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22 Happy marriage Tips For You, Which I Learned From My Love

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Before I scribble, I would like to say that today I will be more emotional, sensitive and a bit long, as I am writing about my love and my marriage.

“I love it when his arms are around me, when we cuddle closely. I love the way he make me feel safe as if he won’ let no one hurt me . His arms are my castle, his heart is my sky” this phrase is one of my favorite’s.

Hi  folks, hope all of you are having a wonderful day with your loved ones. I am writing this piece sitting next to my love, with his arms around my shoulders…I bet, you can’t ask for a better scene.

Rafi, my love mate AND my soul-mate, came into my life on 26th June 2011. It was my parents who searched Rafi for me, when they felt it was time for me to be in a relationship. Mom and dad thank you for gifting me a loving husband and loving in-laws. You both gave me the life’s most wonderful birthday gift (it was on my b’day last year our marriage was fixed).

What shall I say about my Rafi? He is my love, my partner, my philosopher and everything…..On my ore-marriage days I used to think marriage is all about compromise and sacrifice and you just align your life to it.

But Rafi proved it wrong.!

It was he who taught me what real love is and how to love unconditionally. Being with him I learned life, got the opportunity to travel a lot and meet people from different aspects of life. He is the man who instilled confidence in me and showed me what I am capable of.

Rafi helped me to discover my purpose of living…..Living with him I learned to say sorry and thank youHe taught me to see others from their world and to understand their emotions…. He taught me to forgive and also to face the world…..My Rafi is truly an amazing person…

Rafi, I love you a lot…..Thank you for everything. Your love is what makes me pour endless words for you. I will be always  there and will stand-by you when you need me.

It’s  been almost a year and a half since we are in the institution of marriage and from my experience I can say marriage is the most beautiful relationship in this world after motherhood if you are sincere, loving and genuine to your partner.

During the initial days of our marriage because of my immaturity (Well, Rafi says still I am immature :P ) I used to commit many mistakes. But I was lucky enough, because Rafi, my big man, has got tons of patience stored in him. He dealt with all my mistakes with maturity and made me understand where I went wrong and where there was room for improvement.

Indeed I am lucky enough, but still a lot of things are vested in my hands to keep this successful marriage beautiful and ongoing in the long run. Though I don’t have a long relationship experience to write down, I am capable of giving my readers some marriage tips to make it the most beautiful relationship. I gained these insights from my own experience, travel, yoga and by observing other people’s marriage.

Here goes the happy marriage tips that I learned from my Rafi.

I hope you enjoy this mouth watering dish.!

  •  Remember, life is not about keeping a score-card

Never keep a score card of the work done by your partner.

Don’t say “I have done this and now it’s your turn to complete”.

Believe me, keeping score cards of workload will only increase tension in your
marriage, unless your partner is very lazy.

I am in my laboratory with my next blog post – How to tackle lazy husbands?

It will be ready in a couple of week’s time and please come again to read my
special post, written after doing a lot of practical experimentation.

Again my guinea for this experiment was my love, Rafi. He teaches me and also
takes happy marriage tips from me. I believe, he has mastered the art of giving
and receiving feedback.

  • Admit your mistakes

The 6 most difficult words for a person to say in his life-

“I admit I did a mistake” – Bill Gates.

I was thinking whether this would be an appropriate one or not and finally I decided to go with this one, which might be a challenge for most of us in life.

There may be situations where your partner may be right. In such situations subset your ego aside and only then you will be able to understand why your mate is saying that you are wrong. I too have come across such situations and it is my learning from those situations which is helping me to to give you one of the most important happy marriage tips.

When you accept that you are wrong even when you are not, it will definitely prompt your partner to come and apologize to you for his/her mistake.

  • Say “I love you” everyday

Does it sound stupid? It might sound rubbish for some people. That’s a part and parcel of the game and I always take it with a pinch of salt.

Tell me how much you love your soul mate.!

Starting the day with a warm kiss on each others fore-head along with the words “I love you” can make the day for you and your partner.

We do that!!!

Please tell me your experience after trying this out. I would love to hear from you.

  • Don’t take your partner for granted

Do u take your partner for granted? If yes, I would ask you to reform that custom, for your good.

Give importance to simple lay-man stuff: respecting each other, showing gratitude, listening to their problems and you can add more…

When you do this you will feel to enjoy your life rather than just living together.

  • Communicate clearly

At the end of the day everything in life boils down to communication.

In marriage, communication plays a major role.

Obviously, there may be disagreement but accept them as communication will help you to understand your partner more. TALK regarding your expectation about your life and from marriage.. The important point is to have quality TALK with active listening from both ends.

  • Understand the purpose of life

Rafi and I discovered our purpose of life is to help people around us to be happy by the way we can. And that is how we started inspiring citizen.

When two people coming from 2 different backgrounds start to live together, a lot of differences pops up. However once you and your partner discover your purpose of life you will start enjoying the life together by working towards it.

  • Say thank you and sorry

As I have said in one of my previous blog posts, say “THANK YOU and SORRY” to your partner.

If you can say the same words to your boss and friends, then why not  your partner.

Remember the 3rd point – “Don’t take them for granted.”

Don’t expect what they do to be their responsibility. It’s their love to you. These two words have got great significance in a marriage. Don’t ignore this marriage tip!!

  • Enjoy the difference between you and your partner

Often in marriage, the people involved will be different in one way or another. In
reality, these differences are for good.

Consider both you and partner being short-tempered! It will be like two mad dogs barking at each other!!!

Then both, you and  your partner will explode the same time which will ultimately leave a scar in the marriage. So enjoy the difference of your partner. These differences will complement each other in many situations.

  • Hold and hug your partner close to you

Hold your partner close to you when they need you.

Guys, hold your girls close to your heart and girls too, hold your man close to your heart.

Its a special feeling, like a cool breeze embracing you!!! Give it a shot to experience the beauty of joy.

  • Go for a date

No matter how many years you are married, go for a date with your partner.

Spend some quality time and special moments with your partner. This can bring back the lost lust in your relationship. And please remember not to carry your entire family.

Hope these happy marriage tips will help you lead a better married life!!!!

  • Plan a second honeymoon

I can see the smile on your face. I guess, you are thinking about your first honeymoon.

Hip hip hurray! You are there and its time for the second one mate!

I am not kidding my friends. Take a break from your busy schedule and plan a second honeymoon to your partner’s favorite destination. Feel that excitement and happiness of your partner. You will feel like the good old days are back!!..

All what you have to do is to take back the good memories along with you to your routine life.

  • Give some space for your partner and Rafi gives me loads (I give him too)

This is something opposite to spending time together. Sometimes it is necessary to let leave your partner in their own world.

Give them the deserved space. Never try to intricate in their personal freedom. Try to accept and respect their individuality and the right to freedom. Its good to be possessive, but not to overdo it.

  • Live at two different places for a while and feel that missing element

It is good for your relationship if you stay at two different locations at times. I am saying this from my experience. Often instances (usually official) pops up where Rafi and me have to stay apart, may be for more than two weeks.

On those days we both feel the emptiness in our routine life. We miss each other a lot and I feel that missing element for sure is increasing the warmth of love making between us.

  • Enjoy doing things together

Try to engage in fun activities and ceremonies together.

Going for a walk together, attending your company’s annual day together…..can definitely strengthen your marriage.

Doing things together will give you the sense of oneness.

  • Never exaggerate the silly factors.

Nearly 73% of divorce takes place as a result of exaggerating silly elements in

Some of the most common complaints that come to the table of our judges are:

  • He leaves the tooth paste without the top.
  • She never cleans the house.
  • He is careless with his belongings etc.

Small things like this matter, but it should not be detrimental to ruin your relationship.

Next time you know what to do when your partner leaves a wet towel on the bed.

  • Surprise your partner

Do you know that a surprise hugging especially from back makes your partner romantic??? By surprise I am not asking you to buy expensive gifts. Just go and hug your partner from the back. You see this quite often in movies and make it a part of your life.

I do become romantic when Rafi surprises me by hugging from the back.

  • Be romantic

Romance has got an important role to play in your relationship. Take out your partner for a candle light dinner and invite him/her to dance.

Talk romance while making love. Trust me, it will double the pleasure for you.

Thank you very much for reading so far. If you also go through the next 5 happy marriage tips , then you would be an ideal husband or wife in the making.

  • Don’t compel for love making

This is as important as making love.

I am gonna be a little straight-forward here.

Never compel your partner for sex, if he or she is not willing. The more you compel the more your partner will move away from you. It applies for both men and women.

Rafi is a master in reading my moods and he always tries to understand my situation first. He never compels me, which has been a great relief for me as a woman and as a result he gets more from me..My man knows the tricks of the trade..! And every girl would love to get a man like him..!

  • Try genuinely to gel with in-laws

Make sincere efforts to gel with your in-laws especially if you are an Indian.

I guess, they don’t have a role to play in the lives of my friends living in western countries, because of the culture difference.

Always remember that your partner also has got the same feeling to his/her parents as you have for your parents. This will make your work more easy.

  • Grow together

When you are in a relationship there is no room for selfishness.

Always have a concern for your partner’s personal growth also.

Help your partner to improve themselves and don’t get jealous of his/her success. Your partner’s success is yours success.

  • Never go to sleep without resolving any minor clashes between you

Difference of opinion is bound to happen in a marriage. Any clash or any difference should not be carried forward for the next day.

This can only hamper your relationship. Solve the clashes and then go for a peaceful sleep.

  • Always stand by your partner

Whether you are going through good times or bad times, always stand by your

There has been situations where Rafi and I didn’t have enough money to meet our day to day needs. Neither Rafi nor I had a job with us.

We really had a tough time to move on. Still we stood for each other, which strengthened our relationship.

With God’s grace, our perseverance, timely help from our friends and support from our parents we have stood the tough times.

I think God was testing us as how much we loved each other.

If you have found value from these 22 happy marriage tips please share your valuable comments and I would request you to subscribe to our e-mail list.

Whenever I sit alone, I just look at my hand and see the criss-cross lines and wonder which special line made me so lucky 2 get a person like you..”

Love you Rafi and thank you for everything…..

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I am happy to see you both as a one of the happiest couple, I wish you stay like this forever and evermore. Always be happy like this only…

Sareena I am reading this post for the first time and I felt like I am reading your personal dairy, I think you are fortunate, happy and exited to get Rafi as your husband. what should I say no words I could only guess how good is Rafi to take care of you.

When I get married I will also see that my wife will also feel as comfortable as she feels with her family members and she should feel I am far more better than her parents and siblings.

Your 22 Tips are awesome like forgive, one of the greatest thing to do when our spouse commits a mistake big or small, go for a second honeymoon, say I love you every day, surprise your partner everything is awesome now if i tell everything i think this will become one more post in this page.

I just want to congratulate you for having such a wonderful husband and also Rafi bhai to get such a loving, caring and understanding wife…

Stay happy always, God bless you both…
Vijesh recently posted…Modifying Adsense Code for Responsive Design is no longer a ViolationMy Profile


Vijesh Bhai,

My sincere apologies for the delayed reply. I was going through some tough times in my family.

I am blessed to have such a loving wife like Sareena and we see happiness in bringing more happiness to people around the world. With people like you to support us, we can make fair enough change to the world around us :) .

Please invite us for your wedding and we will give our best to make it. We believe, you will definitely get a nice girl for your loving heart :) .

Finally, I will add more more point to this post – “Marriage is a team game and you need to be a great team player to win the game”

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