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7 Radical Healthy Living Lifestyle Lessons Which I Learned From My Mentor

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Do you want to die peacefully or by suffering??


Please don’t read further if you are ready to face the death in a terrible fashion!!!



Thank you, dear friend!! I wish you a long and healthy living from the bottom of my heart. 


I am writing this special article for genuine and committed people like you..I am least bothered about those who left this page after reading the second line, because I know they may come back to this page or some other similar articles in a few years from now ;) ..!



I was leading my life in such a way that I was sure of facing death in a disastrous fashion. You might be thinking what Am I talking about..


Sorry, I am talking too much about myself :) !! Its time for me to share the 7 radical healthy living lifestyle lessons which I learned from my mentor.


You may accept it or reject it..However these are all proven traditional methods which has helped our forefathers to lead a healthy lifestyle.


1. The worst invention of our era


Can you think of some??


Did you think of atom bomb?? I may partly agree with you, but I am going to give you something which you may have not even thought in the wildest of your dreams.


Yes, it is the Western Closet ;) !!!


And you might be thinking is he mad or what?? This is the first feeling which I had when my mentor told this to us..However when he gave me the explanation I was quite convinced with his opinion.


Let me tell you how it has spoiled our generation…! There are two major problems which my mentor showed me.

  1. The amount of water that is flushed out is one of the major problems of water crisis in today’s world…Hmm, thought provoking, isn’t it?
  2. When you sit in WC for a long time you are bound to get diseases like piles. Its also one of the main reasons behind the increase of scisserian deliveries in the world..In olden days women used to sit down at least 2-3 times a day when they went to the loo. This enhanced the possibilities of a smooth delivery.


2. How to buy pesticide less fruits and vegetable?


I need not tell you that fresh fruits and vegetables are prescribed by doctors across the world for a healthy living  lifestyle.


But the challenge is, these days its really hard to find fruits and vegetables which are free from pesticides.


He he he…Wait a second!!! Let me share the secret!!!


Have you ever seen houseflies sitting in fruits and vegetables, when you go to purchase them from the market??


Your natural tendency would be to refrain yourself from buying it. You may have passed on the same message to your kids as well. However the fact remains a little different..!


Houseflies don’t sit on fruits and vegetables which are attacked by pesticides. So next time you know what to do when you see a housefly sitting on the fruits…! Just go and buy that fruit before the stock ends ;) ..!


3. Please beware of the gadget that you are using to read this article


Couple of months back my wife got angry at me for spending too much time on the computer/facebook/internet/blog. It was a mix of all this..! Initially I disagreed with her, because the male ego came to the forefront ;) ..!


However, I went back and started thinking what she said…She was 100% right..! And she even said this to my mentor..! 


When your wife says something, you may generally disapprove it. But when the same thing comes from your mentor or someone else, its sweet music for your ears..! Isn’t it?? Husbands, please don’t worry..! Same thing applies to wives as well!! So the game is tied at 1-1 ;) ..! This is what we call win-win situation..!


Just ask yourself how much time your are spending on a daily basis in-front of your electronic gadgets, whether it be television, laptop, mobile or computer. Have a control over the gadgets, otherwise they will destroy your life..As I told earlier, you can agree or disagree with me..I have taken a conscious effort to invest only 1-2 hours of my daily routine, for gadgets..


4. Pamper your body


I mean it..! Let me ask you, how often do you service your vehicle?


I guess, you will give your vehicle for service at least once in 2 – 3 months..! 


So, why don’t you service your most precious asset, your body!!!


Be willing to invest a few dollars or a few hundred rupees once in 3-4 months for a whole body massage. You can also get a head massage or shoulder massage at your home. Me and my wife exchange massages once in a while..The kind of relief and energy you receive at the end of massage is quite extraordinary :) ..!


5. Healing through humor


Humor or laughter has got an immense potential to heal you..! 


When ever you are faced with a problem or when you frown at yourself, just laugh out loud and see the difference. When you laugh or smile it brings a chemical change in your body, which will help you in finding out solutions for your problems..


My mentor is a master in telling humorous stories when we show him a problem..I have applied this on my friends and have seen positive results..


Humor also plays an important role in reducing your stress and hypertension….


6. Bare foot walking benefits


Don’t be surprised..! 


There are numerous benefits for barefoot walking. There are multiple reflex points below your foot which are connected to different. parts of your body..When your foot touches the ground all these points gets stimulated, which is what we call reflexology.. They stimulate, both your mind and body.


When you are wearing shoes or sandals certain leg muscles are not stretched properly..Barefoot walking helps in stretching your muscles..Ancient people prescribe barefoot walking to get better sleep during night..Its also an excellent medicine to reduce stress and anxiety..This is why you see people walking barefoot for pilgrimage like Sabarimala, in India.


7. Avoid your mattress for a few days


Have you tried sleeping on the floor or on a hard surface?


If yes, then you can skip this point!! Otherwise, please take a look at the next line!!


The first reason is because you may avoid back pains in the long run, when you train yourself to sleep on a hard surface. Sleeping on a hard surface supports your entire body and the weight is evenly distributed..You will also learn to adjust when you don’t get the luxury of a mattress..!


During summer it is most advisable to sleep on the floor if you don’t have the luxury of an air conditioner..Its because the mattress produces more heat than the floor.


Do you have anymore healthy living lifestyle lessons to share with our readers?? Please share your valuable ideas through our comments!! Have a blessed day ahead!!! 





















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keeping away 3rd problem ( Please beware of the gadget that you are using to read this article)
my all problem might be solved but vahi to nhi hota :P


Excellent, Poonam..! Hug your gadgets and they will love you back..!

Jignesh Rathod (TechForWorld)

Wow, small but effective old-school ideas! Many of them we would already know years ago during childhood, but tend to forget and become blind to such minor things.

It is true that gadgets like computer are harmful in many ways we can’t even imagine, and various studies keep revealing such hazards in daily news.

No new ideas or rocket-science discussion in this post, but thank you Rafi for reminding such simple, easy but important things!
Jignesh Rathod (TechForWorld) recently posted…How I Made My Hacked WordPress Website Tight SecureMy Profile


Very true, Jignesh. We miss out on the old school ideas which had lots of wisdom and truth in it..We are blindly following a different culture which is ruining our nation and health, day by day..What do you think, Jignesh?

As you said, most of the things is a reminder because only then we start taking actions.

Thanks a lot once again for your insightful comments, Jignesh.


Angela McCall

Hi Rafi,

I like your writing style. So easy to read and has a bit of humor to it.

I never knew that flies wouldn’t wit on fruits and vegetables if they have pesticides. You know here in America, all the fruits are inside the building and NO FLIES. Except the open market which is outside. Never paid attention to the flies. And now I should.

Of course, HUMOR is the best medicine for the soul. Couldn’t agree more. We should have a laugh therapy.

I always do barefoot walking inside the house. So it’s good right?

Nope, I have to have a mattress. Hard floor gives me backache. It’s just the opposite of what you just said. However, we have a very firm mattress which is tumperpedic kind.

Anyhoo, hope you have a great day!

Angela McCall recently posted…Promote YourselfMy Profile


Hi Angela,

Thank you for your appreciation on my writing style, Angela :) .

I agree with you on the part that America is different from India in many ways…There will be a huge difference in the quality of food that you get in America and down here in India..

What I like the most about humor is the fact that you can even laugh at your own problems and they bring in a healing effect.

For the time being a firm mattress would do, I guess..And you can slowly try hard floors if you want to get used to some pain..:) :)

You too have a great day and thank you once again for coming to our blog, Angela:).


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