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If you apply these 10 positive words used by Obama more people will start loving you.

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Oh yes!!!

Believe it or not, the positive words that you use in your daily life has got a profound impact on your happiness and these 10 words which I am going to show you will make more people to love you..!

This article is a bit long, but sweet and meaningful, because giving you more value is our motto.

You can even skim the article and it would be better if you read word by word.

Kindly leave if you don’t trust me and only willing learners like you would have come this far. Thank you very much and its a great feeling to have you here.

Have you heard about the power of thinking positive??

Positive thinking was made popular to the world by Dale Carnegie and Rhonda Byrne has made millions just out of this simple concept, by selling her book called “The Secret”.

In a few seconds from now, you are going to see how positive words can make more people to love you and what are those 10 positive words (there are many and I have chosen the best 10 according to me) you need to start using from today for gaining true love, more popularity and of course achieving your dreams.

Ancient Chinese wisdom says – “Words precedes thoughts. thoughts precedes actions and actions precedes destiny”.

So, if you change your vocabulary it can possibly change your destiny (don’t forget that actions are equally important to positive thinking and positive words).

If it sounds awesome its time for us to take a look at those 10 positive words used by Obama that can make more people to love you.

1. “You”

Well, you might be thinking why “you”? It is because you are more important to me and that makes you to love me more.
Now, what is the word that is most often used by an individual in his daily conversations?

I guess, the answer is a big “I”.

Trust you agree with me. And do you think people are interested to hear about you. If you believe that then please don’t read further.

They are more concerned about themselves and when you talk to anyone start replacing “I” with you and see the difference. If you have a doubt please take a count on the number of times I have used “You” and “I”, so far in this article.

Again, your time is more important for me. So please don’t count and trust your observation skills.

So PLEASE remember “The word ‘you’ is 100 times more powerful than ‘I’, because you would love to hear about you and not me”

2. “Because”

Did you read the last line of the previous point?

And can you tell me what impact did the word because has brought to that sentence?

You are smart and you are rite, because you have done a deep study and figured out that it has given more meaning and sense to that sentence.

As a result it is always advisable to use the word “because”, to give more meaning and genuineness to a sentence.

If you have been in love you might have heard this question a thousand times?

Do you love me?

If you say, Yes, I love you, then the next question would be why do you love me??

So please see how this sounds to you.!!

I love you so much, because I believe you are truly understanding and your love is pure.

3. “Challenging”

Is it possible for you to make 2 million dollars in 3 years from now?

If you have already made it then your answer would be an obvious yes, but if you haven’t tried so far then you would instantly say its difficult.

What happens when you use the word difficult?

You are imposing a thought in your mind that you may not have the adequate skills to achieve the goal.

When you replace “difficult” with “challenging” you are telling yourself that you can achieve it and it just needs that extra effort.
Obama would have told himself that its a challenge to win the US President elections for the second time and Romney might have said its difficult.

The words they use subconsciously effects their actions and behavior which can be easily read by others.

From this moment on-wards when you are are posed with a tough task you know its challenging, but achievable.

4. “Must”

Till November, 2012, I used to tell myself that I have to start writing and it never happened. But I replaced “have to” with “must” and you are being already given 20 articles to lead a healthy, wealthy and happy life.

When you say “should” and “have to”, you are unknowingly going on the back foot. So if you want to move forward in life start using the word “must”, more often and you will see the results.

Please remember, all these positive words given to you have been successfully used by Obama and many great personalities over the years to attract more people towards them and to increase their popularity.

Now, its your turn my friend.

What makes it more even more beautiful??

We are giving it to you, absolutely free!!!

5 & 6. “Thank you” & “Please”

I am not going to elaborate on the importance of these two words.

Thank you for your understanding, because you know the importance of “thank you” and “please”, better than me.

Please come on, lets move on to the 6th word. Oops!! Sorry, the 7th one.

7.  ”YCCOM”

You can count on me, when you need my help. I read in copyblogger that the highly opened e-mail subject line is “You are not alone”.

Try this out next time to see the result.

Every human being on this planet needs the company of his fellow beings when he is in trouble and when you say “YCCOM” it gives them a huge relief and gives them the confidence to move forward.

Some people may talk about the need for implementing tough love. I will tell you about that in one of my upcoming posts.

Whatever said and done, people need people. If you need any help in improving your health, wealth and happiness you can count on me and please feel free to connect with me anytime.

Obama gives the felling and tells them that they can rely on him when they need him.
Some of you may disagree on this and that is bound to happen in a world with so much of diversity…he he…

8. “Tell me”

Be the most awesome listener in the world and use “tell me” as often as you can.

People will feel that you are interested in them, when you use these words.

It gives a feeling of belonging because you are making them feel important, since you want to hear more from them.
This is a sign of great leaders. You should understand that all great leaders were great listeners along with their extraordinary oratory skills.

Next time you ask a person how are you feeling and when he says I am good, please say “tell me more”.

I learned this through the concept of clean questions in NLP. Helping you to improve your life through NLP is one of my core objectives in life and please feel free to write to me or call me if you need further insights on this.

9. “No”

You might be thinking why “no”, instead of “yes”.

We are all “yes” babies, one way or the other and most of the times we are not able to live up to our commitment because we think that saying no is a bad omen.

However, it is always better to under promise and over deliver. Learning to say “no” in a diplomatic manner will actually help you gain more popularity because people will know that you are a man of words and you will keep up to your commitment.

Our politicians are typical examples to “yes” babies, just because they want to be in the good books of others and should I tell you the feeling of our people about them.

10. “Can” be different and unique

This one  is very close to my heart.

Be original, different, unique and always have an “I can” attitude, which is 100 times more important than IQ.

Signing off for now, with the faith that these positive words will transform your life in the coming days in a positive way.

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