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12 Easy Things To Make You Feel Better

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How many times have you come across a situation where you have thought about some creative things to make you feel better?


You spend most of your time at office if you are employed. If you are a student, needless to say, it will be either at your school or college.



And during the day don’t you feel a little stressed or tired because of so many reasons?


These 12 things will make you feel better wherever you are and whatever you do. However you need to trust me and put these secrets into action :) .



1. Use nature’s one of the most precious blessings


Did you guess it rite?


Yes, you are rite. It is water. You can wash your face with cold water to give you the much wanted freshness. I do this 3-4 times a day.


Drinking a glass of hot/cold water is also an instant feel good factor.


2. Desktop Yoga


Yoga has evolved over the years, from Pathanjali Yoga to Desktop Yoga ;) . Neck rotation, wrist rotation and ankle rotation are some of the most easiest yoga postures that you can do even while working on your laptop.


Please do this rite now to see the results. Its hardly gonna take 2 minutes. There is no point in reading further if you don’t follow this simple tip, because only actions will give you results and not just mere reading. 


Thank you for doing those two asanaas. You are simply awesome ;)


I just rotated my neck 5 times clockwise and 5 times anticlockwise, before writing this sentence:).


I am feeling much better, now. And how do you feel now?


3. Music is magic


Music has neither boundaries nor languages. It is universal and magical.


When you listen to your most favorite song or music it will make you feel lot better. It will help you relax your facial muscles and also gives you peace of mind.


4. Save you praises


You might have been praised either by your boss, colleagues, friends or family members at one instance or the other. From today onwards keep all the praises you are going to receive in one place. You can even take the older ones, if you have some.


Whenever you feel a little low, just go into this folder and read all those good words people have told about you :) . Try this and tell me what you think about this.


5. Call your best friend


Its quite simple. Just pick your phone and talk to your best friend. Friends are instant energizers. Share a mischief that both of you did during your school days or college days and laugh out loud.


You will be on a high for the rest of the day. I talk to my best friend or my wife when I am a little low.


If you have clicked either of the above links, you would have understood the bonding that I have with my best friend and my wife. 


6. Find an interesting inspirational story


You are not the first person in world who has gone through tough times. Yes, I mean it. Sometimes we say, why is this happening only to me. Off late, I have realized that only people who go through struggles have reached the top of the world.


You will be interested to learn about all the highly successful school drop outs, about whom I will be writing soon. Meanwhile you can read this inspirational story if you want to feel more energetic.


7. Sleep is an awesome medicine


“Sleep is the best medicine.”Dalai Lama


Do I need to say more ;) ?


8. Why the hell do you frown?


Do you know that we all are born with the ability to smile?


You will be surprised to know, even blind babies smile.


So, when you are born with a beautiful gift why do you want to stress yourself by frowning. Just bringing a simple smile on your face can bring about a definite change in your moods and energy level. I do this quite often.


9. A new pair of socks is a secret recipe


You can confused ;) !!! I can see your eyes shrinking..!


I will show you what I mean…! Take it easy :) .


This is meant for those who wear shoes on a regular basis. You may change your shirts and trousers everyday, but you may use your socks for more than a day. I have no guilt in saying that I used to do this. Now, I have realized that a fresh socks brings you fresh energy. It is advisable to carry an additional pair of socks to your workplace or college or school.


When you want to feel better, just replace the old socks with the new one. Just try it out and see the difference.


10. Ignore the gossip mongers


Do you want to be surrounded by negative people when you are already stressed?


Sometimes, unknowingly you fall prey to these so called gossip mongers. So it is better to avoid them rather than sharing your feelings with them. They have got this special skill to make it even worse :) .


So, you might ask me, what should I do? Go find the ones who are positive, who can give you that much wanted relief.


11. Instant magical energizer


I learned this secret from a pranic healing master and I am going to sharing this with you, which is not only an energizer but also will help you in avoiding wrinkles on your face for a longer period.


You can try this rite away. Just rub both your palms for a few seconds and once you get a warm feeling on your palms, rub your palms immediately against your face and see the difference. You will age sooner if you go to the 12th point without doing this one ;) .


12. Don’t lean forward quite often


You may ask me what is wrong with it? I also used to ask the same question until I realized that it may cause severe neck disorders.


The problem with hunched shoulders is that they have the tendency to block the flow of blood to your brain. By doing so you will neither be able to release your stress nor breathe properly.


This is why we say deep breathing helps you in relaxing your mind and body :) .


Well, I know you always share the article on fb or your preferred social media if you liked it. This time I am requesting you to take an extra minute to share your thoughts in the comments section for your friends.


Remember – “Go givers get more and they always make you feel better.”


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I feel, I have made you feel better by sharing these 12 special things and what are you going to give me?






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very nice :D
u knw i ws bored studyin studyin whole day
(12th board exam )
but by reading your email feeling good
u write simple ways which can be perform easily that makes me more happy .
other than whenever i read some tips here n there by reading only i think(yaar itna sv kuch krna padega ) more boring…


Hello Poonam,

You happiness is our prime goal and I am happy to know that reading my article relieved your boredom. Thank you so much for your visit and I will see you soon, Poonam..


Hi Jennifer,

Thank you for letting me know that you will try out the method, which I have shared..

Have you tried it, Jennifer.

I am eager to know..!

Thanks Jennifer,


Today i was little stressed and lazy to do my work. This article made me feel better. Yes,I mean it. Thank you for this wonder full post. Now am going to start my work


Thank you so much Sanofar for your genuine feelings from your heart..

You are most welcome and please tell me if you want me to write on any specific topic.



Wow some nice tips to relieve from stress. After reading your post ,i really feeling well , just now called to one of my best friend and i am really feeling relaxed. To much work in my office :( So looking for some nice ways , found your blogs. Thanks again , Looking forward for more such tips

Shan recently posted…Bluehost Review – Cheap and Best Website Hosting Provider For Your BlogMy Profile


Dear Shan,

I am so happy to know that you were able to relax yourself and more importantly by doing one of the things which was mentioned in this article..

And thank you very much for your kind words which will inspire us to write more articles for you :) .


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