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20 Harsh Truths Of Life That You Never Accept

Life is full of truths, surprises and experiments. 

Even if that is learned from others or you have learned it in your life there is no escape to experiments!

During this journey of life, we encounter several faces of life in the form of happiness, truths, sadness, depression, success and failure.



The most important aspect of life is do we learn something from these successes and failures – often not!

Above all, the most devastating truth of  life is our failure to accept the ruthless truths of life ;) !


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2 Short Inspirational Stories Of Amazing Teenage Indians Including World’s Youngest Headmaster

Why the hell do you complain about your life? 


Were you taken aback by my first sentence?


Well, at times it is imperative to give you a shock to make you understand the reality. 


You are not alone!


Even I do complain about the challenges in life. But when you see the inspirational stories of these amazing young wonders, you will tell yourself that your problems are just negligible. 


These 3 inspirational young Indians will touch your heart and capture your soul. If not,  you would have to consult a heart and soul surgeon to do some repair ;) .


1. Babbar Ali – World’s Youngest Headmaster at the Age of 16


I believe, you and I are blessed with all the basic necessities of life. Otherwise, neither will I be writing this article nor will you be reading this. 


When the so called matured Head masters crib about the pitfalls in the system, Babbar Ali created a system of his own for the world to see and explore.


Inspirational stories[/caption]


This young boy has fought against all odds with a fire in his belly and a deep desire in his heart to educate the children in his neighborhood. Babbar is a 12th standard student of  ”Cossimbazar Raj Govinda Sundari Vidyapeeth”, Murshidabad, West Bengal.

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50 Important Life Questions To Ask Oneself Before You Die!!

“Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.”


- Tony Robbins


See, if you have asked intelligent questions in your life then you are bound to be successful. The only criteria is to ask better and important life questions.



I believe, you have asked hundreds of questions to yourself and others, over the years. Now, can you recollect some of the questions which you ask everyday?


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44 Best Lessons Of Life You Might Have Never Heard

Can you think of the lessons that life has taught you over the years?


When you look back, you can clearly see the best life lessons which you have implemented in your life and shared with others.



However, there might be some missing threads in your life which has forced you to read this article.


Guess, I am right ;) ..!


Let’s together dwell into the 44 best life lessons, which will help you in tackling your everyday life challenges! I am sharing these lessons of life which I have learned over the past 29 years ;) …Now, you know my age as well :) , don’t you???


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5 Most Important Things In Life Which You Should Always Thank, Enjoy And Appreciate

Last evening, after doing my mediation, I asked myself this simple question?


Other than food, clothing, water, air and shelter, what are the most important things in life which you should always thank, enjoy and appreciate.


Don’t be surprised when you read the following points, because these are day to day things which we may take it lightly. However, without these 5 most important things life might feel like hell.

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Do you want know how a 22 year village boy became India’s youngest CTO?

They say stars are born, but we found stars rise up out of sheer passion, determination and dedication. Inspiring citizen got a golden opportunity to explore the life of India’s youngest CTO, Atul.


This is a real inspirational  story which will also inspire you become what you want in your life..! 

In this awakening interview, Mohammed Rafi has explored some enriching life changing principle of Atul, for your success.


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10 Time Tested Steps To Bring Out The Best In People

Have you ever wished to be the inspirer who can bring out the best in people?.. I know the answer would be yes; otherwise you would have not stopped by the post to master the ways to inspire others :-)



You might be wondering how some people bring out the best in others? These people who we are familiar as successful leaders, chief executive officers, coaches, mentors and of course parents seems to have that extra talent with them to inspire others.


 However, each one of us is born with the talent to help others to bring out the best in them in one or the other situation. 


You can also be the inspiration to bring out the best in others if you master these 10 smart ways followed by others inspirers, to bring out the best in people.

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7 Radical Healthy Living Lifestyle Lessons Which I Learned From My Mentor

Do you want to die peacefully or by suffering??


Please don’t read further if you are ready to face the death in a terrible fashion!!!



Thank you, dear friend!! I wish you a long and healthy living from the bottom of my heart. 


I am writing this special article for genuine and committed people like you..I am least bothered about those who left this page after reading the second line, because I know they may come back to this page or some other similar articles in a few years from now ;) ..!


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