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11 Interesting Ways To Impress The People Around You

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I don’t know whether you will agree with me or not. But I have to say that most of the things we do in our life is not to satisfy us because it stems from an inner desire to impress the people around us.

This can be seen in almost all the things that we chose ranging from our car to jeans to restaurant and the list goes on…

If you think that the tangibles you carry with you can impress the people around you for a long time, then you are mistaken. It might hold the attention from a few seconds to minutes, but it is not long lasting. To create lasting impressions on the people around you, requires skill, knowledge and wisdom.

Let me ask you a question – What will be your state of mind if you don’t enjoy what you do for a living , but still you are making decent money?

Most of the people whom I have raised the above question, told me “If you don’t enjoy what you do then you will start getting frustrated in the long run”.

So you can ask yourself whether you want to be someone who can create lasting impressions on the people around you or you wan’t to be treated as a nut who does things that just fades out from people’s heart in a few minutes.

So I am going to present before you the 11 interesting ways to impress people around you..Please remember these methods will only help you to create a lasting impression. If you are here for ways to impress people instantly, then I would have to say sorry.

I respect your time and I believe you are looking forward for ways to create a lasting impression.

Practicing these lessons regularly will not only help you impress the people around you, but also helps you become a better human being.

1. Be the first one to greet and initiate a conversation

Always you should be the first person to greet a person and take the initiative to start a conversation. I can say the failure is less than 1% in cases where you take the initiative to begin a conversation. If you take a look at the best sales persons you will see this a predominant reason for their success. Start small if you are an introvert and extroverts can increase the number of conversation initiations.

2. Be the master of tough times

This is a gem if you can do it consistently. All of us go through tough situations in our lives. If a tense situation arises then people look forward for someone who is calm, composed and mature enough to handle the tough times. So learn to handle tough situations in a relaxed manner and you will leave lasting impressions in the minds of people.

3. Be different

Don’t follow the crowd. Always create a unique style for yourself and you can impress the people around you. David Beckham is a solid example. When you act different you stand out and people will start noticing you. It can be in the way you dress, the way you greet or the way you talk..

The choice is yours..Bottom line is to be different.

Let me take the words of Judy Garland at this point of time -

“Always be a first rate version of yourself instead of a second rate version of somebody else”. Be yourself, be unique..!

You can definitely impress the people around you.

4. Be caring and compassionate

People are not bothered about you. They are bothered about themselves. So if you care them, you will find a place in their hearts and can create a lasting impression.

Care begets care..Compassion begets compassion..It might take some time, but remember you are here to create a lasting impression.

5. Be a regular learner

If you want to impress people around you then you be a master in your respective area. Updating your skills and knowledge will give you the added advantage above others. This will draw people towards you.

If you are a software developer you should frequently upgrade your programming skills and get yourself updated with the latest trends in technology. You have to invest your time, if you want to impress people around you.

6. Say yes when others say no

You will come across different situations in your life when everyone around you will say its impossible. Leaders see the possibility and that’s how they create lasting impressions in the hearts of people.

Lets take the example of 1983 Cricket World Cup Finals. The entire world believed that India would beaten by the West Indies except for one man, Kapil Dev.

The dynamic leader Kapil still lives in the hearts of billions.

7. Give genuine compliments to people when you are in a group

There is something written on the forehead of every human being -

“Make me feel important”.

When you give genuine compliments to people when they are in a group they will feel good about you and themselves. It is important to give specific and unique compliments..People don’t want to hear the same stuff they have been hearing for years, like you have got a good smile, your eyes are beautiful etc.

Give some thing different. If you want to get a list of 50 unique compliments you can contact me and I will be glad to share the list with you.

8. Accept people as they are to connect with them

This is a challenging one. However if you start accepting people as they are, you can definitely impress people.

People don’t like to be corrected. Each one carries a huge ego on his shoulders. So accept people as they are and you will create a lasting impression in their hearts.Once you build rapport, you can give them constructive feedback of they are ready to accept you.

Empathy is what people need..They don’t need your sympathy. Start putting yourself in the shoes of others to see your network growing leaps and bounds. When you have lots of people in your network others will automatically get impressed, because of your unique ability to connect with people.

9. Surprise people with a gift which can amaze them

People expect gifts from others for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries etc. When you give them a gift at an unexpected time they will appreciate you because it was unexpected. It is also important to give something that can amaze them. If a person is a cricketer it is ideal to gift him a cricket bat rather than a book.

10. Less promises and more delivery

Politicians are the ones who makes lots of promises, but don’t live up to their words..You can impress the people around you by over delivering and under promising.

Always set low expectations for people..Don’t give too many promises to people just for impressing them. You will lose their trust the moment you break it. So think twice before committing.

11. Never try to impress people

Sounds contradictory to what I have said so far, rite?

I mean it. If you try to impress people you will be easily caught and will be considered as an immature nut. So be natural, be different, accept people as they are, deliver more, surprise them, initiate a conversation, compliment people and you can add more to the list..

I hope this list helps you in creating a lasting impression. I have tried this 11 interesting ways to impress people and it has worked for me..Let me know what you feel by giving your thoughts..


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