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10 Benefits Of Having A Mentor And Characteristics Of A Good Mentor

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Have you seen a man who has qualities such as care for others, creativity to the core, dynamic by birth and a fighter by circumstances? He has overcome stammering in his life and currently he is coaching people to be more confident and communicate effectively…


Well, it is my great honor and pleasure to introduce Mr Hiten Vyas who has kind heartedly agreed to write this article for inspiring citizen..Its great moment for us in our blogging journey because this is the first guest post on our site..



You are going to listen to the words of Hiten, where is showing you the benefits of having a good mentor and also he explains about the characteristics of a good mentor..



At some stage in your life you will need help. We all do. Chances are, the type of help you will require is that which can be provided by a mentor.


A mentor is someone who usually has more experience than you in a particular aspect of life or work and gives you guidance and help to grow and develop. There are number of benefits of having a mentor. Below are 10 of them.


Benefits of having a mentor


Shares experiences with us


A mentor typically has done what you’re trying to achieve. Because of this, they can share their in depth knowledge and experiences with you. This then gives you fresh ideas on how you can achieve the particular goal you have set out to.


Helps you to realize your potential


Although you know yourself really well, often your views about what you believe you can achieve and what you cannot do are limited. A mentor can help you to see your current strengths and weaknesses, particularly those which you don’t recognise yourself and offer advice on changes you can make, which will have a big impact.


Someone to bounce your own ideas off


You can create plenty of ideas on how to achieve something. A mentor can be a useful person to bounce your ideas off. You can then get feedback on your thoughts and ideas. A mentor also is objective, so you can share ideas without worry of being judged.


Encourages you to make progress


Doing challenging activities alone can be daunting. Although you ultimately need to take responsibility for taking action to improve your life, a mentor can act as springboard to encourage you to keep going when times get tough.


Act as a role model


A good mentor has usually been in similar situations to you and has dealt with these issues successfully. Such an individual can be an invaluable role model for you, who you can aspire to me like.


Holds you accountable


When you work alone on improving yourself, you’re not accountable to anyone but yourself. Although you can still make a lot of progress when working alone, there is the risk you can get complacent when doing activities. For instance, you might start to skip things you really need to persist with. A mentor can help you to deal with this, as he or she can hold you accountable for the actions you have committed to.


Introduce you to new contacts


Another benefit of having a mentor is that he or she can introduce you to other relevant people who can also support you along the way. If your mentor knows a particular person well, then this is a person you can more easily trust, as opposed to finding such an individual yourself.




When you start working with a mentor, you’ve automatically gained a person who wants to see you succeed. He or she will be in your corner supporting you, cheering on your successes and providing constructive feedback on times, when outcomes worked out different to what you initially expected.


Be honest with you


When you ask for help from those who are emotionally close to you, most of the time they like to help. Friends and family can be a great source of support. However, the emotional attachment you have to such individuals can also be downside. Often people tell you what they think you want to hear. A mentor on the other hand can be an individual who will tell you what you need to hear.


Expand your horizon


Another key benefit of a mentor is the individual helps you to expand your perspective. By combining your own ideas with your mentor’s, your own thinking will stretch and ultimately so will your knowledge, which you can then put into practice.


Characteristics of a good mentor


So, above you have ten benefits of having a mentor. Let’s now look at 5 key traits that a good mentor has:


Someone who actively listens


A good mentor has superior listening skills and will listen to everything you have to say, without becoming emotionally attached to the content of what you’re saying. Only once you’ve finished speaking will the mentor respond.


Offer practical advice


When a mentor offers advice, it is usually practical and task-orientated. Such advice will help ensure you’re continuously taking action to help you achieve your goals.


Encourages you to find our own answers


A really good mentor will provide you with suggestions and ideas, based upon his or her own experiences. However, it is then up to you to try out what has been suggested and come to your own realisations. In effect, he or she will act as a guide to help you discover your own solutions.


Provide constructive feedback


An effective mentor is someone who will provide you with feedback, which will help you to improve your performance by commenting on your behaviors and not on your character.


Is available


Whenever you need help, a good mentor is accessible. Even if he or she is busy, a good mentor will make the effort to see you.


Over to you:


What other benefits of having a mentor can you think of?


What other characteristics do you think make a good mentor?


Have you ever been mentored? Or are you mentoring someone? What have your experiences been like?




About the author of this article:

Dr Hiten Vyas is a Life Coach, Author and Speaker. He is passionate about helping people increase their confidence and reduce their anxiety. You can find out more about him at his website.

About the Author:

Rafi – who has written posts on | Inspiring Citizen.

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Harleena Singh

Welcome Hiten’s to the first guest post at Rafi’s blog – it sure is a pleasure to see you here. :)

You couldn’t have found a better guest author Rafi, and I liked your first lines about Hiten – qualities such as care for others, creativity to the core, dynamic by birth and a fighter by circumstances – which are apt in all sense, besides being a wonderful friend!

I agree to all that you mentioned about having a mentor, and yes – they bring out the best in a person. It’s almost like polishing a gem till it glitters – isn’t it? Everyone needs a mentor who is there to guide them to achieve success and be the person they want to be. They can’t do the work for you, but they are with you all through, provided you take their advice and follow it.

I’ve not mentored anyone except of course my own kids, but that’s the duty of any parent, nor do I have any mentors as such other than my parents. I feel each person has got so much we can learn from, even if it’s the good or bad. If we just pick up the good points and make it part of our lives – we are only going to grow and get better.

Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a wonderful week ahead both of you :)
Harleena Singh recently posted…Will You Change Your Lifestyle For A CauseMy Profile


Hi Harleena,

Thank you so much for the welcome and I’m overjoyed to be at Rafi and Sareena’s blog! They are both doing such great things with their blog and I’m very happy to be a part of it.

Thank you for your very kind words, Harleena! It means so much to me to have friends like you, Sareena and Rafi!

I just loved what you wrote in your comment and I was delighted by the point you made about a mentor polishing a gem until it glitters! This is just like it is! As you said, a mentor doesn’t do the work for us. However, they provide such strong moral and professional support that they still do so much for us.

Thanks a lot for sharing your experiences with your children! Indeed, parents are great mentors and the most important ones we have when we’re young. I totally agree with what you said about picking up the good points in our lives. Such points keep adding and before one knows it, they’ve become a highly experienced and competent individual.

Many thanks for commenting, Harleena. I much appreciate your support.
Hiten recently posted…How to Stand Out From the CrowdMy Profile


Dear Rafi and Sareena,

I just wanted to say a heartfelt thanks to both you for publishing my guest article at your blog! I’m so happy to be spending time with you both.

Thank you.
Hiten recently posted…How to Stand Out From the CrowdMy Profile

Inspiring Citizen Rafi

Hi Hiten,

It is our honor to have you with us..You have been kind enough to give your valuable time for people like us who have just started our blogging journey hardly 4 months ago..

With people like you around us we believe that we can spread as much inspiration around the world to make it a little more better place to live in..

Inspiring Citizen Rafi recently posted…10 Benefits Of Having A Mentor And Characteristics Of A Good MentorMy Profile


Hi Hiten and Rafi – enjoyed this post on the power of mentors. Mentors can be good role models who can help us find the short-cuts to our own professional or personal success. Just watching the journey they took and how they got from point A to B will help one make their own journey faster, shorter and with less mistakes. One learns from one’s mentors – they are a wealth of experience.

The fact they are often honest with you and accountable also makes mentors a necessary part of any successful person’s life!

Dan Black

I really enjoy Hiten Vyas writing. He has great content!!!

I recently wrote about the importance of an inner circle where I listed off some important characteristic and qualities of the people who should be closest too us. I think the list goes well with those who mentor us as well.

Great post!
Dan Black recently posted…The Importance of an Inner CircleMy Profile


Hi Vishnu,

I’m really glad you enjoyed this post about mentors!

I loved your description of mentors and agree they help us to find short-cuts as you said, to our own successes in our professional and personal lives. This is just how it is. Also, as you said, they provide us with a journey we can see, their journey, which is the same path that we are about to undertake.

The being honest and holding us accountable are two qualities I personally appreciate about mentors. How many times do people tell us things they believe we want to hear, but not what we need to hear, for fear of upsetting us? We too can do the same thing with those who are close to us.

The mentor-mentee relationship is objective and there is a lot of power in this.

Thanks for your insightful comment, my friend.
Hiten recently posted…Successful and Happy: Achieving the Right Work and Life BalanceMy Profile


Hi Dan,

Many thanks for your kind words about my content!

Indeed, I really enjoyed reading your post on the importance of having an inner circle and I can definitely see the connection you’re talking about. I think we really need those who are supporting us in achieving success to take on the qualities of a mentor.

Many thanks for commenting, Dan. I really appreciate it.
Hiten recently posted…Successful and Happy: Achieving the Right Work and Life BalanceMy Profile


mentor kya hmare frnds nhi ho skte?
experience log hi mentor ban skte?


Hi Poonam,

Friends also can be a great support..

However at times they operate from a totally emotional perspective because of their attachment with you and at this point they may not be able to give you the right guidance..

Please ask me if you still have any doubts..

Thanks once again Poonam for your honest question..



Nice one Hiten,

I personally believe there is lot of difference between a teacher and a Mentor. Teacher shows the path of success but don’t really travel in it where as a mentor walks in the path of success and shows others how to walk in it.

What do you say?

The characteristics of the mentor you posted too are really good.

@Rafi Bro,
You got a great guest author in your niche. I read one article in his blog on leadership and I liked it.
Vijesh recently posted…21 confessions to make before you write a great articleMy Profile


Vijesh Bhai..You are right..!

Hiten is one of the most reputed persons in the personal development arena and more importantly we have now become very good friends..

Like you, Hiten writes from his heart which makes it more meaningful and acceptable..!

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