Who will cry when you die? – Robin Sharma)


Poonam, “Who will cry when you die” is one of my top 5 favorite books.

Thank you so much for your everlasting support and encouragement, Poonam..

Shubham Somani

i like your post so much…… is right, everyone has to get lots of lessons in his life and but the main thing is that what we learn from this………because a big person said that if you learn something from your bad time then bad time gone and you are always waiting for bad time.


Thank you Shubham :)

yogesh pant

if each of the lesson is to be followed, as such for various conditions, they are enough for every person to be happy forever. But, there are times when we fail to behave as according to what we might have. Thus, practicing to behave more close as per the lessons stated in this article shall help any individual.
yogesh pant recently posted…Aurora Australis | The Southern LightsMy Profile


Hi Yogesh,

As you said, we might forget the lessons of life and behave in a way which is not conducive to the environment. However, we would have to re-visit the important lessons of life to bring positive changes. :)


These tips are great, thank you for the share! Always good to get some inspiration before you start the morning work.


Hi Hemal,

Yes, you said it right. Getting some inspiration in the morning will definitely help you in performing better for the rest of the day.


i think my favorite lesson is ‘better to be a slow moving duck than a sitting duck.’ I have found this to be true, esp, when getting rid of bad habits and creating new behavior… We usually over-estimate what we can do in a month and under estimate what we can do in a year…slow progress is the only way for sustainable change.

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