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An Inspirational Story Of A Gorgeous Village Girl, Who Rose Like A Phoenix From Ashes!!!

This is the first in the series of many un-heard inspirational stories..!

You have read and heard about inspirational stories of great personalities..

This one is slightly different because inspiring citizen is giving you the opportunity to talk to the world and inspire them to take action, through your inspirational story.

Let’s walk through the words of the inspirational village girl who is obviously gorgeous(trust you have seen her in the picture that forms a part of this article).

I am a dynamic and gorgeous (people say that) young girl hailing from a village in the southern part of God’s own country. I would like to introduce myself with a quote..

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How To Get More Than 100 Likes On Your Facebook Status???

Some people say facebook is holy and a few others say its a holy-s**t.

What do you think?

If you have come this far, then you are one of those intelligent people who are looking to get more likes on facebook, which means you consider facebook as a holy place to vent your emotions, feelings and opinions.

So you are going to see how to get more than 100 likes on facebook for your status update.

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28 New Things I Did In My 28th Year

Are you living a life of boredom or creativity?

The reason why I am asking you is because I want you to live life to the fullest by doing new things, which will amaze you and make you happy.

Whatever be your answer, you always have the space to try out new things in your life.

Dear friend, we are almost on the verge of saying good bye to 2012.

So I thought this would be a good time to share the 28 new things that I did in my 28th year. People always take an oath and tell people about the stuff they are going to do in the future.

However I felt would be more beneficial to you if I share the things that I have already tried out, so that I can show you the benefits you can gain out of it.

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50 Simple Things You Can Do To Make People Happy!!

You are an amazing human being. Wondering why I said so?

It is because you are keen to know the things you can do to make people happy and this is something which is done only by amazing human beings like you..

Selfish people wouldn’t invest their time on quality stuff..

You are generous and I appreciate it.

Thank you for passing by and its time for you to see the 50 simple things you can do to make people happy.

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How Can Facebook Help You Lead A Happy Life?

Tell me which are the top 2 places where an average man spends his time today?

Facebook occupies the second position after mobile phones. Guess, I am rite.

You are reading this post at a time when people are asking you to back out of Facebook. However studies shows that Facebook helps people to lead a happy life because happiness is contagious and there is no better place on planet earth to spread it, than Facebook.

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