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10 Time Tested Steps To Bring Out The Best In People

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Have you ever wished to be the inspirer who can bring out the best in people?.. I know the answer would be yes; otherwise you would have not stopped by the post to master the ways to inspire others :-)



You might be wondering how some people bring out the best in others? These people who we are familiar as successful leaders, chief executive officers, coaches, mentors and of course parents seems to have that extra talent with them to inspire others.


 However, each one of us is born with the talent to help others to bring out the best in them in one or the other situation. 


You can also be the inspiration to bring out the best in others if you master these 10 smart ways followed by others inspirers, to bring out the best in people.



1. Think Positive, do positive and act positive.


You yourself being the instrument for inspiration is the first step in bringing out the best in people. Your words and actions will influence the success of others around you.


Set yourself as the model for others to motivate them, to do the best.


2. Speak as if they already have done their best.


You speak as if they have already radiated their high potential to deliver high result. Instead of saying “ Do well, all the best”, say “You will rock”. This will instill a confidence in the person that he can do the task entrusted upon without any fear.


When you treat a man as if he is already in his potential position, then you are helping him to be what he really should be.


3. Have an alternative view


Realize that every person is multi-dimensional. One may have good and bad sides as well. It is absolutely fine; it is human nature. Accept it.!


Try to see the actual behavior of the person and the potential within him. Pamper the good person in him and naturally the real potential in him will emerge out. 


4. Ask questions to know more about them


You need t o know the person better to help him bring out the best in them. For that ask brilliant and open ended questions like:


  1. Tell me about yourself
  2. Tell me the things you enjoy the most.
  3. What you like the most in your life and job?
  4. Tell me the plan you intended to choose to achieve your dream?
  5. What you want in life?


Asking questions will help them to get a good perspective of themselves and help you understand their needs as well. Understanding their needs will make it easier for you to motivate them.


Who knows the questions can lead someone to introspect himself  :-P


5. Pamper failure


Quite often, people when fails get detached from pursuing their dream. This is because from generations we are taught that if we fail in something then that is the end to success. 


The fear of failure holds one back from taking bold steps to success. 


Make them understand that failure is not something that is fatal and teach how to learn from mistakes


Good Managers do not replace their employees for failures because they will never get another experienced candidate who can’t afford to repeat the same mistakes.


6. Be a good story teller


Every one love stories, isn’t it?. 


Remember during your childhood how you get motivated hearing Super man stories?


Likewise, even adults can be motivated through success stories. People are more influenced by individual stories than generalized principles.


May be that is the reason why my mentor tells stories to influence our thoughts  :-)


7. Give gentle appreciation


Applaud and appreciate the talent. Find out the beauty, wisdom, talent, dedication of the people you are helping and appreciate them.


On appreciating, the adrenaline hormone will bring those chemical changes to the body enough to keep motivating them to do the best.


8. Get them to do team work


Be it achieving target or losing weight, humans tend to work best when teamed with others.


The support of the members motivates them to break through the obstacles and it retains the strength in them to achieve their dream.


In an organization, this will help the people to take up the responsibility of what they are doing and evaluate one another’s pieces of work to bring the best outcome.


9. Keep yourself motivated


Observe the inspirers who help others to bring out the best in them and you will find something common in them. 


Can you guess what is it?


Well don’t piss off your head. I will tell you.


It is not the looks, education or talent but it is that they always keep themselves happy and motivating


To keep yourself happy, try to associate more with positive people, fill your heart with positive thoughts and feel the satisfaction of the people you are helping.


You will not be able to inspire others if you cannot inspire yourself.


10. Don’t worry about the results


You may feel it contradictory to what I have told you so far.


But, yes I mean it.


You do your karma, help others to bring out the best in them and reach the maximum potential. 


You should not be worry about the results. You can control only your thoughts and actions.


If you have got smarter ways to bring the best in people, then we would like to know about it through your enthusiastic comments.


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Hi Sareena,

This was an excellent post. I really liked the advice you shared about the way to talk with people, as if they have already done their best. This is a very powerful to help others increase their confidence.

Thank you.
Hiten recently posted…How to Overcome FearMy Profile


Hi Hiten,

Thank you for sharing your valuable thoughts on the post :)

Speaking to people as they have already done their best is a timely proven way to increase their confidence.
Even I have experinced the same. Several times I noticed that I was able to do my best when someone says ” You will just excel” and really those 4 words boost my confidence.

Thank you once again Hiten for stopping by and leaving your valuable comment.

Have a great day :)


I. C. Daniel

Thanks for tips.

Some people might be shy so I cannot expect much from them, not to mention some subjects for them could be private, pretty hard to put the right question to the right person in my opinion.

Best regards from I. C. Daniel – Romania
I. C. Daniel recently posted…Get High Quality Dofollow Backlinks – NewGamesToPlay.comMy Profile


Hi Daniel,

Glad to know that you liked the post!!!

We really do respect your opinion and yes it is sometimes difficult to deal with certain people.

In my opinion, firstly we should ditch the habit of expecting too much from people as this will only help in making the scenario complex and then understand what they really need. Knowing what they need will help you put the right questions in right manner.

Thank you Daniel for leaving your valuable comment and will see you over at :)


mic johns

Hi Sareena
It is a wonderful blog. All these things are in our sub-conscious mind i.e all these things we know but we never practice but those who practice these things they are on top of the world.

Thanks for reminding all these things once again………


Hi Mic Johns,

Glad you liked the post!!

What you said is true Mic…each of us have the talent within us. The only thing we have to do is identify them and apply it in our life.

Thank you Mic for stopping by and sharing your thoughts on the post :)


Jignesh Rathod (TechForWorld)

Great tips that will help me to educate my daughter and bring best out of my team. These tips also help to build strong relations in daily life.
‘Speak positive and as if they have already done their best’ –
While most people teach to compete, fight and be selfish, you and Rafi teach to join, cooperate and help people. All good and positive stuff.. keep it up! You make a truly inspiring couple.
Jignesh Rathod (TechForWorld) recently posted…23 Things I Hate About Your BlogMy Profile


Hi Jignesh,

It is really heart whelming to know that you are a great father in making!!!

Today when the parents are teaching their children to compete with others and be selfish you want your daughter to learn how to help others…every one cannot think as you do….Your daughter is lucky to have a father like you!!

One month back I happened to meet my cousins’s son who is about 5 years…I just sat beside him and asked about his school and friends. As the chatting continued I noticed he saying that he came first in the class…he defeated all and he won the title…he will again be first in the class and so on…I was shocked to realize how selfish he is becoming and how much of poisonous thoughts his parents are injecting to that innocent heart. The child is only thinking how and in what way he could defeat others…The parents are not aware of the fact that once the boy is grown up he will show the same attitude towards his parents too…

I hope parents like you will help us in the journey to build a better generation for a prosperous future…!!

Thank you Jignesh for your kind words…



Hi Sareena,

Refreshing post! Great tips.
I especially like the one about relinquishing worry about results. It’s a tough thing to do when we’re so focused on what’s lacking in our lives. We think that in order to be worthy we have to produce a specific outcome and if/when it doesn’t happen, so goes our happiness.
But life has taught me to appreciate the journey since that’s where the gifts typically exist. I have personally found much of my “successes” as a result of NOT knowing how things were going to turn out and instead, leaving room for welcome surprises that wouldn’t have had room to enter my life if I hadn’t been open enough to receive them.
Those things typically happened as a result of detachment…from the result itself :)
Dana recently posted…Being the Example – A Way to Save the WorldMy Profile

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