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20 Harsh Truths Of Life That You Never Accept

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Life is full of truths, surprises and experiments. 

Even if that is learned from others or you have learned it in your life there is no escape to experiments!

During this journey of life, we encounter several faces of life in the form of happiness, truths, sadness, depression, success and failure.



The most important aspect of life is do we learn something from these successes and failures – often not!

Above all, the most devastating truth of  life is our failure to accept the ruthless truths of life ;) !


We know failure and success is two facets of life but we don’t want to accept it. We know we have to die but we never embrace death wholeheartedly – we try to dodge it!  How funny :lol: !

So far my experience and knowledge goes, there are 20 most ruthless truths of life that I wish to share with you!


1. Failure is on the Cards

You cannot ditch failure, because this is the stepping stone of success.

Nobody has tasted success without embracing failure!

Success and failure are two facets of same coin!


2. Success is Not Eternal

It cannot stay with you forever! It is dynamic and ever moving!

It changes its abode and masters frequently. The most unreliable friend of life! Don’t ever trust it!


3. Friends are not Always Trustworthy

It’s true! Most of you know! They are like seasons – come and go with the changing weather.

Trust them, but not blindly!


4. There is no Escape to Problems

Life is struggle. Whether you are brought up in favorable conditions or in unfavorable condition, there is no escaping to struggle.

The greatest people braved the toughest resistance and struggle in their lives.

It is as true as life!


5. Worries are Destined

Worry and depression are part of life. Everyone has to encounter this phase of life every now and then.

Without depression pleasure of happiness loses its ecstasy. We do not accept and welcome it, although cannot avoid its existence in our lives!

If we could understand its worth, we could understand life.


6. Destiny is not Chosen

This is true! It is said that great people make their own destiny but according to me the scenario is other way around!

Your destiny is already decided the day you come to this world. You simply strive to align with it but cannot change it.

Because whatever happens, that is destined!


7. Quick Success Brings Steep Falls

The faster you run, the severe fall you receive! Slow and steady is the key to success and happiness. Don’t try short cuts, it could cut you short!

There is no alternate to hard work and perseverance.


8. No one is Responsible for your Failure

It is only you who can control your success and failure.

People may come, help and leave but to endeavor is your portfolio.


9. Success is Lonely

When you are successful nobody ask how are you, do you need my help?

Because, people think you are self sufficient and able to manage everything. It makes you alone, even in huge crowd of followers and admirers.


10. Needs are Very little

We have enlarged it by our endless desires!

The basic needs are food, shelter and clothing, which is, unfortunately, still not accessible to millions!


11. Envy is your Biggest Enemy

When you keep grudges and become envious you lose your sanctity.

You follow all possible means; even wrong ones too, to surpass your competitor.

You become selfish, which never ends in happiness.


12. Worse is Yet to Come

Just remember there is not worse day in your life! Worse is there to come.

It motivates you to live your life to the fullest and prepare you for worse which is yet to come!


13. Death is Destine

The greatest truth of life! Not single person is prepared to face it, but we all know, this is the

truth and magic of life!


14. No Two Days are the Same

Wait for better days, without leaving the opportunity to enjoy today.

Remember, this day will not come tomorrow at any cost! Never!

Today is everything!

Today makes your tomorrow better, so remember today is only one.


15. No Two Individual Think Alike

Learn to live with the drawbacks of people because no one is perfect. Everyone is different. You cannot find anyone in sync with your concepts and thought process.

Praise the good faculties and ignore the bad traits.


16. Time is Priceless

Not even Bill Gates or the richest person on this earth can bring a single moment back.

Time is non retrievable! Use it wisely! You might miss many golden moments, which may not come again!


17. You Die the Day you Stop Learning

Learning is like flow of knowledge! It smells when stagnates! Never stop learning at any age.

Age is never the criteria for leaning, but consistency is!


18. Mistake is first Step Towards Success

Unless the kid takes its first step and fall, it never learns to walk.

Let mistakes be your stepping stone but not destination. Don’t forget to learn from your mistakes and never dare to repeat them.


19. Today is the Biggest Truth

Second to death, today is the greatest truth of life.

Past is gone and tomorrow hasn’t come.


20. Life is Slave to Desires

Desires are never ending that leaves no space for anything else. One is fulfilled; many more are in the queue.

The more you desire the weaker you become. Limit your desires and lead a healthy and happy life!


Keep these truths of life in mind and let the destiny do its work!

You will reach, you’re destined to! Happy living!


About the Author:


This blog is contributed to Inspiring Citizen by Ms. Mamta Sharma.


Mamta is an inspirational bloggers and freelance writer sharing tips and keys to personal development, motivation, happiness and management skills! Please click here to see her heart touching blog.


About the Author:

Rafi – who has written posts on | Inspiring Citizen.

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Sajid Hussain

Assalam walekum brother,

I would say that these all aren’t just truths but all are also inspirational quotes. Enjoy reading all.

I found something interesting contents on your website.


Excellent post….by accepting these truths we will experience significant peace…My favorite truth listed is you die the day you stop learning…so true…


Life is Slave to Desires .. totally agree with this line… we spend whole life to fulfill our desire but we unable to fulfill it.

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