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50 Important Life Questions To Ask Oneself Before You Die!!

“Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.”


- Tony Robbins


See, if you have asked intelligent questions in your life then you are bound to be successful. The only criteria is to ask better and important life questions.



I believe, you have asked hundreds of questions to yourself and others, over the years. Now, can you recollect some of the questions which you ask everyday?


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44 Best Lessons Of Life You Might Have Never Heard

Can you think of the lessons that life has taught you over the years?


When you look back, you can clearly see the best life lessons which you have implemented in your life and shared with others.



However, there might be some missing threads in your life which has forced you to read this article.


Guess, I am right ;) ..!


Let’s together dwell into the 44 best life lessons, which will help you in tackling your everyday life challenges! I am sharing these lessons of life which I have learned over the past 29 years ;) …Now, you know my age as well :) , don’t you???


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5 Most Important Things In Life Which You Should Always Thank, Enjoy And Appreciate

Last evening, after doing my mediation, I asked myself this simple question?


Other than food, clothing, water, air and shelter, what are the most important things in life which you should always thank, enjoy and appreciate.


Don’t be surprised when you read the following points, because these are day to day things which we may take it lightly. However, without these 5 most important things life might feel like hell.

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