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10 Interesting Facts Why You Should Get Married

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Marriage is always a hot topic! 



Do you agree with me?


Well, without any fluff let me tell you why I chose this topic. Its been 20 months since I got married and it has been a beautiful experience.



Many of my friends who are planning to get married have been asking me to share my experience about marriage and why they should get married?


This article is also dedicated to all my wonderful readers who are already married, but not able to see the beauty in it.


My teenage friends also will be intrigued to see why they should get married.


1. It makes you a better person


Believe me!!


Once you get married, you learn the art of sacrificing, adjusting and loving more. You will be surprised to know that your happiness can go up-to 130% if you get married. 


When you have a loving partner you start seeing life from a bigger perspective. You will become a go-giver and subsequently you will start receiving more. People will respect you because you are committed to one woman or one man. That shows your will power and amazing heart to  the whole world.


2.Marriage for better health and better sex


I mean it!!


When you get married you will definitely indulge in sex. If you need to satisfy your partner you need to maintain your health, both physical and mental well being is important. 


This will instigate you to exercise, manage your stress, eat healthy and live healthy. Also your partner will motivate you to remain healthy. Do you feel motivated to exercise when you are alone or when you have a partner? This question may sum it up.


I would also want to tell you that one night sex may sound interesting, but the other person may not be in a position to understand your emotions or feelings. When you are married your partner can sense your moods and emotions. So it will help you to have a better sex.


3. You connect with more people


When you get married you are connecting with another family. This will help you build more relationships that can come handy in your future. Its all about connecting and building relations with people. 


Another interesting fact is that you will connect with your old friends and relatives when you invite them for your wedding. This is very important to reconnect with all those lovely people who have influenced your life in one way or the other.


4. You become a better manager


I have become one!! My sensitivity has improved and my team members say that to me.


Once you get married you start managing a family where you handle finance (family budget), human resource (your spouse, in-laws, children), operations (day to day activities), administration (bill payments, purchase) and many more. Marriage is the only institution that gives you practical managerial training without charging a single penny from you : )..!


5. Makes you a better performer  


When you get married you strive for that extra mile because you are the role model for your partner and kids.


Marriage will bring more discipline into your life and unconsciously you will perform at your highest level. If you observe many successful people they will be at their peak either at their 30′s or 40′s. From this it is quite evident that marriage will definitely help a person to perform at his all time best.


6. A shoulder to rely 


Would you like to struggle alone or you would want someone to support you?



Obviously a sensible man or woman would always look forward for the support of their partner when they are faced with a problem. I go to my wife and she comes to me too. We support each other and help each other when in need. 


That’s what you call commitment!!


 7. Bingo


People think that marriage means more expense. 


I beg your pardon, my friend..! Its double the income and half the expense..!




Thinking how??? If I tell you the answer for everything then your brain cells may get damaged. This one is for you to think and please ask me if you are not able to figure out the answer.


8. Generation next


This is the only legalized option to leave your legacy when you die.


Fatherhood and Motherhood are two beautiful roles that you need to experience. 


And imagine what would happened if one of your great grandparents have decided not to marry. 


9. Married people live long and they are more happier


 You will be shocked to learn that the mortality rate in unmarried people is 250% more than married people. 


Marriage helps you double your joy and half you sorrows..! 


You will get financial support if your partner is working and support from two families when you need any help. 


10. For the experience


You should literally get married to feel that experience.


Only when you learn music you will realize the beauty if it. Marriage is similar to music..


More value for those are willing to experience it.


Every article ends with a request to take action


Bye bye..! Have a lovely day..!


I am not telling you anything more..! 



About the Author:

Rafi – who has written posts on | Inspiring Citizen.

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Dheeraj Jain

Very nice article sir, made me smile after reading :)


Hi Dheeraj,

Your smile is genuine and your one line honest comment means a lot to us..!


Excellent..:). Brilliantly framed. In marriage, people often talk about the compromises, flaws and stuff like that. Its really good to hear that the relationship itself and the responsibilities with it makes one a better person as a whole. Thats more important.

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