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11 Practical Solutions To Handle A Lazy Husband

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I am back from my experimentation lab with some keen observations, findings and solutions!!

Two weeks ago I had promised you that I will be back with an interesting topic for you.

Handling a lazy husband has been a problem faced by many women, for centuries. Please excuse me if you are a husband and please love me if you are the wife of a lazy husband.

I happened to be one and that is how I decided to give you a few sweet and practical ways on how to handle a lazy husband.

All men, you can go further if you are courageous.

Ladies, it’s written for you and I guess you need not be told what is to be done.

Laziness, what I have understood from my experience, is something that is blended in the genes of most of the males. I am not here for an argument as this is from my observation and experience.

Most often, laziness is not the poor husband’s fault, but can be attributed to their up-bringing.

It’s a time proven fact that sons are given privilege over daughters (I know, it’s bitter…but I guess we have to accept the truth and find some way to change the scene).

I can tell you with conviction, because this is how kids are brought up in my society. The male child is pampered to the core which eventually makes him a lazy husband when he gets married.

So are you asking me whether it’s the fault of the parents???

If you are thinking in these lines, then I would have to beg your pardon!!!

This is because it has been passed on to our parents by our grandparents and it can be dated back to a few generations.

You would have to dig at least 5-10 graves to figure out the culprit, which is not a practical solution.

My point is that there is no use in digging the root cause.

You have the option to bring changes in your home and in your daily life, to handle your lazy husband.

Of course, handling or tackling a lazy husband can be rated as one of the toughest jobs, next to rock climbing or mountaineering. The job gets even tougher if his laziness is too big and powerful as the British Empire of the 19th century.

As my husband says – “No worries mate”.

Let’s now see how to handle a lazy husband.

1. The first and foremost thing you have to do is to understand the difference, as I mentioned in one of my previous blog. You may be a person who wants everything to be tidy and your husband could be a person who may not even bother such stuff. When you understand this difference the rest of the task becomes easy.

2. Welcome him with a red carpet, when he comes forward to do something for you. If it’s something that you can do it yourself, find something else for him. Many wives commit a mistake in this place by telling their husbands-“I can do it myself”. You have to change the above style, if you own it.

3. Never indulge in his way of doing work. It’s not necessary that he follows your style. Understand that everyone has their  own style of functioning. Let him follow his style. We ladies were not born experts in household, but learned by doing..isn’t it? So why don’t you leave your husband to learn through trial and error.

4. Encourage your husband and be grateful to him when he helps you with managing children and household works. Appreciation is one of the best medicine for a lazy husband. Appreciate him and give a warm hug for the help he has done for you…I am sure this will bring some difference in him.

5. You should ask to get. This principle applies in the case of a lazy husband as well. If you want any help from your husband, please feel free to ask him and don’t be hesitant.

6. Never fix a deadline for your lazy husband. Give him the freedom. Men will just flee, if they feel threatened and there
will be no way to get him through his task if you fix a time-frame. Let him take his time to complete the task. Play the role
of a mentor and not that of a teacher..He will love you for that.

7. Don’t be a task master if you want to handle your lazy husband. Trust me, I have tried this, but in vain. You will be killing his freedom. So please let him alone and give ample space to complete the task.

8. Never yell at him. Shouting and yelling is not going to help by any means. A lazy husband will only find another excuse to remain lazy.

9. This is something important my friend. Never redo what your husband has done. If he has not done with the cleaning the way you want to, don’t redo it. This will only widen the space  in your marital relationship.

10. Get hold of him when he is feeling good. Talk to him and help him overcome his laziness.
Household works are always unappealing to husbands. Do not force them; instead tell them lovingly the difference they could make
it to you when they offer their help.

11.This is something weird, but everything is fair in love and war. You can also play some tricks to change your lazy husbands. Well, I can send you a few tricks that I play successfully with my husband if you  contact me..The reason why I am not sharing it here is because my husband will definitely get to know it, if he reads this post.

Each day life gives me some interesting ideas to handle my lazy husband and I believe he has overcome his laziness to a great extent, which means my plan has worked well, I guess.

Please share it with your friends if they are also looking for solutions to tackle their lazy husbands.

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