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10 Steps To Success Before You Reach 40

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Please read further if you are below 40 and you may still go on if you feel you are below 40, at your heart;).



There is a widespread assumption that most of the major rewards of success tend to accumulate after the age of 40 – if you do the rite things before that milestone birthday:).


Now, without wasting much time lets look at those 10 steps that will help you to succeed, before you reach 40.




1. Do your homework


First of all, do your homework. It simply means, you should learn everything you need to know about your career or business before you reach 40.


For example, I learned how to speak in front of a huge group of audience when I was 22. I am currently learning Yoga, meditation, NLP and also exploring other areas of behavioral training, which is my passion and profession. So, by 40 you will have thorough knowledge and skill in your chosen area which will give you the added advantage over your competitors.


2. Photostats are always photostats


Why do you want to copy someone?


Show the world that you are unique by creating your own style.


Before 40, understand what you are comfortable with, whether it’s in the way you dress or the way you talk to people. My current boss, Prathapan has created a simple and comfortable style of dressing for himself. What’s unique about his style is his consistency.You are free to experiment in your 20′s and 30′s, like what I am doing now, but create your own style by the time you are 40.


If a man or women is trying to re-design their style after 40, there would be no one in this world who would look more “insecure” than them.


3. Emotional balance


One sentence which my professor told us during our college days  is still echoing in my heart -


“Guys, you will definitely succeed in your life if you have control over your emotions and the moment your emotions take control of you, then understand that you are losing the battle.” Thank you Mr. Ranjith Pillai for these wonderful lines.


Do you know why he would have said this?


Because, unhappiness is like a disease – it slowly but surely spoils your interest in everything else. I was lucky enough to master the art of NLP which is helping me in having an upper hand over my emotions.


4. A thorough understanding of your negatives


Please accept the things that you may possibly not perform up-to the level of your competitor. If you are not good with numbers then its better not to go for Engineering. Whereas, if you are good with people like me then you can move into HR, Psychology, Training or any other profession that gives you satisfaction.


If you don’t get into the profession you like before 40, then you are asking for 3 decades of unhappiness and possibly not achieving real success as well.


It is also important to focus on the grey areas that may cause problems when you cross 40.


I realized that I was lazy. To counter it I have started blogging and yoga. And whatever I write here is only after applying it in my life..That is the promise that I give to you, my lovely readers of inspiring citizen:).


5. Create the safety net


I have learned a lot from a man named Chinmay Varma. He is the Assistant Vice-President of the company where I currently work. This man has worked his b*t out to create a safety net, which has given him the courage to say, “Gentlemen, I quit”, if the situation demands. However, at the current moment he is thoroughly enjoying his job.


So I would say, keep aside the first half a million dollars you make. The amount can vary depending upon the country where you live in and your living standards. Nothing is so depressing, as absolute dependency – the knowledge that you can’t afford to quit your job or take a risk in changing careers…that you are stuck.


6. Please establish the rite network


Oh yes, establish a great network and not the one which is mediocre. If by 40, you haven’t built a network of friends, or at-least people who rely on you and to whom you can turn, you are in trouble.These are the colleagues for whom you do favors, whose projects you support, whose problems you listen to…and they do the same for you.


And a network is not something that you can establish overnight – it takes years of nurturing. In business as in life, you need a lot of people, spread out in the rite places, whom you can depend on – because they can depend on you.


7. Learn the art of delegation


Delegation is half of success; a person who cannot delegate will find himself fatally handicapped.


By the time you reach 40, you’d better be an expert at it, which means you have to pick the rite people and trust them.


8. Stitch your lips when needed


Yes, honesty is golden, 22 ct, but silence is 24 ct. Any common man would understand that 24 ct is more pure than 22 ct. Please learn when to keep your mouth shut. More careers are aborted by careless talks and careless deeds, than by anything else.


A reputation for keeping secrets far outweighs the easy popularity that spreading gossip may bring you.


9. Work while the world sleeps


Burning the midnight oil is ok at 20, even 30′s, but you should not lose sleep because of learning something new at 40-plus. I am not against your interest to learn new stuff after 40..What I am trying to say is this, if you work hard before 40, you can afford to relax after 40.


10. Loyalty


Simple loyalty won’t get you anywhere. Its impeccable loyalty coupled with integrity that will reap you success.


A reputation for disloyalty is bound to make you unwelcome anywhere in business. Before 40 you build your loyalty and it actually pays off after 40.


And finally, this side of the world will come to an end sooner or later. So keep smiling and keep giving more to people if you want to achieve success before 40.


You may please add to the 10 steps to success, so that your friends can benefit more:).



















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Harleena Singh

Aha….I guess you know why I’m here Rafi!

I was just going through your post and saw #9 —hmm…work while the world sleeps – how did you know!! And thanks for that link :)

I guess I’m caught after all! Yes, I do tend to work late nights sometimes which I know is not right, but that’s the only way I can really catch up with pending work (specially commenting!)- or shall I say when the whole world is asleep I get that peaceful, quiet time to sit and do my work. Rest of the day, I am also a Mom, wife, cook, etc. etc….so when do I work! I guess I didn’t work as hard as all of you, so I have to work after 40! Nevertheless, I know I am at fault and it’s not a healthy habit – so thanks for reminding me in a way. :)

Coming to the post now, well – I’ve already crossed 40, but as they say you are as young as you think – so I carried on reading further. :) I liked all that you shared and yes, if you are able to set your goals when you are young, there’s nothing stopping you to achieve success later in your life. It’s said that those who work hard when they are young, reap the fruits when they are old. Don’t we see so many of our seniors who are leading happy retired lives.

Thanks for sharing all of these with us. But yes, let me say – that life starts at 40 ;)
Harleena Singh recently posted…30 Top Women Bloggers of Aha!NOWMy Profile

Inspiring Citizen Rafi


Yet again a meaningful comment with some deep insights..Yes, you are absolutely rite in saying that life starts after 40 because that’s when you start playing different roles.

I was thinking of a good post to link for the 9th point and you were the ideal person, I felt. It is because I guessed that you simply cannot give such valuable comments in nearly 50-100 blogs everyday without working so hard at night..On top of that you are managing 3 blogs and also a freelance writing job..

I sincerely request you to take care of your health as well which is much needed in the long run:)..

Inspiring Citizen Rafi recently posted…5 Reasons Most Bloggers Fail And How Can You Avoid It?My Profile


Interesting stuff… :)


Hi Rafi,

Great post and I could really resonate with point number 5. These are such tough economic time,s particularly in the west. One needs to really think of making multiple streams of income to ensure they are not struggling to make ends meet later on in life.

Thank you.
Hiten recently posted…How to create influenceMy Profile

M Nirmal Anandh

Hi Rafi,

I am going to become your fan. All Steps are really awesome. Among these 10 steps, i like your 3rd step. Because “Emotional Balance” is very important for every Human Being. There are lot of negative things happen, due to this “Emotional Imbalance”. If we know how to control ourselves, we can do marvelous things in the world. We can do anything. By reading this post, i learnt, lot of things. I got free counselling from you man. Its a boost up for me. Daily i am going to read this post to get energy for my mind. Thanks a lot man. Keep Posting Article Like This. It will be very helpful for a persons like me.
M Nirmal Anandh recently posted…Write For UsMy Profile

Inspiring Citizen Rafi

Dear Nirmal,

Wow..You have made my day, man..! Thank you so much for your amazing inspirations..Yes, you are absolutely rite in saying that emotional balance is a key..Its not just till you reach 40, but more important after 40 as well..:) Do you have any other blog other than classiblogger.

Keen to connect with you and give you more energy and take a bit of yours as well ;)

Inspiring Citizen Rafi recently posted…5 Reasons Most Bloggers Fail And How Can You Avoid It?My Profile


I don’t feel like calling you by your name. I feel like calling you bhai. It’s ok na?

Nice article brother, I agree with your points work harder before 40 and take rest afterwards. Stitch your lips is also one of the important point to be noted(24 ct). How we handle our emotions too is bit important. Still I have 13 long years to reach 40 and hopefully I will learn the things mentioned above.

Still any more suggestions bhai? How about choosing a right career before 40′s because after 40 we cant end up in the one we like but we need to compromise. Write something on career choice also na may be in your coming posts.

You said about Chinmay Varma who is enjoying his current job, like wise one should focus on the career in initial stages and need to save few bucks to say one of my favorite words “Gentlemen, I quit” Actually this phrase reminded me of a TV ad “Raidu I quit”

By the comment of Nirmal I feel you are really inspiring people around.
Vijesh recently posted…Imparting positive attitude to your blog readersMy Profile

Inspiring Citizen Rafi

Vijesh Bhayya,

You can very well call me bhai…! You are already a person who is applying most of the stuff that I have covered above..So, for you the journey towards success is very close..

I believe, I have mentioned about deciding on the career before 40 and for that I gave my life example itself..Thank you for stressing on that particular point, Vijesh.

And yes, it gives a lot of joy when people tell me that they are benefiting from my articles..

Talk to you soon..Take care, Vijesh Bhayya :)

Inspiring Citizen Rafi recently posted…10 Steps To Success Before You Reach 40 My Profile

Kabenlah Cudjoe

Hi Mr. Inspiring Citizen Rafi,
I’m 22 now and obviously before I turn 40, I strongly believe I would be eating from plates made from pure Gold.
Being successful all boils down to having self confidence in your own self.
This is indeed a great post.
Kabenlah Cudjoe recently posted…How to get a new AdSense Account even after being BANNED!My Profile

Jignesh Rathod (TechForWorld)

Rafi, I kept reading your name in comments of other blogs… but today I am so happy to know about your own inspiring blog. I am reading and enjoying all articles here one by one.
Your blog is truly living its name. Very encouraging writing. Keep writing.
Jignesh Rathod (TechForWorld) recently posted…28 Awesome Ways to Save Your Time For More SuccessMy Profile



You need a special mention here because you the first reader who has given 4 comments in one single day…

I know the challenge in giving one comment..So when a person gives 4 comments I can clearly see that it comes from the heart..Thank you so much Jignesh…I believe, its already written that we should see other, which will become a reality when you are in India, next time..

Like you, I am writing more out of passion rather than earning money…Since I have a day job I can afford to write even if it doesn’t bring any returns..! And as they say you should not expect any return for your hobbies..!

Jignesh Rathod (TechForWorld)

As mentioned, I have started reading all your articles one by one.
First time ever, I did the same with Neil’s QuickSprout. Believe or not, second ever is THIS blog!

I wished to comment on every post, but I felt that might annoy you :) . Also, it is not Commentluv which encourages to comment: It’s the King, the inspiring content.

I think you have chosen the best, timeless niche out of your passion, which is useful for all, whether techie or non-techie, any age. Just read the title of any post, and nobody can stop reading the entire article.

No wonder, I am not afraid or shy to say, this is the most awesome blog I found since QuickSprout: Since it is beyond money: It is just about “giving” others. And your friendliness, modesty and helpfulness has doubled that feeling. Even fulltime, “here for earning” bloggers fail to impress like this, so it’s not about time: it’s just about attitude and passion. Keep it up! I live in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, and wish to meet you surely.
Jignesh Rathod (TechForWorld) recently posted…28 Awesome Ways to Save Your Time For More SuccessMy Profile


Dear Jignesh,

You have made my day!!! Oops, sorry you have made my year, 2013!!

This comment of yours will live in my heart for a long long time, probably till the time I die and even in hell,:):)..! I guess, there is too many applications to enter heaven..So I chose the next best option according to our holy books..!

Please comment on all the posts that you like and it will be my honor to reply for such an ardent and loyal reader like you…!

I personally know that I am no where near to Quicksprout. Having said that I am really humbled by your generosity, Jignesh..! As I told you, I was in the middle of writing an article and when I saw your comment, I just thought first priority is to speak with you rather than completing the post..!

I will come to Ahmedabad or you are cordially invited to God’s own country (Kerala), where I live!! See you soon, dearest Jignesh!!! I think its destined that we should meet each other..!

Have a great weekend, Jignesh..!


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